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UAE has captured many eyes and heart with its beautiful architectures and tourist attraction spots. And each day there are many people who wish to travel to the UAE. UAE has become many travellers dream destination to travel and explore. With each day rising the interest of tourists or travellers has grown. And why wouldn’t it grow, the country in itself is spectacular and offers various luxury and adventure to the tourist visiting. So is you are reading this then UAE must definitely be in your bucket list to travel abroad and explore.

So are you planning to fulfil your dream of visiting UAE?

You must have been across many websites while searching about your travel plan for UAE and must have come across the online UAE Visa application process as well but ended up getting confused at a stage. Apply UAE Visa Online by filling the UAE Visa Application form.

There is one thing guaranteed for sure at UAE Visa Online and that is pure customer satisfaction. Each process is well planned and simplified. Upon visiting the portal you will understand how easy it is. The portal mentions every little detail needed by every traveller to know for applying for UAE Visa application process.

The structure of the UAE Visa Application form is painless. You need to fill the basic information and proceed further. 

UAE Visa Online has divided the application form into four categories or steps:

  • Personal Detail: Under personal detail, you will have to fill in all your personal information. Under the given name, you need to mention your name or applicants name. The remaining details include
  1. Applicant’s surname
  2. Applicant’s father’s name
  3. Applicant’s mother’s name
  4. Date of birth
  5. Gender
  6. National ID no
  7. Marital status
  8. Email ID (This is very necessary as you will receive your visa on email as well).
  9. Alternate Email ID
  10. Mobile No
  11. Profession
  12. Education
  • Passport and Travel Information: Under this, you will have to feed in the details of your passport. So make sure you have a passport handy with you. Details asked in the form are:
  1. Applicants passport number
  2. Passport type
  3. Date of issue for passport
  4. Passport expiry date
  5. Date of arrival ( when are you travelling and reaching )
  6. Date of departure (When are you returning back)
  • Permanent Address details: You will have to mention the details of your citizenship place. The important details asked in the documents are –
  1. Address 1 (permanent address of in your citizenship country)
  2. City ( The city where you reside)
  3. Country (Country where you are from)
  • Upload Documents: You will have to upload an important document that is needed while applying for a visa online. In case you miss out on any then there are high chances for application getting rejected. You also need to be aware that you cannot upload more than seven documents. 

Document required for UAE Visa

  • Scanned copy of passport bio page
  • Passport size photograph (which is decent, preferably against a white or light background)
  • Hotel booking details. If you are planning to stay with your relative then you will have to submit their contact and residential proof.
  • Flight booking for both way
  • The passport must have a minimum of 6 months validity.

Follow the guidelines step by step and be very alert while filling the application form. Before submitting the form online, do ensure that you have checked the filled details twice and is correct. The form must not have any spelling mistakes. UAE visa online has highlighted the important details that are essential to be filled in the application and cannot be missed.

You just need to be attentive while filling the form and upon approval, you will be ready to travel to your dream destination.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the age limitation while travelling to UAE?

Yes, there is age limitation. For females of below 18 years need to be accompanied by parents. Females between 18-25 must be accompanied by parents or husband. Females above 25 can travel alone. If a male is below 18 then he must be accompanied by his parents and above 18 years can travel alone.

  • How to check the visa application status?

You can track UAE Visa Status by filling the required details to check the status online.

  • How does one receive the visa?

Upon approval of the visa, the same can be generated online and download. UAE visa online will also mail the visa on the email address provided.

  • How does one know if the application has been processed successfully?

Once you submit the application form online, an application ID will be generated that can be used for checking visa status. And if case there is any mistake in the application form then no such ID will be generated.

  • Is there any restriction in uploading the number of documents?

Yes, there is restriction while uploading he document online. In case you have too many documents to upload you can compile them in one page and then upload. This way you can manage to upload all your documents.

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