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United Arab Emirates Visa Sponsorship in 2024 Updated

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Simply put, UAE Visa sponsorship is when a family member or group pushes for a person's visa. As a visa applicant, you have a travel agency that supports your entry into the United Arab Emirates for the visa's specified purposes.

Expats Sponsoring Family Residence Visas:

Employers and employees having a valid UAE resident visa can sponsor their family members for a residence visa. Employees can now sponsor their families regardless of their work title if they earn a minimum income of 1088.97 USD or 816.73 USD plus accommodation, unlike in the past. All newcomers who have reached the age of 18 must pass a medical fitness check.4

Physical Fitness is Required:

Males and females over 18 must attend and pass medical fitness exams at government-approved health centres in the UAE for the UAE to grant or renew a residence visa for family members.
All visa applicants, whether applying for the first time or renewing their visa, shall be checked for two infectious diseases: HIV (through blood testing) and pulmonary tuberculosis (by taking an x-ray of their chest). Those who test positive for HIV or have tuberculosis will be deemed medically unfit and will not be granted a residency visa. The officials in the UAE will deport them immediately.

How Does the UAE'S Sponsorship System Work?

Whether a company operates within or outside of Free Zones, an employee's authorized sponsor for a resident visa is their employer. Residency in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates is temporary and usually lasts three (3) years. However, it can be renewed. Your passport's face is stamped with the visa.
Resident aliens (foreign nationals) must be primarily sponsored by a UAE national, according to UAE law (citizen). Because the sponsoring company has a UAE national as a partner, owner, or majority shareholder, employees can be sponsored. Direct private sponsors, such as when a UAE national hires a domestic assistant, or indirect private sponsors, such as when a UAE federal hires a company employee, are possible.

Visa to the United Arab Emirates: Document Requirements:

Keep the following documents on hand when applying for a UAE visa.
  • Scan Copy of Passport Bio Page
  • 1 photograph (passport size)
  • Booking Information for a Hotel or a Relative
  • Flight Reservations on Both Sides


Checklist for UAE Visas

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months before being used.
  • At least four blank pages are required in a passport.

Duration / Validity of UAE Tourist Visa: 

  1. 96 hours- Transit visa
  2. 14 days - Service visa
  3. 30 days- Tourist visa (single entry or multiple entries)
  4. 60 days- Tourist visa (single entry or multiple entries)

How to Apply for UAE Visa?

  1. You can apply from the website of UAE Visa Online
  2. Once you visit the website, the front page will ask you to “select the citizenship country”.
  3. Then select the person's " living country " and click “apply for United Arab Emirates visa.”
  4. Then choose one “type of visa” as per your plan. Then click on “Proceed to apply.”
  5. The page will direct you to fill in all your details and upload all the required documents.
  6. Then click on either “Submit & add more applicants” or “Submit & proceed to pay”
  7. Then the page will direct you to the payment portal and pay the fee for the United Arab Emirates visa.
  8. Then the application will go for approval.
  9. And you can track your application status by visiting our website. 
  10. Click on “United Arab Emirates visa status”, and you can check the status


Why do You need to Apply for UAE Visa from our Website?

  1. We have a 100% visa approval rate, the greatest among all travel firms, making us more dependable.
  2. You can apply for a UAE e-visa online from our website. 
  3. We complete all visa applications in approximately 4 business days, resulting in a quick visa service.
  4. We also work on weekends, such as Fridays and Saturdays, when most travel agencies are closed.
  5. You will receive an email notification for each step of the procedure that your visa is going through.
  6. You do not need to have another sponsor if you apply with us. We will act as your sponsor, and you will receive your visa without any problem.
  7. We also provide customer care support for visa-related queries, i.e. (24*7), whether on call, email, or chat.
  8. We also help to solve your queries if it is related to your documents also.

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