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Latest Review (180 Customers)

Well organized service | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Everything right from navigation to the application to contacts to tracking to delivery everything was well organized and hence a whole load of stars from my side for sure! Recommended to all!!!!

Reviewed By Kenny Julian
Proud of your service keep it going | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Used for the first time was satisfied and now I am here to review. Totally proud and ant to say that it is indeed a set that everyone should use for their UAE visa bookings!!

Reviewed By Mohammad Ali
Always on top of my list | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

People often tend to say go for government sites then only will you be able to get a genuine visa. Well, I would like to differ from them and say Uaevisaonline is next to any sites and is way better than the government visa websites that you access. You should definitely try it once and not only read the reviews!

Reviewed By Marley Jacob
Only needed 32 hours to get my visa | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Applied for a UAE visa for 30 days and this website has left me quite awed by the speed they had on processing the visa. Cheap rates and high speed always is a priority and this is exactly what you get here. Get yours from Uaevisaonline, you'll never be disappointed.

Reviewed By Patrick Owen
Online chat part was the best | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

I had too many doubts regarding visas and also about their services and I kept on asking at least more than 50 questions in just an hour and they did not hesitate to answer all of them. Patient members, they have in their team and are really good at what they know. Happy with the service.

Reviewed By David Frederick
Everything went perfectly | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Didn't have to take second chances when applying with Uaevisaonline as they had everything done in a perfect manner. Thanks, Uaevisaonline for giving my visa in a perfect way!

Reviewed By Rahul Sharma
Process seemed seamless | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Had a seamless process experience when applying for my UAE visa for 90 days with Uaevisaonline. Truly a wonder that I came across Uaevisaonline at the right time.

Reviewed By Ibrahim Ismail
Reasonable price for a bomb service! | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

Wondering where to find a great service at a reasonable price? Well, I also did wonder! But guess what my worries were put to rest when I had applied for a visa through Uaevisaonline. Great would recommend to you as well!

Reviewed By Nicholas Gabriel
Use of Uaevisaonline all the time | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

I tend to use only the best and Uaevisaonline is not any less. Even if I am based in Dubai, I still use Uaevisaonline for my visa due to two reasons: 1. great communication skills noticed 2. easy application.

Reviewed By Alifiya Atif
Professional team at work | Date Posted 17/Aug/2020

They are the most professional when it comes to working with my UAE visa. I am really happy I opted for Uaevisaonline. Thank you and best regards in your future endeavors as well!

Reviewed By Aaqib Abdul
Great help during hard times | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I got great help during this time of pandemic when I had to urgently travel to the United Arab Emirates when my daughter had become seriously ill. The team at Uaevisaonline understood the situation and helped me a lot with my application. Thanks!

Reviewed By Alyssa Hudson
No walks out of house | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I thought I had to walk a lot in and out of the office to get my UAE visa done. but the truth is I did not even step out once to get my visa and everything was handled by Uaevisoanline itself. Glad that I choose them.

Reviewed By Druvi Narayan
100 percent satisfied as promised | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Was not sure initially but now I am totally satisfied after applying for my UAE visa via Uaevisaonline. Everything went according to my plans. Thank you a lot.

Reviewed By Irfan Paracha
Good design of website | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Though it was my first visit to website and I had not applied for a visa, I must say that I am impressed by the website design of Uaevisaonline. Keep up the good work!

Reviewed By Jackson Jacob
Good policies stated | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I got my refund back instantly because I had to cancel my visa due to emergency reasons. Thanks to the whole team for cooperation. You must apply once though.

Reviewed By Liliana Daniel
Worry free journey with Uaevisaonline | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Sure it is always a worry-free journey whenever I book my visa through Uaevisaonline. Less time needed for visa and more time I got for my packing.

Reviewed By Audrey Cooper
Loved their website blog | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I would have never really said about this, but I ought to say that all you need to know about visa from beginners level to Pro it is all there. Do check out for great content.

Reviewed By Arush Rawat
Hassle free and worry free for all of its customers | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Not only do I testify that I had a wonderful experience but also my friends for whom I had applied for a UAE visa have told me to write on behalf of them.

Reviewed By Zayan Usman
Immediate, quick and fast visa providing company | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Don't know much but I can sure say that it was fast and immediate and with accuracy that I got my visa.

Reviewed By Joseph Owen
Perfect and in a quick manner that too | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Everything and every step they took regarding my visa were quick and perfect. I hope to work with you all more and more in the coming future.

Reviewed By Mia Mayden
Recommended if you are on a budget | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Had a very tight budget yet wanted to go to the Emirates and Uaevisaonline is the best for it with actually affordable prices and everything set for you.

Reviewed By Eliana Lesi
Positivity at its best | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

When applying for my visa I was worried how it would turn out, but Uaevisaonline had me comforted about my condition, and as they had said it was approved and I got my visa. Very happy!!

Reviewed By Ashvin Anil
Great offers on tours | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I had wanted to go on a tour to Emirates and wanted to apply for a tour from Uaevisaonline and have to say they had great offers.

