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Rules For UAE Housemaid Visa As Per Labor Law

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Housemaid Visa

The UAE housemaid visa approval is legalized per Labor Law rules and policies. Still, the first thing that comes to mind the labourers should be aware of is that they must find some sponsorship dependency as this will secure their job in a better way. The housemaid visa can sponsor the UAE child's nanny purpose for household homemaids and for per-time sponsorship criteria.

The UAE visa application under the Labor UAE visa type is not complex and quickly approved by the UAE embassy. It will be an expertized idea of who needs a job or work permit to uplift their economic status. But before getting the approval, the applicant must meet the Labor visa requirement criteria and conditions of the UAE visa sponsorship and ensure that they will provide good service and no delays in their work. 

Here I will give a brief detail on 

  • Fees that the applicant received in their housemaid labour service visa condition
  • What is the sponsorship condition?
  • The requirement for housemaid visas
  • What are the creative zones of working in UAE on a Labor visa permit?


Dubai Housemaid Jobs Salary

Now coming to the Housemaid salary condition and what is the essential factor to work under a labour visa permit-

  • Under a Labor visa permit, only a single-entry permit is allowed
  • No refunds will be issued (facts- if your maid visa gets cancelled, no refunds will be subjected if from your side you want to disagree to accept the maid visa permit, then also no refunds will be granted)
  • An annual fee structure that the housemaid visa applicant will receive is 3,342 AED
  • Medical insurance paper is mandatory for labour work permit applicants.
  • You can prefer the UAE visa online site for getting the visa fee structure
  • On the candidate's nationality, the fee structure can be deprived, so search according to to get visa relevant all information from the UAE visa online site

Rules For UAE Housemaid Visa 2024

Now checks the eligibility criteria for getting sponsorship of housemaids and getting labour visa permits. The nationalist of the citizens plays a significant role; the maids have to specify their area or their location origin, the most requisite condition is the maid's age criteria, and most of their economic condition. To get a brief idea, please follow the below-given details-

  • For the maid visa, the aspirants must be married
  • Be the head of the family
  • Must earn a minimum annual income of 6000 AED
  • Most informative facts the maid visa sponsorship is available for this nationalist- Indian, Philippines, Indonesians, Bangladeshi, and Sri Lankans.
  • The primary responsibility is you must be able to pay for your housemaid’s salaries, as the maids are subject to employment as per the UAE employee contractually.
  • The maids’ salaries will depend on the owner and the maid's nationality.
  • To be in the contract details, the maid must acquire a minimum age of 18.
  • If the owner is not given a place for their accommodation, they must include their accommodations and food fees in their salary.
  • Maids will be offered one day's leave in their job profile
  • And if the maid gets physically unwell, they will be given 30 days left.


How To Apply for a Maid Visa In Dubai

For getting a maid visa, some of the essential required factors are meant to be fulfilled for getting sponsorship approval by the UAE embassy. 

  • The GDRFA has informed us that they will provide all the supportive approval the maid needs to get work permits.
  • A letterhead address regarding the maid affidavit is essential from the embassy office.
  • The maid must have submitted their visa and passport original copy of the documentation.
  • An adequately identified colour image is required for the sponsorship evidence copy of the records maid.
  • The maids are conducted to submit their last 3 months' bank transaction records.
  • A print copy of their labour agreements for their sponsorship is required
  • A copy of records for their health and medical insurance sponsorship
  • A contract period of tenancy paper records is essential;
  • The essential needs are maid health examination certification records
  • And a self-details declaration of their salary sponsorship certification is essential

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  • As it only informs those visa info that is verified
  • You can check the UAE visa online site for your labour visa approval
  • Keep these facts in mind that after submitting your visa application, you cannot ask for any refunds,
  • If you want to cancel your UAE visa, you can do so, but cancellation fees will be charged
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Visa Updates

Well, here I will define an unknown fact about Maid visa

  • If the UAE resident holder wants to bring their maid from outside the UAE country, they can bring them
  • For their entry proceedings, all the transportation fees must be paid by them
  • Maids, all travel assistance service fees and flight tickets fee must be paid by them
  • Immigrant officers’ approval and legal declaration are required
  • An inquiry will be endured whether the maid wants to travel of her own free will.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The legal valid period for a maid visa is 1 year, the maids have to renew their visas every year for their legal labor permits.

No, as medical insurance is the required factor for the housemaid visa.

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