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A Complete Guide on Travel Report in the UAE

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The "UAE travel report" is the entry and exit report. Any individual's UAE Travel history report is the travel history or record outside the country. The individual movement or visit outside the United Arab Emirates. The travel report uae is mainly issued and provided by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. If anyone is applying for a Dubai travel report,  then the issuance will be carried out by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. 


Information in UAE travel report

The travel report contains essential information like:

  • Arrival destination
  • Entry date
  • Departure/exit date
  • Passport number
  • Ports of entry and exit (airport/ seaport)
  • Port name

UAE travel visa types

1) Single Entry report or single exit travel report: This type of travel report contains the last trip or visit outside or inside the United Arab Emirates.

2) Overall entry or exit travel history report: Applicants applying for this type of travel report can get all the information about their travel history inside or outside the UAE.

Who needs to apply for a travel visa in UAE?

Expatriates or residents in the United Arab Emirates may be asked to submit travel reports under certain circumstances:

  • Suppose the person is outside the United Arab Emirates and wants to cancel their UAE residence permit. Then, to cancel a residence visa, applicants must submit a travel report in this case. 
  • Expats who have lived in UAE in the past. Or the Expatriates currently residing in the United Arab Emirates may need a travel history report.
  • To get an equivalency certificate, one has to upload a valid travel report uae. The equivalency certificate is issued and processed by the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • Resident or person planning to shift or migrate to a new country like the UK, Canada, etc. Then the foreign country the person migrates to will ask for a travel report. To ensure and check the travel history and immigration history of that person.
  • Applicants applying for a tax residency certificate in UAE have to submit a travel history report. You have to submit a UAE history travel report while submitting a request for the tax residency certificate.


Where to apply for the UAE Travel Report

You can secure a travel report in UAE:

  • By applying online on the official website of FAIC. Submit the documents and request for travel report. After payment, you can download your UAE travel report to your email address.
  • Dubai travel reports can also be secured online via the Dubai Now app by following the same procedure.
  • You can visit the immigration department in UAE to apply for a travel report.
  • Request can be made through the AMER centre in Dubai for a travel history report.
  • ICA customer happiness service centre in the United Arab Emirates also provides the service. The applicant can visit the centre to apply for the UAE travel report.
  • The application can also be submitted via TASHEEL and an accredited typing centre in UAE.

UAE travel history report requirements

Mandatory documents required to be submitted by the person who wants to apply for a travel report in UAE are:

  • Applicant passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Applicant Emirates ID or sponsor applicant ID
  • Photograph (passport size)

UAE Travel History Report cost

  • The cost of the comprehensive travel report in UAE for the employee is around AED 276.
  • If the person is applying for a UAE travel report for the family, the fee is AED 240.
  • For sponsor or sponsored, the travel report cost is AED 256.
  • Overall the UAE travel report cost can range from AED 200 to AED 300 depending on the type of travel report.



The UAE travel report obtained by the ex-pat is the history of the entry into the United Arab Emirates and the exit information. Any individual visiting a foreign country while crossing the immigration point get a UAE visa stamp on the passport. This information is collectively referred to as the travel history of the person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, applicants can visit the nearby happiness center to submit documents and applications for the UAE travel history report.

For a travel report, you have to submit Emirates ID, passport, visa, and photographs.

Yes, applicants can choose the exit date and entry date to get information about a particular travel date. They do not have to apply for complete travel history. The UAE travel report can be customized accordingly.

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