Reviewed By Aasif Ali
Did justice to my visa application | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Had a lot of mistakes on my application form as I am not that gud at English. But helped me a lot by them. thanksssss....

Reviewed By Austin Mateo
An authenticated team just for support | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Apart from expert team who reviews all of the documents they also have a support team that is authenticated and I having talked to them, are a natural set of amazing people.

Reviewed By Maria Eli
Time highly valued and did not waste my valuable time as well | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Even though the UAE visa that I wanted was to be processed in a hurry, they did it and did not waste much of my time. Hence saving me time to travel to the airport without worries and big queues.

Reviewed By Jocelyn Kai
Value for money | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

They did meet my expectations and worked for the money I paid. my money was put for a good valued work.

Reviewed By Padmini Krishna
Confident people met here | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

A group of people who are confident in the work they do is my ideal type of people and I met them here at Uaevisaonline while applying for my UAE visa. Highly appreciate such people.

Reviewed By Faheen Akbar
Both surprised and delighted at once | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Always helping me to get the best of their service, Uaevisaonline is recommended for all sorts of people whether you have applied one or five or even a hundred times.

Reviewed By Levi Gavin
Turned me into a promoter | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Though I am not the type of person to recommend something, here I am being a fan and promoter of the service given by Uaevisaonline. Great in fact and you will get all you need.

Reviewed By Jenette Thomas
Little for me to do and the rest handled by them | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

Everything was so easy because I had to do so little while they were the ones to handle everything right from processing to issuing. Thanks for doing it for me.

Reviewed By Leah Jack
No doubt number. 1 | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

For me, Uaevisaonline is my number 1 website when it comes to the application of UAE visa and its issue.

Reviewed By Naman
Used many times and will use many more times | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I have used for what I don't even remember the number of times and I plan to tell all of my friends to use Uaevisaonline for their visas as well.

Reviewed By Rasheedah Zabidat
Outstanding services with additional offers all time | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

If you are a regular you get what I mean. If not then you will soon understand when you start your application via Uaevisaonline.

Reviewed By Leo Nathan
Went right way even when I was lost | Date Posted 18/Aug/2020

I was lost but Uaevisaonline brought me back to the right track and hence I was happy with the way they had everything set.

Reviewed By Arina Michael
Just received it | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Got it right now I am so happy and I still have three more days left to travel to UAE. I applied for the visa just two days ago and I am very happy with the speed.

Reviewed By Abhilash Kale
Good from start to end | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Really good way they handled from start to end. Very good keep up all the work you do!!

Reviewed By Maleekah Darjani
Keep on trying | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

There was a time when I gave up on the application for a Dubai visa. But through Uaevisaonline I regained my faith and applied and I did get it issued. I am very very happy about it!!

Reviewed By Hannah Noronha
Always trying to do the best | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Uaevisaonline has always done only the best for me and I also give my all the best for the application. That's all I need!

Reviewed By Arnav Arush
Best client experience ever | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Being a client I have high expectations and Uaevisaonline fulfilled it. Great!!

Reviewed By Saanvi Singh
Overall a master in services | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

An absolute visa master they are at Uaevisaonline. Thanks for being this talented bunch of people.

Reviewed By Olivia Mason
More people need to be aware | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Though a lot of people already know about Uaevisaonline, I wish they could spread far and wide!

Reviewed By Shiray Akshay
My comment is valuable | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

They said my comment is valuable and hence I decided to say that they are as valuable as my comment and are a really good set of people you rarely find.

Reviewed By Trisha Anay
Very very prompt service | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

No need to tell them ten times and get frustrated on anything, everything will go as smooth as butter.

Reviewed By Trisha Dhruv
Simply good and sophisticated | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Rich service at a very cheap rate is what I experienced through my application for a UAE visa through Uaevisaonline.

Reviewed By Ayesha Baaqir
Understood my query quick enough | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

My query was very hard but the team at Uaevisaonline did not hesitate to answer it and get me through it. Thanks for your cooperation.

Reviewed By Yakshit Parth
Went beyond call of duties | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Going through hell and heaven is a process that everyone experiences when they apply for a visa but it is not the truth for people applying through Uaevisaonline and that is what I believe.

Reviewed By Riddhi Pratik
An excellent decision | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

I must say that it was an excellent decision that I made when deciding to work with Uaevisaonline, never regretted it.

Reviewed By Fatima Ahmed
Dealt very easily yet professionally | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Easy and professional are two words that do not go together but Uaevisaonline has proved that they can go together as well.

Reviewed By Nadir Wahaib
Straightforward with no troubles being created | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

There was no foul play, unlike others who are really suspicious. Liked that and also the straightforwardness is quite appreciated.

Reviewed By Joel James
Serving in the best way possible | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Never saw them take a break once my visa application was submitted. Always up and about for my visa processing.

Reviewed By Ehsan Yousuf
Simple usage solutions | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Nothing was complicated and was quite followable. Will make sure my family and friends happy for their UAE visas here itself.

Reviewed By Geo Theo
Suprised my dad | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

It was my dad's birthday in two days and just on the day of his birthday I could surprise my dad with a visit to Dubai and he was very happy that he started crying!! This was possible only due to Uaevisaonline.

