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Where You Can find the UAE visa number and UID number

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Visitors, travelers, and residents in the United Arab Emirates should know about the secret and hidden information behind different numbers on their visas. A UAE visa unified number or "UAE visa number" is provided to every individual entering UAE with a visa. These unique number visas and UID numbers can be easily located on your visa. More than 8 million or 9 million visas are issued to ex-pats every year by GDRFA. It will be useful for you if you know about the UAE visa number and UID number. First-timers applying for UAE visas online. They get an entry permit or e-visa. And after reaching the airport their passport is stamped with a visa.


UAE visa number

The 7 to 9-digit long unique number is the UAE visa number. You may need to give your UAE visa number to avail of some services. If you have applied for a UAE residency visa, then the UAE visa number is also written on the entry permit. If you are entering UAE for the first time with a residency permit. 

Where to find and get a UAE visa number?

The UAE visa number is given after the approval or issuance of the visa. You may struggle or face difficulty to find your UAE visa number. The UAE visa number is written as the UAE visa file number. The UAE visa number is mentioned above the Passport number and below the unified number.

  • File number- The file number holds more secret information in its numbers. You will visa number in the UAE file number. You can also get the details about the emirate name your visa is issued. The year when the UAE visa was issued to the visa holder. 
  • 1st three digits of UAE File number- these digits reveal about the Emirate the UAE visa was provided or issued. If the Abu Dhabi emirate issued the visa, then the starting code is 101. If you are visiting Dubai then the three-digit code is 201. If the first three-digit starts with 301 and 401. Then it denotes Sharjah and Ajman respectively.
  • The next four digits after the first three-digit code are the year in which you got or received the visa.
  • Your UAE visa number is the 7-9 last digit in the last section of the file number.

UAE visa number hidden information

UAE visa number holds secret information about the resident, visa validity, work, and more. If the person 7-9 digit unique visa number initiate with code 2. Then it means the person has a UAE work visa or employment visa. If someone's residency visa in UAE is sponsored by their spouse or family members. Then the code will initiate with the number 3. If the person is staying in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. Then their residence visa initiates with a number 2 or a number 3 and then followed by a slash (/). It tells the UAE visa type subdivision whether it is an employment visa, work visa, or family visa.

Your UAE residency visa also contains personal and sponsor information. The name of the UAE visa holder, profession, visa validity, name of the sponsor, expiry date, passport details, and visa issue date. The signature of the main director of GDRFA can be seen at the bottom of the UAE residency visa. 


UAE visa UID number

A 9-digit number is the UAE visa number or unified number. The UAE visa UID number is given to every foreign individual entering the country. A unified number in your UAE residency visa is needed when someone applies for Emirates ID.

Where to find UAE visa unified number

The initial part of the UAE residency visa holds a UID number. It is part of FAIC and the "UAE visa number"is part of GDRFA. You can visit the GDRFA website to enquire about the UAE visa UID number. If no UID number is printed on a UAE visa. You can still find it using your passport number or UAE visa file number.

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UAE visa number and UID number are there in UAE residency visas. You don't have to apply for it or go somewhere to receive it. After you get a residency visa or entry permit. You will get details like visa validity, issued date, passport number, UAE visa number, file number, and UAE visa unified number. All the details are mentioned or printed on the UAE visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you reapply and receive a new UAE residency visa. Then only your UAE visa number will change. The unified ID number stays the same as before.

The application form and the issuance of Emirates ID depend on the approval or final decision of the ICA. 

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