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UAE Visa Extension for Divorced Women

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UAE issues and provides work permits or UAE residence visas to foreign nationals. Foreign citizens planning for a more extended stay or to get settled in the UAE can apply for a UAE residence visa. The family's head, husband, or father often sponsors their spouse. Suppose the male head or husband of the woman dies during their stay in UAE on a residence visa. Then, women do women have to leave the country immediately if their residence or relevant visa is about to expire? Similarly, divorced women do not have to leave the UAE immediately. Widowed and divorced women can stay in UAE for a little longer.

The woman is residing in UAE with her husband on a residence visa. The government or immigration department provides special services for UAE visa extensions for divorced women and widowed women. The UAE visa extension for divorced and widowed women can last one year. It means that the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in UAE provides a one-year extension of the residence permit validity. This new and latest rule is enforced especially for divorced and widowed women. The children of the widowed or divorced women can also stay and will be given a one-year extension. The new law passed by the UAE government will help foreign widows and divorcees manage their residence visa status.

Generally, any applicant applying for a UAE visa extension or renewal can only be done with the help of sponsors. But, The UAE residence visa can be extended without a sponsor according to the rule enforced by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs for divorced and widowed women. Women can sponsor themselves for UAE residence visa extensions if no males are in the family. Widowed or divorced women can support their children too.


UAE visa extension starting period

The UAE visa extension period for UAE residence visa renewal begins when the woman's husband dies or from their divorce date. The extension can only happen if the residence visa of the husband was valid during the divorce. The UAE extension visa period will not remain valid for more than one year. And it does not require a replacement sponsor. This rule will only provide a one-time extension. Foreign nationals can only renew it once.

Processing time of UAE visa extension for divorced women

For divorced women, the processing time for a residence visa extension will not take more than two days. 

Procedure for divorced women to renew or apply for UAE visa extension

Divorced or windowed women can apply for a visa extension from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs.

  • Divorced or widowed women must complete and submit a UAE visa extension application form.
  • Submit documents and the required fee.
  • If the authority considers the applicant eligible, they will get a one-year extension.

Fee- If you are applying for one year UAE visa extension, it will cost AED 100.

        If the divorce foreign national cancels her UAE visa, it will cost AED 100.


Documents Required

  • Valid UAE residence visa
  • Divorce certificate and death certificate (of the spouse)
  • Women are applying for a one-year extension under a divorce or widowed UAE visa extension. She has to provide evidence that she can support her family financially.

Eligibility criteria and requirements

  • If the applicant applies for an extension with an invalid visa, the widowed or divorced woman may not be considered eligible.
  • The husband should sponsor the divorced women's visa.
  • It is necessary to provide proof of divorce or death, either a divorce certificate or a death certificate.
  • Applicants will need to show health insurance cards to the authority as per their request.
  • Applicants should have proper proof or verification of a house or accommodation availability.
  • A medical fitness certificate for women and children 18 years and above is necessary.
  • A tenancy agreement in the mother's name of the children.



The divorced women can stay in the United Arab Emirates after the authority accepts their request for a one-year residence visa extension. The UAE visa extension for divorced and widowed women will not charge fines and penalties for one year. This new Immigration rule for divorced women provides extra time for them. Divorce or widows will get time to settle and obtain UAE Work Permit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, divorce women can stay in UAE for one year after applying for a UAE visa extension. It can be done and application can be submitted without a sponsor.

Yes, a divorce women need to present a divorce certificate as proof for a residence visa extension.

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