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Detailed Information on Domestic Workers Right in UAE 2023

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According to the new labour laws in UAE, there are 41 articles explicitly made for proper protection and regulation. Maids or servants working in UAE should know about domestic workers' rights. Domestic worker rights in UAE are based on consent, information, contact details, salary, work environment, rest time, and contract period. In Dubai, residents or citizens hiring helpers or domestic workers should know about domestic workers' rights. 

The new UAE domestic labour law is valid for,

  • Housemaid, house horse groomer, housekeeper, gardener, domestic farmer, or caretaker in UAE.
  • Private cook, chef, private teacher, caretaker, domestic labourer, private sports coach, or private nurse.
  • Chauffeur, sailor, or security guard.


Rights Of Domestic Workers In UAE, 2022

The UAE domestic labour law protects domestic workers in their workplace from employee's bad behaviour. It gives exclusive domestic workers rights. According to the UAE domestic labour law, the prominent central rights are:

  • Wage- The domestic worker's monthly payment must be done10 days. It is counted from the due date. A minimum of AED 1100 must be paid monthly to the housemaid or houseworker. Domestic workers must get minimum wages according to their workload.
  • Holiday- According to domestic workers right in UAE, they should get at least one day's leave every week. The employer can not deduct the salary for the one-day break.
  • Rest- Rest is essential for every individual. Domestic workers in UAE hired from outside or inside UAE must also get proper rest. Daily 8 hours of rest time for sleep must be given to the workers. Additionally, extra four hours of rest for domestic workers have to give 
  • Vacation- Domestic workers hired from foreign countries and currently working in UAE. They can get one month or 30 days of paid leave every year for vacation. So they can visit their national Country. 
  • Medical Countryce- Every expatriate staying in UAE as a resident or a tourist require medical insurance. The person hiring the domestic worker has to give medical insurance to them.
  • Medical leave- Domestic workers' right in UAE allows them to take 30 days of medical leave.
  • Round trip ticket- Employer should give their employee (domestic workers) a round-ticket trip to their home country. It should be given after every two years. 
  • Domestic workers should have to be treated respectfully without any mistreatment.
  • Domestic workers should not be mistreated on the grounds of caste, colour, or religion.
  • Good and excellent stay area.
  • Meals and attire are under employee expenses.
  • A domestic worker can file a complaint against an employer for unsolved matters or disputes. 
  • Employees must pay visa fees to the domestic worker if the individual is terminated earlier than the contract period.


Employee rights

Suppose the worker works somewhere else illegally without the employer's consent. Then the employee will get the DH 10,000 refund. The other employee who hired the domestic worker illegally has to pay DH 50,000. Suppose the domestic worker leaves UAE without informing the employee. Then the employer can file an; the employer can file an absconding case against the individual helper or worker If the helper goes or does not meet the contract requirements. Then the agency has to pay the employee (for flight tickets) and the employer. 

Domestic Workers Hiring Process In UAE

The private agencies that used to hire domestic workers outside the Country are now clCountryow; one can only employ domestic workers through TADBEER. The Tadbeer service centre in UAE is now solely responsible for hiring domestic helpers. TADBEER service also takes care and ensures that UAE domestic labour law must not be violated. Disputes between employee and employer, contract terms for UAE and conditions, visa arrangements, flight ticket arrangements, termination, training, and orientation. The TADBEER also takes care of these services.



One should go through and collect the details about the rights of domestic workers in the UAE. Before hiring anyone, and should not violate UAE domestic worker law in any way. To get the UAE Visa, one can visit UAE Visa Online. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The employer must pay the minimum salary of AED 950 monthly to the Gardners. 

The UAE domestic labor law cover around four main areas. The work contract between the worker and the person who is hiring. Keep track of any kind of prohibitions and violation of domestic workers' rights in the UAE. Regulates and covers the recruitment agencies too. 

No, UAE domestic labor law state that the age of the worker has to be at least 18 years. So, you should avoid hiring a maid who is below 18 years old.

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