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How to Check Emirates ID Status in 2024

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The identifier for services provided by the government or non-government organizations. You can't buy anything online if you don't have a credit card, which is extremely important in the UAE. The question “How to check Emirates ID Status”. You will be fined if you do not renew your ID within 30 days of its expiration date. If you have applied for a new ID card or your current one has expired, you can check the Emirates Id status online from your phone or computer to see whether the application is in progress or has been approved; or whether there is an objection to the application.

What is Emirates ID, and how does it work?

Any UAE resident is required to have an Emirates ID. It's given to you after your resident visa is stamped in your passport, and it's suitable for the same time as your visa. 


Under your visa, you can sponsor dependents. Emirates IDs are used for a variety of purposes, including:

⦁ Applying for various government services, such as DEWA, and so on.
⦁ Under your visa, you can sponsor dependents.
⦁ Getting an apartment to rent
⦁ Using the e-gates at UAE airports for immigration

How to check Emirates ID Status in the UAE?

  1. Go to, the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) webpage. A section named the Check ID status menu option is on the first page's right side.
  2. Enter your Application Number (without the hyphen) or Emirates ID number.
  3. A popup box showing the application status will display.


Renewal of Emirates ID:

  • After your ID has expired, the government gives you a 30-day grace period to renew it. Late renewal fees will apply if you refuse to do so.
  • You will also receive an SMS from the government reminding you to Emirates Id Renewal in 2021.
  • You must complete an application form and pay fees to renew your license.
  • Because the biometric data was taken during the first ID card processing, you will not need to update it.
  • The application for ID renewal will be required for visa renewal. If a mainland corporation issued your visa, you must submit it to the free zone where it was obtained or to the Customs authority (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs).
  • The ID will be issued and sent to an Emirates Post branch once the visa has been renewed.

Documents necessary for the renewal of an Emirates ID:

For ex-pats, the emirates id renewal check Emirates ID Status is relatively minimal, with a processing period of less than an hour. For ex-pats in Dubai, see the documents necessary for emirates id renewal. The essential factor is the cost of renewing an Emirates ID. It is important to note that this depends on the renewal period's length.

  • Application for an Emirates ID card (online or from Emirates centres)
  • Original passport with a valid expiration date
  • A unique family book

What should I do if I misplace my Emirates ID?

First and foremost, you must deactivate the Emirates ID before using it for an extended period. Individuals who lost their Emirates ID should apply for a recovery ID to fix the same ID number as soon as possible. To complete this procedure, obtain the certificate's stamped file corresponding to the ID number. When completing this process, you must carry the original ID proof to confirm your identity. It's available at any Emirates ID servicing centre. 
Now you must fill out the blank form as a subject by indicating that you are replacing or retrieving a lost card at any Emirates Authority centre. This can be done through the official website. Emirates will demand you to show the relevant passport valid details and the family book for the verification process. GCC nationals, on the other hand, will produce proof in the form of a commercial license, a job certificate, a legal marriage contract, and other documents. The most important thing to remember is that children under 15 must have a passport-sized photo taken with a white backdrop.


What is the time frame for renewing an Emirates ID?

The UAE's processing time for an Emirates Id Renewal card or a renewal application is short. Usually, within 3 to 7 days, your card will arrive at your home or place of business. If there is an issue with your documents, the processing time is 10 days.

Renewal of UAE ID online Steps to take:

⦁ Submit your renewal UAE Visa ID application.
⦁ Pay the necessary fees
⦁ If necessary, update the biometrics
⦁ Include the entire residency procedure.
⦁ Once you've entered all of your information and documents, waiting up to one week for your ID card to arrive at your home or company address is fine.
The process of obtaining an Emirates ID is simple. It is completed concurrently with the processing of your visa. If you have an employment visa, your employer will usually apply for you. Suppose you have a freelancing UAE Visa Online or own a business. In that case, you can apply or engage a business setup advisory company to assist you with the paperwork and errands.

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