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Information About UAE 5 Year Tourist Visa in 2024

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A tourist visa can be obtained for people travelling for tourism and is available for all citizens worldwide. A tourist visa can be obtained for people travelling for tourism and is available for all citizens worldwide. A UAE tourist visa is only for people who are not eligible for the “UAE Visa on arrival”, or people who do not qualify for “Visa-free entry” into the country females below 18 or minors can’t apply for a tourist visa. One condition is attached to it if they are travelling with their parents. There was another resolution passed in the year 2018, July. That the children who are travelling with their parents and are below the age of 18 years. They can get visa-free entry into the country or are not eligible for the visa. This scheme is only active from 15 July to 15 September every year.

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What is a UAE 5-year multi-entry visa?

There is a new scheme that is launched for all citizens all over the world that allows citizens from any country to enter the country and they can re-enter the country. The five-year UAE multiple-entry visa enables tourists from all over the world to re-enter the country multiple times. This self-sponsored trip allows the tourist to enter the country for 60 days on every visit.  

This can be extended for another 60 days; they must reach the immigration office for a visa extension. This is the most suited for tourists worldwide as they allow multiple entries in the country.

Validity of the tourist visa 

This depends on what type of plan the person has taken for the visa. The visa for UAE can be issued for 30 days or 60 days; this is the single entry visa and multiple entry visa. This enables tourists to visit and re-enter the country for a certain period. It is a self-sponsored trip, and they can enter the country for 60 days on every visit.  

This can be extended for 60 days or done by visiting the immigration office for a visa extension.

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Tourist visas from hotels and agencies  

The tourist visa can be obtained from licensed travel agents and hotels in UAE. They can arrange the tourist visa for the person travelling to UAE; one condition is attached: the person must book the air tickets from them and continue the hotel booking with them.  

It is essential that the tourist needs to check that the person they are booking their tickets is authentic and they have permission for the same. This can be done through the local travel agent, who is licensed for the same. The tourist must check the travel agent's connection with the UAE and their immigration office. The travel agents must send you a copy of the official documents to the immigration office. There are specific complaints by the person travelling to the UAE that their travel agent has taken the money and never contacted them again.  

Steps to Apply for the Five-Year Visa  

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Specific steps need to be followed by the tourist for the five-year tourist visa.

  • Upload the application

The tourist needs to upload the application that will include the name, service and beneficiary details and address in which they are staying UAE. They are also required to submit the lesson they are currently visiting, in their native country or from the country they are living in.

  • Passport size photograph

The tourist needs to upload a coloured photo and a passport copy, and medical insurance.

  • Bank statement

The tourist needs to show the bank statements for the last six months; this will prove that they will survive in the country and have enough funds to leave the country.

  • Amount in bank

The tourist must have a minimum balance of $ 4000 in the bank or their currencies. They must have $ 4000 or equivalent in their bank account.

  • Review the application

The tourist needs to review the application they are submitting to if there is any false or half information. Their application will be rejected.

  • Pay for the application.

The tourist must pay for the application they are applying for.

  • E-mail address

Tourist travelling to the country will get their visa through their E-mail address. So this is important to give a genuine e-mail address.

In March 2021, the UAE cabinet approved the proposal for the multiple-entry tourist visa. This was a great initiative by the government of the UAE cabinet as it will increase business and tourism in the country.

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