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How To Apply UAE Visa After Rejection

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Thousands of individuals from all around the world visit the UAE each year. Every year, the UAE authorities receive many visa applications to reside in the nation as an ex-pat or tourist. While the procedure is often smooth, the applicant may be denied a visa anytime. Before applying for a UAE visa, there are a few things to remember.
The first question is whether the denial is frequent, and the second is whether it is possible to reapply for a UAE visa after rejection. Due to these two questions, you may be concerned about what will happen if you apply for a visa and it is denied and what will happen if you cannot apply again. You don't have to be concerned because this will not happen if you apply for a UAE visa again. This is because, this time, you will have an Emirates visa online to assist you in successfully applying for the visa.

Is Rejection a Common Thing

Out of every 10 visa applications, around six applications for a UAE visa are denied, and there are reasons for this. This implies that, although being one of the most regular occurrences, anybody can experience it. This is why clearing up any concerns regarding a visa application is critical to prevent problems.

Reasons for the Rejection of an Emirates Visa

You can see the most frequent reasons why an Emirates visa is denied below, and by understanding them, you will be able to avoid making any mistakes in the future. So, here are ten typical reasons why your visa was most likely denied:
  1. Females under 22 who travel without their parents or relatives may have their visa application refused or delayed.
  2. You could get turned down if you apply for an entry visa to the UAE with unskilled employment indicated in your passport, such as labourer, farmer, or service.
  3. Nationalities such as Bangladesh and Pakistan would have their handwritten passport copies automatically rejected by UAE Immigration.
  4. Visa applicants who have previously committed criminal violations, fraud, or misbehaving in the UAE will be summarily denied.
  5. The applicant had previously filed for a tourist visa but had not entered the country. For 60 days, the tourist UAE visa will be valid. The PRO of the travel agency or sponsor must go to immigration to clear the prior UAE Visa to receive permission.
  6. Applicants filed for a company-issued work visa but did not enter the country. To obtain permission, the PRO of the travel agency or sponsor must first clear the prior employment visa with UAE Immigration.
  7. I had a residence visa before and departed the country without cancelling the UAE visa. The PRO will go to immigration and clear your prior residence visa to obtain permission.
  8. Applications with the same name, birth date, or other information will be delayed or refused.
  9. Visa applications with spelling errors in the name, passport number, or occupation code will be delayed or refused.
  10. The clearance is typically delayed or refused when the photo of the passport copies is not clear or fuzzy when submitted online through the UAE Immigration system.


Re-Application for an Emirates Visa

Now that you know the most prevalent causes, you may avoid them the next time you have difficulty with your visa application. To prevent another rejection, double-check any UAE visa application form and its data, as well as any papers and other relevant information, before submitting it. Also, the UAE's immigration service not providing reasons for your visa denial might get you into problems, so be sure you know why. Is it possible to reapply for a UAE visa after being denied the first time? Then the answer is yes, you very certainly can.


There are many reasons included in the rejection of UAE Visa, and one can take care those reasons to not happen in the future, and citizens can reapply for the UAE Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is be careful with the information you offer to any visa service and make sure you know what you're talking about.

No, you cannot guarantee that your visa will be approved just by filling out the right application form.

There is no time restriction on reapplying for a visa that has been denied, however it is recommended that you find out why your visa was denied from the sponsor.

Most nations stamp your passport with a rejection stamp if your visa application is denied. As a result, every consular official who will issue your future permits will have easy access to it. This, too, is dependent on the seriousness of the cause for the visa's previous rejection.

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