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Visa and Labour bans Dubai UAE 2024

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Thousands of individuals from all over the world go to find work in the Gulf countries and then bring their families over, every year. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the UAE visa and labour bans has implied.

There are agencies such as UAE visa services, which can provide you with an easy application as well as help with other job-related formalities. 

The labour ban situations are not easy to counter and solve. The banned person cannot get it lifted with any sum of money whatsoever.

UAE as a country and Dubai particularly have very convenient visa policies for its tourists; however, for people seeking employment, the application might not be as easy.

Continue reading the article below to find out more about the bans and how to check Dubai visa ban status.

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Visa Ban

A ban on an individual’s visa will bar the person from entering the country at all or taking up a new job while they are there. This sort of ban is implemented based on the person’s behaviour while in the country.

The employment visa ban in UAE is usually for a fixed period of time. After that, you will be allowed to start applying for jobs again.

Labour Ban

Before anything else, it is important to know that a labour ban is also a type of visa ban. Generally, it is implemented if the employee working in the Gulf country has violated or broken any stipulation mandated under the country’s labour law.

In some special cases, this ban can also be put due to major criminal offences, security reasons, illegal entry etc.



Here are the major reasons why a person faces labour bans in UAE:

  • If an employee terminated their employment contract without considering the provisions of the labour law that governed the contract.
  • On committing any kind of a contractual violation.
  • If the employee worked for any other company without applying for a UAE work permit for it.
  • If the person remained in the UAE even after his work contract ended.
  • In some cases, the reason is not related to the corporate at all, it can be because of a criminal offence, illegal stay or if a person is a major threat to the country’s security.


Not every foreign worker can come under the employment visa ban in UAE, it can only be applied to a certain section of employees:

  • You cannot be non-skilled labour.
  • It will extend to both people on an employment residence visa and a person with a labour card.
  • It can also be issued against a student or a person on a sponsorship.

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What happens after a ban?

Once the visa and labour ban in UAE has been implemented on a person, here are some of the implications they will have to undergo:

  • A legal investigation on both the employer and employee will take place by a legal researcher.
  • Their statements regarding the situation will be assessed by a judge and then the seriousness of it will be announced.
  • Until then, the employee will be barred from using any e-Service to contest the ban.
  • The person’s work permit will also be revoked for the time being.

You can contact your regular travel agency or check out UAE visa services to find out how to check UAE visa ban status. 

Alternatively, the banned individual can also call the helpline number at 80060. It is available in several languages, at all hours of the day and night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the year 2020, the authorities released a list of 13 countries that come under the list and will not be issued any new visas – Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc. You can check the status of your ban by calling on +971-4-313-9999. 

The visa and labour bans Dubai UAE are implemented in order to keep the employees in check so that they do not violate any of the labour laws that govern foreign employees.

No, bans are uncompromisable hence no amount of money or applications can get yours revoked.

Travel agencies cannot help an employee with contesting labour law bans, the employee will have to submit grievance documents to the MoHRE.

Bills passed under the labour laws by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation are the governing authorities on these labour bans in UAE.

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