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How to Get a Freezone Visa in UAE

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The Freezone visa in UAE is mainly obtained for conducting business or investment. The United Arab Emirates is not only the best country for tourism but also the best destination for investors or business people. The free zone areas in the United Arab Emirates provide facilities and services regarding business for foreign nationals. Foreign nationals, business people, and investors willing to expand their business must obtain a license for a free zone area in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign nationals willing to do trade or investment can apply for permits. After receiving or securing UAE free zone license, foreign nationals should acquire a UAE Freezone Visa.

Free Zone areas are special economic and business zones for foreign nationals. The UAE government established it intending to provide tax and customs duty benefits to foreign investors and business people. The free zone visa in UAE will make installing startups and operating businesses very easy. The free zones in the United Arab Emirates provide plenty of options and opportunities for business. There are around 45 free zones in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign nationals are interested in initiating work regarding business in the free zone. Then, they should obtain a valid UAE Freezone visa, which is also required for employment and extended stay.


Advantages of Freezone Visa in UAE

The UAE free zone visa provides numerous advantages to enterprises which are:

  • Foreign nationals establishing or expanding their work in UAE free zone do not have to worry about income tax. The free area in the United Arab Emirates usually provides a tax exemption facility.
  • A well-developed infrastructure to support foreign startups and businesses.
  • The stable economic climate in free zone areas for businesses.
  • Complete ownership of the business, company, or organization to foreign nationals.
  • Services to support import and export from outside and inside the nation.

Validity of Freezone Visa in UAE

The stay validity of a UAE-free zone visa for foreign investors or business people is three years. At the end of the three-year validity duration, the applicant should renew it on time to continue working in Freezone. 


Steps to apply for UAE Freezone Visa

Foreign nationals have to complete specific procedures to obtain a UAE-free zone visa.

1. E-Channel Services

Registration for E-Channel services is the very first step applicant will need to follow to apply for a free zone visa in UAE. The applicant should log in to E-Channel services with the help of their typing agent. The applicant can also use a free zone agent to register their business or company for online registration. The UAE free zone visa applicant must pay the deposit and registration charges.

Registration fee-  AED 2500

Deposit charges- AED 5000

After completing the registration process, the applicant will get a notification or message through their email ID.

2. Employment visa

Obtaining a UAE employment visa is the second step. The employment visa is also referred to as an Entry permit. The entry permit will stay effective for 60 days in UAE free zone. Applicants should avoid not to leave the country after submitting their entry permit application in UAE. Because irregular travel outside the UAE after application submission may prolong the procedure. Applicant Employment visa or entry permit will be emailed to them.

Entry permit fee- AED 1000

3. Status change

Applicants should activate or shift the status of their entry permit. This step is also called the status adjustment of the entry permit. Applicant can start their entry permit from the immigration department. This phase is the easiest path but can only be done if the applicant is in UAE. Give your passport to the immigration officer for stamping. It will not take more time than five days.

Status change fee- AED 750

An applicant is adjusting the status of an entry permit from outside the country. This can be done by entering and exiting the UAE. The applicant will need to visit the immigration department at the airport to activate their entry permit. Applicants can also complete the process by leaving and entering the United Arab Emirates through borders. The best option is to apply for a status change while the applicant is in UAE, as only a few nations can obtain it outside the country.


4. Medical test

Pass the medical fitness test, which includes a blood test and an x-ray of the chest. 

5. Emirates ID registration

Applicants should apply for Emirates ID registration after passing the medical test to check for infectious diseases. It is essential because foreign nationals will be required to open accounts in banks, agreements, etc. 

6. Residence Visa

 Apply for a UAE residence visa for the free zone. Applicants can apply for UAE residency visas in the UAE Free Zones in various ways. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs issues the UAE Residence Visa. A free zone will usually sponsor the residence visa. 


Applicants can obtain their three years Freezone visa in UAE for initiating new startups, businesses, and other related work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ajman Media City in UAE is one of the least expensive free zones.

In Dubai at least 30 free zones have been established for foreign nationals.

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