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The UAE visa is the official document needed for any foreign nationals visiting the country to get entry at immigration points. UAE tourist visas and "UAE work visas" can be issued by foreign citizens. In December 2020, the UAE government made some temporary changes in visa policy for some nations.  The "UAE banned visa'' entry for some countries. The UAE government imposed these restrictions due to certain reasons. The immigration circular passed by the UAE government banned applicants from 13 nations to obtain UAE visas.


UAE visa ban countries

The UAE visa ban countries can not apply for UAE tourists visa as well as work visas to UAE. The application form from the UAE visa ban countries is not accepted temporarily. Around 13 countries are presently not eligible to apply for UAE visas:

  • Iraq
  • Kenya
  • Turkey
  • Afghanistan
  • Libya
  • Yemen
  • Pakistan
  • Algeria
  • Somalia
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • Lebanon

Reason for banning UAE visa

The proper reason for banning these 13 countries to apply for UAE visas is security reasons. The "UAE visa ban countries" are only subjected to the restrictions for a certain time. The proper reason is not known, but it can be due to the:

  • The UAE visa ban is enforced for the security of UAE nationals against terrorist attacks and bomb assaults. 
  • Due to the peace and ties between some of the Gulf countries and Israel. 
  • The UAE visa ban may also have been imposed because of the COVID-19 crisis and the threat of the spread of infection.


Effect of relations between UAE and banned countries

The UAE visa ban on selected countries has affected friendly and good relations. The relationship between UAE and Turkey has been spoiled after a sudden ban on the issuance of new visas. The foreign minister of Pakistan contacted said that the UAE has temporarily not accepted new UAE visa applications from Pakistan and 12 other countries. Many Pakistani nationals staying in the UAE faced issues sending their application for renewing UAE work permits.

The UAE visa ban is imposed on countries with a Muslim-majority population only. The reason is still not sure, many theories and sources claim it is due to health concerns. Many sources claims due to security and measures against unwanted terrorist attack. All the nationals from these 13 visa-banned countries are already in the country. Or the applicants who are already holding work permits and tourist visas for UAE will not be affected by this new restriction.

UAE visa ban update

The UAE visa ban means citizens holding passports from certain countries will not be permitted to enter the territory regardless of the reason. It was said that the UAE visa ban is only for a few months. But, the UAE government didn't pass out any information about removing or uplifting the UAE visa ban for 13 countries.

UAE travel ban

The UAE travel ban or entry ban can be imposed on foreign visitors and tourists. For reasons like,

  • Using an invalid visa to obtain entry into the United Arab Emirates
  • Using fake identity and fake passport for UAE visa.
  • Staying in the United Arab Emirates for more than your visa validity time.
  • Crime History
  • Working in the country without a UAE work permit.
  • Not vaccinated and not taken COVID-19 test before arrival.

Other information regarding UAE visas for banned countries

All the nationals from UAE visa-banned countries will be allowed to enter the country after the upliftment of the ban.  After upliftment, the UAE visa-banned countries can obtain short-term tourist visas and long-term tourist visas for the country. The short-term tourist visa for UAE will allow the passport holders of these countries to stay in UAE until their visa expires. Passport holders of all the countries who are currently denied apply for UAE work permits will be free to obtain UAE work permits.


 Entry Requirements for UAE 

  • Foreign nationals must carry their 6 monthly valid passports having two blank pages.
  • UAE  visa must be issued from the embassy, online, or at the airport according to the eligibility criteria.
  • A negative test result for COVID-19 is required to obtain entry at immigration points in the UAE.
  • Vaccination certificate of corona vaccine.
  • The traveler should follow COVID rules and quarantine rules after entering the country.


The immigration circular passed in November in 2020 claimed that the UAE banned visa issuance and application form from 13 Muslim nations. Which is said to be elevated soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE government has imposed a visa ban for new applicants. And entry bans for almost 13 countries with a muslim majority population.

Currently, Turkish Passport holders are not eligible to apply for UAE tourist visa due to visa ban.

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