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How to Check UAE Labor Contract Online

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The UAE labor contract is a mandatory document. It should be read thoroughly and properly by the employee planning to move to UAE for work. The UAE labor contract can be either for unlimited time or for a fixed time. The UAE labor contract contains agreement details, profession details, work details, number of leave one will get yearly, wage, etc. You have to complete the fixed period. And meet all the terms mentioned in the labor contract. Now we can obtain many visa services or work visa services online. Therefore, checking UAE labor contracts online is the most simple approach.


How to check labor contracts online in UAE?

Expats willing to work in UAE should also sign the UAE labor agreement. After signing the labor contract residence visa is approved. The UAE labor contract of every ex-pat or individual is stored in the MOHRE database. You can check your labor contract anytime in UAE on the MOHRE web page. The process of Checking UAE labor contracts online is easier now on the ministry of human resource and Emiratisation. For checking UAE labor contract online you can visit:

  • MOHRE online website
  • Or MOHRE app 

Checking UAE labor contract via MOHRE website

  • To check labor contracts in UAE online go to MOHRE (previously referred to as MOL) website.
  • Tap on the "service" tab.
  • You will see four options tap on the first option "job offer".
  • After preceding, you can either search via personal details or via transaction information.
  • If you click on search visa personal information. You have to give:
  • National Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Select nationality
  • Fill in the given captcha
  • Tap on "view my contract". OR click on "view approved contract" if you have already signed the labor contract.
  • Give your UAE labor card details. Enter the UAE person code given in your labor card. Personal details which are nationality and date of birth respectively. Enter your UAE labor card number too.
  • The next page will be redirected to your UAE labor contract. It will only show details if the information is given like labor card number and person number are accurate.


Checking UAE labor contract via MOHRE mobile app

The UAE labor contract can be checked with mobile phones, desktops, or tabloids. You can download the iOS version or even the Android version of the MOHRE app. Steps one have  to follow to check labor contract in UAE online via the MOHRE app are:

  • After installing you should register as an employee.
  • Provide information:
  • Your passport number.
  • You have to select your nationality.
  • The last information you have to give is your date of birth.

To proceed to step 2, simply tap the "next" icon.

  • On the second page, give your user name, contact number (verify via OTP), email address, and password (minimum 6 digits or characters).
  • On the next page, answer security question 1 and security question 2. 
  • Read all the points in terms & conditions properly. Then only select "I agree". 
  • Give contact information (phone number and Email address) and verify it.
  • After completing the registration process you can check the UAE labor contracts online.
  • Click "my dashboard" from the home page.
  • After clicking on the dashboard tab, the employee can see details like dob, nationality, passport, profession, and salary record.
  • All the pages and information of the UAE labor contract can be also seen.
  • After selecting view "labor contract". You can read the labor contract directly or you can also download it.



After being accepted by any company or office in UAE. Do not sign the UAE labor contract without thinking and understanding the agreement nicely. For checking the UAE labor contract install the MOHRE app or go to the website. Follow the above-mentioned steps. To check your UAE labor contract via MOHRE. You should know your DOB, Nationality, Passport details as well as labor card details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you have a free zone work permit or visa. Then you can not register or check the labor contract in UAE through the MOHRE website. To check labor contract details through the MOHRE website, one has to work under MOHRE. You will have to visit the authority of your company to check the labor contract.

Yes, you can check the labor contracts in UAE online. But you will also have to share other information besides your passport number. That includes labor card number, dob, and nationality.

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