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When you plan a trip anywhere abroad, there are certain basic things that anybody searches for with reference to their trip or travel plan. It is always good to know about every little detail. Similarly, if you are anytime planning a trip to UAE, it is a must for you to have details about UAE Visa, the process for applying for a visa online, UAE Visa Status, and other related UAE visa information.

It is not as confusing as it sounds. Once you begin with it you will have a better understanding. Knowledge never goes waste, so let’s see further the basic information related to UAE visas.

Is the visa needed to travel to UAE?

While traveling anywhere out of the country, a visa is mandatory. A visa is an official document that permits you to enter a foreign land. If you are traveling to UAE then you must obtain a visa unless you belong to a country that is exempted from a visa. Tourists from exempted countries are eligible for visas on arrival.

  1. Visa-free entry: If you are a citizen of Gulf Cooperation Council countries, you do not need a visa or any sponsorship by a resident of UAE. You will only have to submit your GCC country passport along with your national ID card at the entry point.
  2. Visa on Arrival: There are certain countries that are eligible for UAE visas on arrival as well.
  • 30 Days (Visa on arrival): No prior visa arrangement is needed to enter the land of the UAE. A visa is easily obtained on arrival. The visa is issued for 30 days along with a grace extension of 10 days.
  • 90 Days (Visa on arrival): Tourist does not need to apply for prior visas. Visas can be obtained on arrival for 90 days.

What are the various types of visas for the UAE?

UAE visas have various subcategories under them. You can select the one that is applicable to you accordingly.

  • UAE Business Visa: Foreign countries can utilize this visa and get a long-term visa issued for them and other dependents. UAE has been a boon to new business opportunities. A lot of new and growing business that has planned for expansion has further planned to expand their business on the land of UAE too. Becoming a hub for new business and opportunities will help UAE to increase its economic growth. Any entrepreneur or company can apply for a UAE business visa.
  • UAE Tourist Visa: For tourist who is not from countries who are eligible for a visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry will have to apply for a UAE tourist visa for their visit. Tourist visa has a few limitations as well. If any female who is below 18 years of age cannot apply for this visa for traveling alone. They need to be accompanied by their parents. Tourists can apply for this visa from anywhere around the world.
  • UAE Service Visa: If you are planning to travel to the UAE for 14 days then you can apply for a service visa. Those who are visiting UAE for commercial purposes may also apply.
  • UAE Visa for Patients and their companion ( Entry permit): As the name suggests this visa is applicable for those patients who are visiting UAE for treatment. They will be needing a letter from the concerned hospital that they will be taking treatment.

For medical permits also there are two varieties

  1. Single entry permit for 90 days
  2. Multiple entry permit 
  • UAE Visa for GCC countries: The residents of GCC countries will have to apply for a visa online. This has to be done before arriving in UAE. The entry permit is applicable for 30 days. They can extend the permit for another 30 days.
  • UAE Student visa: This visa is applicable to any student who is planning to study in colleges or universities in UAE. The only criteria are the student must be of at least 18 years of age.
  • UAE Transit Visa: You need a transit visa if you are eligible for a visa on arrival or visa-free entry. UAE Transit Visa is issued for 48 hours or 96 hours.

How to apply for Visa?

You can Apply for UAE Visa online and offline as well. UAE Visa Online offers a convenient and comfortable visa service to the tourist at the comfort of their home. They can apply for a visa online through the portal of UAE visa online. UAE visa online offers hassle-free booking and experience by just following 5 easy steps -

  • Choose your living and  citizenship country
  • Select the valid type of visa
  • Fill in the Application Form on the online portal
  • Pay the relevant visa fee
  • Track status of your Visa and download

What are the basic requirements for applying for UAE Visa?

While applying for a visa you will have to ensure that you have the below-listed thing in place for the smooth processing of the application.

  • Passport: The passport is a must for applying for a UAE visa online. The minimum validity of the passport must be for six months.
  • Flight bookings of both sides: Before applying for a visa online you have to ensure that you have your flight booking ready as these details will be needed while filling out the application form.
  • Hotel booking details: Apart from flight booking detail, you will also have to upload a copy of your hotel booking of where you will be staying during your visit to the UAE.
  • Relative contact detail: You will have to provide residential proof of your relative residing in UAE in case you plan to stay over at their place during a visit to UAE.
  • Copy of bio page of passport: You will have to upload online a properly scanned copy of your bio page in your passport while filling in the application form.
  • Passport size photography: The photograph background must preferably be white as that will look more formal and decent. You will have to upload this towards the end of your application.

How is the visa received?

After you have finished filling out your application form and have received your application ID against the same, you can use this id by clicking on the link - Feed in the detail and you will be able to check your visa status. Once the visa is approved it can be downloaded online and the same will be emailed too.

If you have reached the end of this article then you are good to go. You can now plan your trip to UAE.


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