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Things to know about UAE Gold Card Visa

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In this article, we are going to tell you all there is to know about the UAE gold card visa. If you have a business or work commitments in this Middle Eastern country, then a more permanent residence solution is just what you need.

This gold visa is essentially a long term residence visa for foreigners who have vested personal interests in the country.

Getting yourself a gold visa is a very big step, so you will need to have trusted agencies like UAE visa online and lawyers by your side during the application process. The applicant cannot simply fill an online form to obtain this coveted visa, it requires several legal crossovers.

That being said, becoming a UAE gold card visa holder, can be a really good chance to grow your business or earn a degree or even just get an excellent job in the corporate world of any of the seven Emirates.

It is also a great place to raise and live with a family. The Education system is world-class; there are international level schools and universities at every step. There is an abundance of entertainment, both natural and man-made; it also has a flourishing day and nightlife as well.

Continue reading the article below to find out more about the things to know about UAE Gold Card Visa.

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Right after its launch, the UAE gold card visa saw applications in thousands. This card is promoted as an opportunity of growth for budding talents in the fields of engineering, research, science etc. UAE desires to bring you to their country and support and hone your talents.

There are no UAE gold card visa fees as such; the only money the applicant needs to pay is the investment as well as a six-month visa for the initial days.


Before considering applying for the UAE gold card visa, here is the list of eligibilities that you will have to consider.

There are four major categories of people who can even think of fulfilling these eligibilities, such as entrepreneurs, investors, job seekers in the field of research and lastly, students with scientific backgrounds.

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Furthermore, some of the other UAE gold card visa eligibility criteria include:

For 10 years

  • Make an investment for a sum of 10 million AED or upwards of that.
  • Before the final investment process, the applicant will have to get a six-month visa that should last for a period of at least 6 months.
  • This application can even be done online through a travel agency website.

For 5 years

  • The applicant can invest their money in any property located in the country.
  • The total value of the investment mustn’t be less than 5 million AED.
  • The applicant should keep the estate under them for at least a period of three years.
  • Additionally, the amount should not be a loan in any shape or form.

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After fulfilling the entire eligibility requirement, you can immediately apply for the visa with a help of your travel agency.

Once you have turned yourself into a cardholder, here are some of the exceptional UAE gold card visa benefits that you will become automatically entitled to:

  • The first major benefit is of course the permanent residency for 5 or 10 years.
  • According to the law passed by the authorities, this visa will give the holder the autonomy to bring their children and spouse to the country.
  • It is meant to help stabilize the market and bring in more innovative investments which can help shift the economy away from oil.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the major stipulations stated as part of the UAE gold card visa requirements, is to make a said amount of investment in the country. Additionally it should not be a loan, rather should yield a growth in return.

It began in the year 2019, to attract more investments and people into the country.

The stay eligibility for the UAE gold card visa holders depends on whether they have chosen a five or a ten year package.

The application will have to be filed with the Federal Authority of Citizenship, however a travel expert from any reputable agency like UAE visa online can help the applicant prepare for it.

There is a minimum cap of 10 million AED; the applicant will have to invest an amount equivalent to that or more in order to fulfil the basic UAE gold card visa eligibility.

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