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The Perfect Abu Dhabi Stopover 2024

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Do you have doubts about whether you should do your stopover in UAE or not? Even if you go to another destination and don't plan to visit UAE. You can tour some places during your short stopover in the United Arab Emirates. Indeed, the hotels and resorts in the United Arab Emirates are luxurious. So, during your stopover in UAE, you don't have to worry about where you want to stay. Either you have a stopover in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Both the destination is perfect tourist destinations and have plenty of facilities. Abu Dhabi and Dubai International Airport are the main international airport. Therefore you can do a stopover in UAE by booking connecting flights.


UAE Stopover in Abu Dhabi

If you plan to stop in Abu Dhabi for your next flight. You can go to many places in Abu Dhabi during transit time. Passengers travelling through Etihad Airways can get a free Abu Dhabi stopover. In 48 hours or 96 hours, you can explore many places in Abu Dhabi. The Etihad Airways flight often has a connecting flight through Abu Dhabi, including hotel accommodation. 

Things to do in UAE during the Abu Dhabi stopover:

  • You can drink a coffee and eat light snacks from the restaurant near Al Jazeera Tower on Corniche Road. It will be a good start to visit the following places.
  • The most common reason many tourists want to visit Abu Dhabi is the presence of a prominent mosque. During the Abu Dhabi stopover, visit the world's most beautiful mosque, "Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque". The best time to visit the Sheikh Zayed mosque is the daytime. 
  • You should visit the "Emirates Palace Hotel" near Corniche. This hotel can resemble the Sultan's palace in the movie Aladin. Visit Le Cáfe in the hotel for beverages. And you should try Gold Sprinkled Camel Burger. 
  • You can visit the Qasr Al Watan of the "Presidential Palace". Tourists have to pay AED 60 to enter the presidential palace. 
  • You can visit the "modern Louvre museum" in Abu Dhabi to see different artworks, sculptures, and paintings.
  • You can visit the Abu Dhabi heritage centre to explore the Arab culture.

Things to do in UAE during Dubai Stopover:

  • Do gold and jewellery shopping from the gold souq in Dubai. Gold souq and spice souq are located near each other. 
  • Take a short tour of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.
  • Look and enjoy the fountain light show at Dubai Mall.
  • Visit Dubai Aquarium, which is located inside Dubai Mall.
  • Visit Burj Khalifa and take Dubai Marina cruises.
  • If you have a two-day stopover in Dubai, you can also go for a morning, evening, or overnight desert safari.
  • Relax and soak in some natural sunlight at Dubai Jumeirah Beach.


UAE stopover visa

If you are worried about where you can get a UAE stopover visa. Then you can get a UAE transit visa in a few days through the UAE visa online website. Foreigners stopping in the United Arab Emirates may require a transit visa. Whether the visa is required or not for your stopover in UAE depends on your nationality. A UAE transit visa must be obtained if:

  • The visitor having a stopover in UAE is not exempted from a visa.
  • Not eligible for visa on arrival for a stopover in the United Arab Emirates.

Transit visa types in the United Arab Emirates:

  • 48 hours- The two days UAE Stopover visa can be obtained by applying for the visa via UAE visa online. The UAE transit visa is the short visit type visa and a single entry visa. Pay USD 70.0 transit visa fee and USD 26.0 processing fee.
  • 96 hours- This stopover visa has a validity of 96 hours. Can't be renewed or extended and can't be used for two or more entries. Payment required to be done for 96 hours visa is USD 120.0.



Exploring the country during Abu Dhabi stopover or Dubai Stopover visa is the far better option. Take a stopover visa in UAE at the airport. You can take the UAE transit visa on arrival for 48 hours and 96 hours if you are eligible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Stopover visa for Abu Dhabi can be valid either for 48 hours or 96 hours.

Just follow simple steps visit the main website of UAE visa online.

  • Step 1: Choose the stopover e-visa type. Fill in the details asked in a stopover visa application.
  • Step 2: Submit documents required to be uploaded for UAE stopover visa.
  • Step 3: Pay the fee and get a transit visa for UAE via email ID.
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