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Where You Can find the UAE visa number and UID number in 2024

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Welcome to the gateway of identity in the UAE! As you navigate the intricacies of the immigration landscape, understanding the significance of your UAE Visa Number and UID Number is crucial. The UAE UID Number, or Unified Number or Unique Identifying Number, is pivotal in streamlining identification processes. It is a distinctive marker, connecting individuals to their visa-related information and facilitating seamless transactions. Join us on a journey to demystify these essential elements, unravelling the significance of the Unified Number and its impact on your identity in the UAE.


What is a UAE Visa Number

The UAE Visa Number is a unique identifier assigned to an individual's visa within their passport when entering the United Arab Emirates. This distinctive code, often called the UAE Visa Number in Passport, is crucial for various administrative and official purposes. Located on the UAE visa, this numerical sequence is a crucial reference point, allowing authorities to track and manage visa-related information easily. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, the visa number on your UAE visa is essential for transactions, documentation, and official processes. It is fundamental when dealing with visa renewals, extension applications, or other procedures requiring accurate identification and documentation. As you navigate your stay in the UAE, the visa number on your UAE visa becomes a vital piece of information, contributing to a smooth and organized experience in this dynamic and diverse country.

Understanding UID (Unified Identity Number) Number

The UAE UID number, also known as the Unified Number, holds significant importance in the digital landscape of the United Arab Emirates. The UID number serves as a unique identifier for residents and visitors, streamlining various processes in the country. This numeric code is closely tied to individual records, including Emirate ID, residency permits, and residence visa numbers. One can easily navigate the official channels to obtain your UAE UID number online. The UID number means a unified and standardized identification method, enhancing efficiency in transactions and administrative procedures. The unified number in UAE is easily accessible, and residents and visitors benefit from a seamless experience in navigating the diverse services offered by government entities, contributing to an organized and secure environment. Stay informed and empowered with a clear understanding of your UAE UID number.

UID Number Allocation Process

The UID Number Allocation Process is a systematic procedure designed to assign a Unique Identifying Number to individuals, particularly in the context of visa applications. This UID, a Unified Number for visa applications, is a distinctive identifier tied to an individual's records. The UID number means that each applicant is assigned a unique and specific alphanumeric code, facilitating accurate and efficient processing of visa-related matters. This process involves systematically generating and assigning these unique identifiers, ensuring each applicant's information is distinct and easily traceable within the immigration and administrative systems. The UID Number Allocation Process is crucial in enhancing the precision, security, and organization of visa-related data and streamlining procedures for applicants and the authorities involved in processing and managing these applications.

Importance of UID numbers for residents and visitors

The importance of UID numbers, especially for residents and visitors in the UAE, cannot be overstated, as they serve as a linchpin in various crucial processes. Whether you are a resident with a residency permit, Emirate ID, or a visitor navigating the landscape, the UID plays a pivotal role, often tied to your residence visa number. This Resident visa's unique ID is the key to accessing many services, including renewing your residency permit. It serves as a secure and standardized means of identification, facilitating efficient and streamlined transactions with government agencies and private entities alike. The UID ensures accuracy in records, enhances security measures, and is instrumental in the seamless functioning of administrative procedures, ultimately contributing to a more organized and secure environment for both residents and visitors in the UAE.

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Where can you find and get a UAE visa number and UID number?

Obtaining a UAE visa number and UID (Unified Identification Number) is typically part of the immigration and residency process. When an individual applies for a UAE visa, whether a tourist visa, employment visa, or residency permit, the visa is usually associated with a unique identification number. The process begins with the emirate's relevant authorities, like the GDRFA  (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs).

For residents, the UID is often linked to the Emirates ID, a mandatory identification card issued by the UAE government. Residents can find their UID number on their Emirates ID card, closely tied to their residency status and related information. On the other hand, visitors can find their UAE visa number on their visa documents.

It's important to note that the specific process and documentation may vary based on the type of visa and emirate. Residents and visitors are advised to check with the relevant immigration authorities or their sponsoring entities to obtain accurate information on their UAE visa number and UID. Typically, this information is crucial for official transactions, including opening bank accounts, accessing healthcare services, and other government-related processes.

