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MOFA Attestation in the United Arab Emirates

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The MOFA attestation services are one of the essential document verification services the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides. 

The MOFA attestation is one of the essential services the attesting authority uses to verify the authenticity of the documents they receive. The MOFA also provides attestation services for all different kinds of papers.

If you are an ex-pat living in the United Arab Emirates, you might have come across the concept of a MOFA attestation. This guide will look at the steps involved in a MOFA attestation.

What is MOFA attestation?

A MOFA attestation or a Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is a certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a country that certifies that a person is a citizen of that country. 

In the UAE, an MOFA attestation is a certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE to a citizen of the UAE who is going to travel to a foreign country for a business trip or a job. This certificate certifies that the person is a UAE citizen and can travel to a foreign country. Moreover, this certificate is issued to the person's family in the UAE. This certificate is also given to any UAE citizen travelling to a country where his name will be registered with immigration.


What is the process involved in a MOFA attestation?

In the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is responsible for issuing a certificate of no criminal record from each emirate. 

Residents of the UAE who have finished their education abroad must get the MOFA Attestations. The process of attestation is to confirm that the documents that have been submitted are original and that the specified authority issues them. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does the attestation. A guarantor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp, and confirmation are required for this attestation. 

The MOFA certificate is a single-page document that certifies that you have no convictions in your home country. 

What kinds of documents can be verified with a MOFA attestation?

MOFA attestation is verifying the validity of a document prepared at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE. The attestation offers an additional guarantee to foreign government agencies, institutions, and educational institutions that the documents are valid and have been prepared according to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs rules. The attestation is also called a "MOFA Certificate", "MOFA Certificate of Authenticity", or "MOFA Certificate of Origin". MOFA attestation can be applied to the following documents:

  • Education, employment, salary certificate, IT, medical, property, police clearance, court affidavit, NOC, certificates of incorporation, etc.
  • All documents have been certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
  • Certificates verified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation are accepted worldwide.
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the UAE is essential for applying for immigration, visas, financial aid approvals, etc.


Why is the MOFA attestation meaningful?

MOFA attestation in the UAE is a mandatory requirement for employers and employees to sponsor and send their employees to work in the UAE. MOFA attestation is a verification procedure reported by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a mandatory procedure that has to be followed when applying for a job in one of the government sectors in the UAE. To get your MOFA attestation, you must register online and submit all the necessary documents.

Which documentation is required for the MOFA attestation?

MOFA Attestation is the licensing of documents issued by UAE government officials by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They include diplomas, certificates, birth, marriage, or death certificates that can also be attested when necessary. The MOFA Attestation is required to issue visas to the applicants. 

If the documents are already processed in the UAE, it takes only two papers for MOFA attestation in Dubai. If you need to get an attestation for MOFA Dubai, you have to provide an original document and a photocopy. 

Also, it would be best to authenticate it by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs; otherwise, you can not get an attestation for MOFA Dubai in any other country. It is only permitted in the country where the paperwork is processed. However, the MOFA Attestation Process has several stages, such as; 

  • Attestation of the end documents 
  • Attestation of the supporting documents 
  • The entire package has been attested to.
  • Attestation of all packages of the applicant



MOFA attestation in the UAE is one of the essential things that you must accomplish if you wish to relocate there. Moreover, the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is represented as MOFA. They are the ones who will provide you with the visa, and the visa will be provided according to your profession. Besides that, you would need to get your documents certified by the MOFA. The documents that must be attested are different according to the country you are coming from.

In the UAE, MOFA attestation is validating papers issued by the UAE Federal Authority. This procedure allows businesses to gain access to the UAE market. 

We hope this post helps to understand the procedure of MOFA attestation in the UAE, but if you have any doubts, you can take the guide from here.

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