Reviewed By Ruby Zen
Full of new offers | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

The best site on the internet till date with an endless list of various offers! Happy with the offers you give.

Reviewed By Umang Priyansh
A good helping hand needed | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Everyone needs a helping hand and for me, it is Uaevisaonline as they are a big support for me through my application for a UAE visa.

Reviewed By Jiya Kapil
A very good business person | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Highly ethical business person found here at Uaevisaonline.

Reviewed By Titus Jaxon
Chose over Embassy | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Embassy is a headache, just go for Uaevisaonline just like I did!

Reviewed By Chloe Ethan
Fantastic job done | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

While I am here preparing for my quarantine they have done a great job in processing my visa and helping me travel.

Reviewed By Aashank Kanak
Regrets, none! | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

Amazingly lovely people found at Uaevisaonline and will not regret my decision to work with these pure souls.

Reviewed By Deepika Aahan
Comfortable zone | Date Posted 19/Aug/2020

My comfort zone was not disturbed when applying for a UAE visa through Uaevisaonline.

Reviewed By Mayehsa Husaib
A big hug to all the team members | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Had some obstacles initially but Uaevisaonline managed to take them out. A big hug from my side.

Reviewed By Akash Arush
Won't change my provider | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Selected Uaevisaonline as my visa provider and now I won't change them for any other sites. Totally impressed.

Reviewed By Mokshika Saxena
More visits waiting to UAE | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I have a lot more visits coming up and I am definitely going to use Uaevisaonline for all of them.

Reviewed By Karie Uzain
All ready for my trip | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Visa taking was least of my concerns due to the fact that I applied for one through Uaevisaonline.

Reviewed By Faqeed Ahmadinullah
Gave me the wanted solution | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Instead of giving me something I never asked them for, they were quite precise when it came to answering my questions.

Reviewed By Cameron Dias
First time to give a review | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

It's my first time to mention a review after having my successful application. Very happy

Reviewed By Basiq Nahallah
Full assistance was given to me | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Even though having my visa applied for over two times I tend to get confused but having Uaevisaonline is a great help as they give me full assistance.

Reviewed By Wyatt Shane
May you have bessings | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Blessed to come across such a wonderful team of supporters for my application. May you have all the blessings!

Reviewed By Jesni James
Want more sites like them | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I am really happy for applying for my UAE visa through Uaevisoanline and now I wish they extend it to other countries as well!

Reviewed By Hiral Jathani
Hope to get more assistance soon | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Had a lot of amazing experiences and I hope that I have more amazing experiences in the future as well.

Reviewed By Zahra Umed
Schedule was tight yet made it | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

The schedule was quite tight when I tried to apply for my UAE visa but due to Uaevisaonline, I could get it on time. here is what I did to get y visa on time: 1. made sure I listen to everything they say 2. made sure to attach all of my documents 3. reviewed my application details With just these three steps I was able to get my visa application done successfully.

Reviewed By Reggie Oswald
Exceptional staff and their works! | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Exceptional! Liked it.

Reviewed By Reynold Ray
Hardworking | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Good work

Reviewed By Sydney Lais
Nice experience | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Glad to know there is a good communication with customers and I did experience that.

Reviewed By Carl Bright
No stuck-ups in between | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Found out that there was no stuck-up problem arising in between.

Reviewed By Fahid Faqir
Job was done in a good manner | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

While applying the following is what I noticed: 1. did not have to overlook all the things again and again. Uaevisaonline took care of everything 2. application needed only my personal information and my passport details to be uploaded so that means that I did not take much time 3. payment was the easiest and needed only 26 US dollars. (might change for you) All in all, this was the best so far. Uaevisaonline has proved its worth.

Reviewed By Jean Bryce
Put in a question | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

I have put in a question and I am waiting to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Reviewed By Basr Haider
Great service experienced | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Had an experience of great service.

Reviewed By Wajeeb Zayd
Fast with everything readied | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

They without any doubt have given one of the most good services. as long as you have all the documents and requirements readied you have nothing to worry about. it is really quick.

Reviewed By Lai William
Got over it very fast | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Really fast and swift

Reviewed By Oliver Rowen
Great job at processing my visa | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

The person I met with while applying for my UAE visa was really helpful and the way he was polite shows how good the whole team that works together is. They also didn't mind about solving my questions no matter how many times I asked about them. Did a good job! Would like you all to keep it up!

Reviewed By Julia Peyton Jones
Positive views | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

Had positive views on them and they sure have kept it like that for me.

Reviewed By Paul Bradley
good work did along with the services | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

Keep your good work going on as the services that you have provided are to be appreciated and I will also let out more recommendations so that more people get to know about you.

Reviewed By Sandesh Nair
Really affordable visa service | Date Posted 22/Jan/2021

This is my first experience of getting a visa done, and to be honest, I always thought of it as a costly affair which was eventually proven wrong by uaevisaonline. I had such a great experience during the whole process, and would like to thank each one of them for prioritizing my needs and providing me what I needed within no time.

Reviewed By Emma Porter
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