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How to Check Visa Cancellation Status in UAE

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UAE visa is issued to foreign citizens not eligible for visa-free entry for tourism, business, visit, employment, work, etc. Planning a tour to UAE is an excellent idea as it is listed as one of the safest countries with beautiful tourist spots. After COVID, the UAE government allows tourists to visit the country with certain limitations like COVID vaccination. Entering the territory of the UAE is only possible after the approval of the immigration officers or respective authorities. An ordinary UAE visa for tourists allows a stay of 30 days. 

UAE Visa Cancellation

Tourists sometimes will not get entry into the country if their UAE visa is not approved. Applicants' "UAE visa cancellation" may cause trouble and unwanted problems in your journey. The immigration officer only allows the visitor at the immigration points with an approved and valid UAE visa. Therefore, before starting the tour to UAE, foreign nationals must ensure they have valid UAE visas during their travel.


How to Check My Visa Cancellation Status in UAE Online

For, Checking the UAE visa cancellation status or UAE visa approval status on the UAE government online portal. The FAIC (Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship) of the United Arab Emirates runs this official online website. The ICA innovative services are the online portal where applicants and visitors can check the "Visa Cancellation Status in UAE Online" quickly. The status of visa cancellation can be checked online. And the applicant does not need to visit the UAE embassy or other immigration points to check validity and quality. The steps visitor for UAE visa cancellation are:

  • Open the ICA innovative services website.
  • The portal may open in the Arabic language. But, applicants can change the language of the portal. You will have to select the English language.
  • Tourists or residents should choose the "residence" or "visa" on the first page. The applicant who wants to check UAE visa status should select the "visa" button. At the same time, applicants willing to suspend their UAE residence visa should choose the "residence" button.
  • The next step for checking UAE visa cancellation status, the applicant should look for a "passport information" button. 
  • Type your national passport details, like your passport ID number with the expiry date of the passport.
  • Applicant should select their Nationality or citizenship by scrolling down. 
  • Write the exact and correct letter written in Captcha. And click on the "search" button to get details.

The results will only be displayed for the UAE visa status if the Captcha written is correct. And the passport ID number, Nationality, and expiry date are not incorrect. Additional details like UAE visa type, applicant's full name, UAE visa expiry date, and the UAE visa number will also be displayed. The information will be provided to the applicant or foreign national regarding their UAE visa validity and UAE visa cancellation status. 


Documents Required to Check UAE Visa Status Online

  • Passport- The most crucial document you will need for studying the UAE visa cancellation status online is a passport. Although a hard copy or original passport is not required. You must have scanned images or a photocopy of your passport. Write down passport information to obtain information regarding the status of your UAE visa.
  • Internet- As you will be checking UAE visa cancellation status online, the Internet is required. 

Reasons for cancellation of UAE visa

  • The information written on the UAE visa application form is incorrect.
  • If you have used an invalid and old passport to obtain a UAE visa.
  • If you do not fulfil the documents and eligibility criteria for a UAE visa.

UAE Visa Application Form Status

Tourist from foreign countries generally applies for UAE visa online. The form for a travel document or e-Visa to UAE is available on a UAE visa online. Cancelling the UAE application form will ultimately result in the cancellation of the UAE visa. This means that your entry request or visa to UAE is rejected. 

  • The status of the UAE e-Visa application form can be checked online.
  • You will need to type the UAE visa application form ID number.



Tourists and visitors can quickly check their "UAE visa cancellation status" by entering their passport details. If the UAE visa is cancelled, then the tourist can apply for the visa again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone willing to check the status of a UAE visa can track it online on the government website of FAIC. The visa validity details of the UAE visa can also be checked.

You will just need your passport and proper internet network for checking the UAE visa cancelation status online. 

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