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abu dhabis new covid rule

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Abu Dhabi comprises 80% of the United Arab Emirates and is the top travel destination for travelers who want to indulge in the natural islands and luxury resorts. The city is just a 20 minute's drive from Dubai and was also named the safest city in the world recently.

You can enjoy the perfect desert environment when you visit this country. The city, however, announced new regulations regarding the ongoing pandemic. There are certain things that you need to know about Abu Dhabi’s new COVID rule. Read this article till the end to know more about Abu Dhabi border rules today. 


The new guidelines by the government amended the present rules regarding the same. It amended the testing regulations and also reduced the quarantine period for travelers. All tourism and economic activities will resume in this emirate. The early precautionary measures will be optimized to help control the spread of the virus. Many of the restrictions were already relaxed beforehand in malls, Ferrari world, and other places. The tourism sector was limited and heavily controlled due to the onset of the virus. Abu Dhabi is now planning to reopen tourism fully. The restrictions on the spas, live events, public parks, and seating areas are to be lifted.

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If you want to enter Abu Dhabi, you will have to present a negative corona test. The test should be done either by PCR or DPI.

The result that the visitor provides for the Abu Dhabi entry COVID test must be received within 48 hours by him or her.

And now, the PCR test must be received by the visitor 78 hours before he or she presents that before the border authorities.


Every single individual who wants to enter the country and leave is needed to undertake the subsequent testing positively via PCR for the Abu Dhabi border test.

Earlier, the PCR test was done on day 4, and then on day 8 again. Day one was counted on the first day of the entry. The subsequent testing has to be done on 4, 8, and 12, consecutive days as long as he or she is willing to stay.

And now, the PCR tests have to be conducted only on day 6. Day one is calculated on the basis of the date that the traveler stepped into the country.


All visitors who are traveling internationally have to abide by the quarantine rules.

Earlier, the quarantine period in Abu Dhabi was for 14 days. The COVID PCR was to be done on day 12 after arrival. The first day of arrival is marked as day one.

Now, the quarantine period is set up as 10 days. The PCR is to be done on day 6 if the visitor intends to stay in the country for six more days. The PCR is to be done on day 12 again if he or she intends to stay in the country for 12 consecutive days or more in the city.

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What are the exemptions?

The countries that are included in the green list are exempt from this quarantine period. The official list of the green countries was published on December 22 which named a total of 16 countries. The countries include:

  •         Brunei
  •         Australia
  •         Greece
  •         Greenland
  •         China
  •         Malaysia
  •         Hong Kong
  •         Mauritius
  •         Saudi Arabia
  •         Singapore
  •         New Zealand
  •         Taiwan
  •         Tajikistan
  •         Uzbekistan
  •         Thailand
  •         Vietnam


According to the abu Dhabi border restrictions latest news, the citizens who come from countries that are not mentioned in the green list have to meet these requirements:

  •         They will have to provide a negative PCR result before they step into the country.
  •         The visitors are requested to check the requirements for their country beforehand. Depending upon their country of origin, they will have to provide the result that was carried out between 48, 72, or 96 hours.
  •         Once the foreign visitor enters the city, the medical authorities will conduct another PCR test after the passengers have left the flight.

The passengers are made to wear a wristband during their quarantine period. After the negative PCR result is shown to the authorities after 10 days they can remove the wristband by the authorities.

However, there are no updates on the Abu Dhabi border restrictions latest news. Just anyone entering the city must provide a negative COVID result before 48 hours. And then all the other steps should be done as per the new rules and regulations.

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There are several reasons why you should be visiting Abu Dhabi- the perfect emirate city. Go through the list below to find out on your own:

  •         Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: this place is the true reflection of Arabian architecture. If you are really into history and architecture, you must visit this mosque.
  •         See the Louvre Abu Dhabi: This is a new attraction which is situated on Saadiyat island. It is also the first museum of the Arab world.
  •         Enjoy luxury in a private marina: the most luxurious thing you can do here is to visit the Emirates palace. At night, the lighting of this hotel changes to a rainbow over the central zone.
  •         See the national bird of UAE closely: the falcon hospital is the best place to observe these legendary birds. It is also the world’s most advanced and largest falcon hospital.
  •         Discover a historic oasis city: Al Ain is a world heritage site and a historic oasis city that you can fully enjoy. The al jahili fort is also one of the most iconic places to visit in the city.
  •         Enjoy wildlife safari: you can also enjoy and have some adventure in the wildlife safari at sir bani Yas island in Abu Dhabi. There are more than 10000 free-roaming animals and it is an experience that you would not like to miss out on.

There are a lot of things that you can enjoy in this city. And now with the more improved Abu Dhabi’s new COVID rule, the process is even easier and less time taking.

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