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Emirates ID fine and how to check it

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It is not unusual to have an Emirates ID fine in the United Arab Emirates. The police or the government can also Fine foreign nationals living in UAE. Heavy penalties can also be imposed on the expatriate for violating UAE immigration law. During the 2020 pandemic, many struggled to know about their Emirates ID Fine. The government was more strict at that time. The police authorities can charge fines against residents, tourists, or citizens. If they break traffic rules if they, overstay UAE visas, violate UAE law or break immigration rules. 


Where can you Check Emirates ID Fine?

Every foreign national or person shifting to UAE. Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA) issues Emirates IDs to residents or citizens. If you have plans to live there, you must apply for Emirates ID for identification and receiving services if you want to check the Emirates ID fine. You must do it through the Abu Dhabi police online web page. To check the Emirates ID fine, download the application on your device. 

You can download the Abu Dhabi police department's official website on your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone. Most people download the police department's official website in Abu Dhabi. Android phone users can go to the Play Store to download the Abu Dhabi Police official app. Apple phone or iPhone users can download it from the Apple store.

Steps for Emirates ID Fine Checking Online:

  • After downloading the website, open the Abu Dhabi police website.
  • Select the "public services" option.
  • Click on the "public find inquiry".
  • You will see various options like- inquiring by driving license, traffic number, Emirates ID, or vehicle number. You must click "inquiry/investigation through Emirates ID" to check the fine details.
  • You check the fines or penalties imposed on your Emirates ID.
  • Submit your Emirates ID number to check the fines.
  • After verifying through code or captcha, you can submit the information. 
  • It will provide details regarding Emirates ID's fine

Emirates ID fine details:

Individuals who have to pay Emirates ID fines. Then all the fine details will be on the next page. The Emirates ID fine details will be mentioned. All the Emirates ID details will also be shown. Like:

  • Emirates ID fine number
  • Year, Date, and time
  • Type of Emirates ID fine
  • Late charges (if any)
  • Source and location
  • Black points
  • License number, source, driver, and owner traffic number.


No Fine Status

Suppose no Emirates ID fine is there against you. Then no fine status will be shown after you give your Emirates ID number.

Emirates ID Fine Types

The fine can be imposed due to many reasons. The main types of fines that can be filed against you by police or authorities in the UAE are:

  • Traffic or RTA fines
  • Violating UAE COVID-19 protocols or rules
  • If the individual hasn't renewed their Emirates ID on time
  • Have done late registration for Emirates ID
  • Jaywalking (not crossing busy streets carefully)
  • Breaking other traffic rules or violating municipality rules

Emirates ID fine exemption:

The Emirates ID fine exemption can only be provided in certain conditions for particular reasons. If the residents in UAE fail to renew their Emirates ID due to good conditions like:

  • If the resident left the UAE for above three months.
  • If the Emirates ID of the expatriate after leaving the country.
  • Suppose the individual could not renew their Emirates ID due to a medical emergency. It has to be proved by a valid medical certificate.
  • Individuals older than 70 years or individuals who faced a delay in registration of ID cards.

In these cases, the Emirates ID Fine exemption can be given if the person hasn't renowned Emirates even after the UAE grace period



Checking the Emirates ID fine is easy and can be done within 5 to 10 minutes. The Emirates ID Fine check can be done online via Abu Dhabi's official police website. To get UAE Visa and its information, you can visit UAE Visa Online. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just take care of the basic traffic rules in UAE. To avoid fines and penalties on your Emirates ID. Wear seat belts, avoid Jaywalking, don't cross red signal, don't Overspeed, etc. And renew the visa and Emirates ID on time to avoid fines.

The best way to pay the Emirates ID fine is to do it online. After the fine details on your Emirates ID are provided. The Emirates ID fine can be paid directly from there. Select the "pay" option to do the online transaction for Emirates ID fine payment. 

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