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traditional emirati food tour in abu dhabi

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Are you a foodie wanting to visit the emirates? Then the traditional Emirati food tour in Abu Dhabi is a must-try for you. This is one of the cities of Emirates that provides excellent tourist attractions. The city houses several beautiful beaches, monuments, architecture, and many more to attract the tourists from the corners of this world. The city is a perfect mixture of tradition and contemporary culture and is a perfect paradise for travelers.

As of foodies, the city has excellent local foods that will send you to awe. The mouth-watering dishes are what the foodies will like about this city.  


The core feature of any culture is its cuisine. And, the best local food in Abu Dhabi reflects the vast and intriguing culture that the country has. The cuisine here takes inspiration from the neighboring countries like Egypt, India, Jordan, and Lebanon. These cuisines provide an insight into the history of the region too. For example, rice and pasta were introduced for the traders that came into the country.

Due to its proximity to the ocean, most of the dishes are mainly seafood which includes Khabeesa, balaleet, maqlub, etc.

There are various top-notch luxury restaurants that offer continental cuisines. The old and cultural side of the country hence remains somewhat unknown to the tourists. Hence, we have created a list below where you can find what to eat in Abu Dhabi while on a local cuisine tour.


This restaurant recreates the Bedouin style architecture. The place is made with barasti booths and mud bricks rooms. It also consists of a mini souk which can be used by the diners as a leisure space.

They make an array of dishes ranging from raqaq and nagar nashef to balalit ma khoboz and jesheed. While eating these dishes you will go back to the time when the emirates consisted of small towns situated along the Arabian Gulf, and modernization was yet to touch them. The ingredients and seasonings that are used here will surely take you back to the history of the entire country. 


Yadoo means grandmother. Hence, the name basically means grandmother’s house. This place provides homely comfort and cuisine, as the name suggests. It has comfortable sofas and simple furnishings, and hosts a wide range of items. You can choose from options on grilled local fishes along with classic cuisines like harees. It also makes a variety of machboos. With such a comfort and tasty dishes, you feel at home. This is indeed the best local food in Abu Dhabi, and the ultimate destination for the foodies out there.

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Have you ever thought of having dinner on a boat? Well, you can try that here on the classic dhows. This would be the best way to enjoy the cultural dishes of the city with your family and friends. You will get to taste the cuisine along with the perfectly splendid skyline along the Corniche. There is also a majlis that is set up on the upper deck, along with an air conditioned seating space on the lower deck.

These dinner cruises give you the perfect comfort and enjoyment. It provides distinct items like hamour, local teas, and fragrant rice. Indulge along the beauty of the city with a bowl filled with exceptional dishes. 


This place was founded by Shaikha Al Kaabi. The reason behind this was to celebrate the culture and history of the nation. The concept behind this place is really unique. It serves the guests with childhood recipes that were made by mothers and grandmothers using the local ingredients.

The semolina cans here are redesigned as cutlery holders and the front door of this place used to belong to an old family of the country that dates back to the 1970s.

This place provides a perfect outlook to the nostalgia of the old Bedouins. The local talents of the artists are also showcased here by totes, gift items, and postcards designed by them. There are various delicacies that you can take away with you to your home. They range from pickles to dates, and many more. 


It is located at the emirates palace hotel. You can taste the cuisine along with luxury here. The place is furnished with Bedouin emblems like kunjah knives, coffee pots, tapestries, and much more. This award winning restaurant is a reminiscence of the old Bedouin culture which pays its respect and homage to the heritage of the country.

The cuisines that are prepared are inspired from the old dishes and homemade recipes.

The menu consists of several staples for dishes like camel meat, zaatar, saffron, rosewater, and dates. This could be one of the best luxurious fine dining restaurants in Abu Dhabi that you would get to experience.


We all know how famous the dates are that come from the Arab countries. This open air market is the largest selling market of the entire city. The dates that are sold here are not only local but they also come from neighboring nations like Oman and Saudi Arabia. You can get these super delicious dates at a very reasonable cost. You also get a wide selection range from dry to wet dates.

However, before settling on buying, you should explore all the options present there.

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Along with these, you can also try your taste upon the Abu Dhabi street food.


You can indulge with this super delicious affair of meat wrapped in Lebanese bread. You will lose yourself with the juicy and tender well seasoned lamb or chicken meat. You can get them from the Shawarma Street or shish shawerma located behind the corniche towers. 


You can try out the perfect kebabs of this city. This dish is prepared with lamb, beef or chicken cooked with skewers. It is one of the most popular dishes of the country and tried out the most by the visitors. 


This is a kind of Lebanese pizza that is packed with the Middle Eastern flavors. This makes a delightful brunch or a light lunch. You can try them out at Man’oushe street, manakish express, and Mazyad mall for the perfect experience.

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The ultimate paradise to the foodies lies inside this small island located inside the emirates. The traditional Emirati food tour in Abu Dhabi can be tried by everyone out there. Make sure to visit these places apart from the glitzy bitsy places the next time you visit the emirates. 

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