Benefits of the Unified Identity Number

Including a UID number on your UAE visa offers numerous advantages, enhancing the overall efficiency and security of various processes:

  1. The UID number is a unique identifier, reducing the likelihood of errors in official records. This, in turn, streamlines administrative procedures, making transactions and interactions with government entities more precise and convenient.
  2. The UID number on your UAE visa contributes to heightened security measures, safeguarding personal information and helping prevent identity theft or fraud. It is a critical component in the government's efforts to create a standardized and secure identification system, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of individual data.
  3. The UID number facilitates quicker and more straightforward communication between residents, visitors, and governmental agencies, promoting a more organized and responsive administrative environment.

Overall, including a UID number on your UAE visa enhances identification and administrative processes' efficiency, security, and reliability, benefiting individuals and the broader community.


What is the Merge UID Number?

The concept of a Merge UID Number involves integrating and consolidating multiple UID numbers, particularly relevant in situations where individuals may possess various identifiers due to changes in visa status or other administrative processes. This merging process aims to streamline and unify diverse identification numbers, such as the UDB number, into a singular, comprehensive UID number. This simplifies administrative procedures and is crucial in tracking your visa and maintaining accurate records. By merging multiple UID numbers into one, the system becomes more efficient, reducing potential errors and enhancing the overall coherence of identification processes. This approach ensures that individuals have a unified and consistent identifier across various administrative domains, facilitating smoother interactions and providing a comprehensive overview of an individual's status and history.

What are the documents required to merge UID numbers?

Certainly! Here are the documents required for UID number merging, explained in simple points:

  1. Original UID Numbers: Provide the original UID numbers you wish to merge.
  2. Proof of Identity: Submit valid proof of identity, such as a passport, national ID, or driver's license.
  3. Residency Documents: Include residency-related documents, like a residence visa or permit.
  4. Application Form: Complete the designated application form for UID number merging.
  5. Contact Information: Ensure accurate contact details are provided for communication purposes.
  6. Authorization Letter (if applicable): If applying on behalf of someone, include an authorization letter and the individual's proof of identity.
  7. Photographs: Attach recent passport-sized photographs as per the specified requirements.
  8. Any Supporting Documents: Include any additional documents requested by the relevant authorities for UID merging.
  9. Payment Receipt (if applicable): Provide proof of any required fees for the merging process.
  10. Follow Official Guidelines: Adhere to any specific guidelines or requirements outlined by the authorities overseeing the UID merging process.

How do you unmerge UID numbers online in the UAE?

Unmerging UID Numbers Online:

The process for unmerging UID numbers may follow a similar pattern, with the critical difference being selecting the "Unmerge" option and providing relevant details for separating UID numbers. This unmerge option shows you on the GRDFA Portal, where you merge the UID number.

Important Tips:

  • Always refer to the official government or authority websites for the most accurate and updated information.
  • Follow any guidelines or instructions provided during the online process.
  • If in doubt, consider contacting customer support or helpline services for assistance.

Remember that government processes are subject to change, and it's crucial to stay informed through official channels to ensure a smooth experience.



In conclusion, the UAE Visa Number and UID (Unified Identification) Number play integral roles in the identification and administrative landscape of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE Visa Number is a unique identifier linked to an individual's residency status, essential for legal stays and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations. On the other hand, the UID Number serves as a comprehensive identification tool, streamlining various administrative processes, contributing to heightened security measures, and promoting a more efficient communication system between residents, visitors, and government entities. Together, these numbers form a crucial part of the UAE's commitment to a standardized and secure identification system, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and convenience for individuals navigating the diverse realms of residency, legal compliance, and administrative transactions. Staying informed about the significance and proper utilization of these numbers is pivotal for a smooth and secure experience within the dynamic landscape of the UAE.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have two UID (Unified Identification) Numbers, contact the relevant authorities immediately to rectify the situation. Provide the necessary information and follow official procedures to merge or resolve the duplicate UID numbers.

Documents are required fo merge UID number

  1. Original UID Numbers
  2. Proof of Identity
  3. Residency Documents
  4. Application Form
  5. Contact Information
  6. Authorization Letter (if applicable)
  7. Photographs
  8. Any Supporting Documents
  9. Payment Receipt (if applicable)
  10. Follow Official Guidelines

Yes, we merge and unmerge the UID number. To visit the GRDFA Portal, in this portal you will find the option to merge and unmerge UID number.

No, the UID number and UAE VISA NUMBER is not same.

The Current cost of UID number merging in UAE VISA, SO you confirm once time by GRDFA PORTAL,

Your UID number is found right above the file number on your UAE visa.

The application form and the issuance of Emirates ID depend on the approval or final decision of the ICA. 

Once you reapply and receive a new UAE residency visa. Then only your UAE visa number will change. The unified ID number stays the same as before.

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