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Are you a traveller? If yes, then Dubai should be there in your travel list. As in past decades, Dubai has become one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates; it is a lively and beautiful travel destination and is ranked among the Gulf's top tourist, academic, entertainment, and business destinations. It is necessary to have a valid passport and visa to enter the city. 
In addition, other sorts of visas are available, including single-entry and multiple-entry ones, for the following durations: 14 days for tourists, 48 hours for transit, 96 hours for transit, 30 days for tourists, and 60 days for tourists. Applying for a visa has become easy and doesn’t take much time. Through UAE Visa Online, you may verify this. You can even apply for a visa by staying at your home or office and at any point through UAE Visa Online's E-visa services. 

Gather all the information you need to know about E-Visa to UAE.

However, these days’ travellers travel to the UAE more frequently than ever, whether for leisure, work, or social occasions. Since people have started travelling more frequently, asking for a UAE visa has become a concern since some people might not enjoy waiting in huge lines outside the embassy to obtain a visa. UAE Visa Online has created the most organized portal to make the entire procedure quick and straightforward. As a result, your request will be handled quickly.
Have a stress-free journey to the UAE using the most reliable visa partner. UAE Visa Online has built a gateway without unnecessary sign-in procedures or a challenging user interface. One can always rely on the portal to assist travellers in getting a visa for the UAE and all the necessary assistance to make the process simple and organized. One won't be required to look elsewhere to acquire a visa since a traveller can get a travel visa to UAE by sitting at home or office for a short period. Moreover, these portals will ensure they satisfy all standards, clear up any query the traveller raises, sponsor the trip, and offer a quicker processing time. 

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How to apply for an E-visa via UAE Visa Online?

Determine which visa category best fits your needs and start the registration process. Before the visa registration, you should obtain scanned images of the necessary documents. The actions to obtain a visa are as follows:

  • Choose "Apply for UAE Visa" to begin the procedure after choosing your nationality or the nation visitors currently reside in.
  • Choose the visa type you desire and fulfil your requirements to stay in the UAE.
  • Complete the application form with your personal and contact information.
  • Submit the appropriate paperwork, and then continue to pay.
  • The payment gateways – pay pal, credit cards and debit cards.
  • Decide on your preferred processing service.
  • Remit the visa fee.

If you need assistance choosing the type of visa you should apply for, contact the round-the-clock customer service of UAE Visa Online. They can guide you in making the best decision possible.

Travel visa, Which you can acquire via UAE Visa Online

While travelling to another nation, you must have a visitor's visa as a journey requirement. Depending upon a traveller's objective and length of stay, the UAE government offers a variety of visitor visas. Occurrences, including vacations, honeymoons, marriages, and attending parties, are covered by the visitor's visa. 

30 days visitor’s visa

Only one-time entry:

The traveller's visit in the UAE is limited to up to 30 days with a 30-day single-entry visa. Once a traveller acquires the visa, the visa will be considered valid for 30 days (counting days begins from the date the visa got approved). As it is a single-entry visa, you can only enter the UAE once. If you depart the UAE before your 30-day stay, visitors will need a new visa to enter again. 
This visa is the best choice if you want to go on a trip with your family or friends, which would only require one entry into the nation while you enjoy yourself. 

Multiple entry permit:

Visitors may reside in the UAE for 30 days with a 30-day multiple-entry visa. The visa is suitable for 30 days in the UAE once it is used, and it is effective for 60 days starting from the day it is approved. Visitors can enter, exit, and revisit the UAE as frequently as they'd like for the first 30 days of their visa's validity because it is a multiple-entry visa
This kind of visa is appropriate for travels that require several entries and exits from the UAE during 30 days, such as those for business meetings, industrial purposes, etc. 

60 days visitor’s visa

Only one-time entry:

Visitors can reside in the UAE for a maximum of sixty days with a single-entry visa valid for 60 days. It will remain in effect lasting up to 60 days after authorization and for 60 days after use. Visitors may only visit the UAE once but can stay there for 60 days because it is a single-entry visa. If you desire, you may depart the country before the 60-day period has passed, but if you want to enter the nation again, even if the initial visa's 60-day period has not yet expired, you will need to apply for a new visa. 

Multiple entry permit:

The traveller may reside in the UAE lasting up to 60 days with numerous entries on the same visa valid for 60 days. The visa would be suitable for up to 60 days after it was approved, and when it was used, it would remain ideal for another sixty days from the date you travelled while using it. Since it is a multiple-entry visa, you may enter, leave, and return to the UAE as frequently as you like for up to 60 days. 

Extension of UAE Visa

One occasionally requires more time than anticipated initially to make the most of one's trip. If so, one might wish they could stay in the UAE longer. So, visitors can do this quickly by requesting a visa extension via online mode offered by UAE visa online. Visitors will have more time after the initial visa expiration date if they obtain a visa extension

Visitor's Visa Extension up to 30 days: 

Visitors will have to request this length of visa extension if they still want to reside in the UAE for an additional two to 30 days. If you obtained a 30-day visa extension, you might extend your visa's original expiration date by 30 days. 

Visitor's Visa Extension up to 60 days: 

On November 1, 2022, the UAE government put this kind of prolongation into effect. If a visitor desires to reside in the UAE for an extra two months after the visa expires, the visitor can apply for a 60-day visa extension. Recently, a 60-day extension was introduced to support a 60-day visa extension. 

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Processing Time for UAE Visa to be valid: 

Giving yourself some breathing room before applying for a visa is generally a good idea. The ideal time before your travel to apply for your UAE visa is anywhere from a week (7 days) to a fortnight (14 days). You can obtain your visa with UAE Visa Online within 3–4 business days. 
You might not always be able to arrange your trip in advance. In that situation, you would desire a resort that would allow you to obtain your visa more quickly. To receive your visa as soon as possible, UAE Visa Online has also handled those urgent needs and offers various processing services. 

  1. Average Processing time: This is the specific operating time during which your visa could be approved in as little as 3–4 working days. 
  2. Express Processing time: The execution of your visa takes between 24 to 48 working hours. 
  3. Urgent processing time: If you choose expedited processing, your visa will be issued in 7-8 business hours. 
  4. Super Urgent Processing: Visitors could receive their visa in 3–4 office hours with this processing technique, which is the fastest. 

Please take note: 

  • Depending on the processing option you choose, fees may change.  
  • Processing times are between 9:00 and 18:00 during regular business hours. Any requests received after this period will be handled the following business day. 


The information above may answer all your questions about your queries regarding the registration of a visa to the UAE Visa Online. Nowadays, registering a visa online has become very easy and convenient for visitors travelling to the UAE. Moreover, visitors can even get an extension on their visa. Dubai acquired a unique position on the travel list of various visitors. As time passes, the number of travellers for registration of online visas has increased.  

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