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What is the UAE visa policy?

The dazzling UAE is always an amazing ball for the world. It always makes zillion eyeballs to drool over its beauty and magnificence. Being filled with an abundance of sparkling beauty and colours, it has made to the utmost level of flourishing tourism with each passing year.

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a federation of 7 states that have been the powerful bond to portray one of the Middle East's most important economic centres. Being known for the tallest building of the globe known as Burj Khalifa. The list of these skyrocketing creations is touching fathoms. UAE includes marvels to be adorned with love. Every traveller visiting UAE must visit the largest natural flower garden which is immensely stunning to gaze for hours and hangout- Dubai Miracle Garden, the ultimate gold beauty and fine marble work in Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, The Palm Islands and much more. 

Have you ever dreamt of visiting these wonders? Guess what? You are just a Visa away from them! You need to know beforehand that which countries are eligible to get UAE visa  and which aren't. 


About UAE Visa

Desiring to visit the wonders of UAE? Dive in to know more about UAE Visa. 

1. For legal entry into any city, you need a legitimate passport and visa.

2. There are multiple types of visas such as 14 days tourist visa, 48 hours transit visa, 96 hours transit visa, 30 days tourist visa, 90 days tourist visa.

3. You can also have a single entry or a multiple entry visa too.

4. Are you a national of Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans, Mauritians, or Tunisians? The minimum age requirement for a visa is 40. But if you are a national of other countries the minimum age requirement to apply for the UAE visa is 21 for Males and 23 for Females.

Benefits of applying for UAE Visa through UAE Visa Online?

1. The platform is super convenient and easy to use.

2. It has easy navigation and working throughout.

3. Just follow the super easy three steps and you are good to go.

4. The Traveler Visa can be obtained from the eligible individual tourists from all across the world. 

5. All the females below the age of 18 years are strictly not eligible to get a UAE Visa unless they are accompanied by an elder person.

6. Remember- The UAE embassy doesn’t issue tourist visas. So, you can easily follow our steps and apply for the same, hustle free.


Brief three steps to Apply for UAE Visa Online

Step a: Fill the UAE Visa Application

1. You have to choose your living and citizenship country.

2. Then you have to choose your type of visa.

3. After choosing you to have to fill the application form.

4. Then finally upload your documents.

Step b: Pay Visa Fee

1. Select the payment mode.

2. Pay the visa fees using PayPal/Credit Card/ Debit Card.

3. After payment, you'll receive a payment confirmation mail and application ID.

Step c: Get your e-Visa

1. With our platform, you can easily track your UAE visa status online.

2. Once your visa is approved, Voila! You can download it.

3. And finally, verify the visa and you are good to fly.

Don’t forget to verify that is your country eligible to get the UAE visa or not?


Types of Visas in UAE

So, basically, there is 7 type of visas which are issued by the government. All of them have some basic differences which you need to know about their purpose and understand the working. Your choice of the visa completely depends on the objective with which you are visiting UAE.

1. 30-day Tourist Visa: This is applicable for tourists as the name clearly explains. If you are visiting UAE for leisure purposes, this visa is applicable to you. It basically has the validity of 58 days from the date of its issue and it grants the holder of the visa an entry permit of 30 days to visit UAE. You only need to require this type of visa if you are a national of a country that doesn't have a visa n arrival arrangement with UAE or if your country isn't there in the free visa entry category.

2. 90-day Tourist Visa: This is also a tourist visa that is issued to you either for 30 days or 90 days, which depends on your travel plan in UAE. This also gives you the option of a single entry or a multiple entry visa for 90 days. So, you can accordingly choose among them accordingly to the course of your travel plan.

3. Service Visa or 14 Days Visa: Are you planning to stay in UAE for 14 days? With that, your return tickets(confirmed) or the tickets to some other destination on Emirates airlines are also planned and done? Then you got the right category. This visa is for you. If you want to visit UAE for commercial purposes or service or maybe you are a company representative, sales manager, auditor, delegate, then this type of visa is applicable for you and your family member can also get the access in the same category. 

4. Entry Permit (Patients and Companions): This visa basically is the entry permit for all the foreign patients who need to visit Dubai for the treatment. If they are sponsored by some medical hospital or organization. It depends upon the single entry (90 days permit) or multiple entries. You must plan the visa within 60 days from the issue of the permit. It can also be extended. 

5. E-Visa for the Residents from GCC: The residents of Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) and the companions with them have to procure the visa of UAE by applying online. If you are the resident of the same, you must make this arrangement before going to the UAE. It has the validity of 30 days and the permission to stay in UAE for 30 days from the day you step in UAE. But remember, if you are thinking to extend this permit, unfortunately, you can't do so. It can only be in the case of companions, but only till 30 to 60 days.

6. Transit Visa: This type of Visa basically includes two further divisions- 48 hours visa and a 96-hour visa. But you need to make sure that it is sponsored by the Dubai based airlines. And remember that it doesn't have extension permission, thus, it is a non-extendable visa.

7. Student Visa: Are you an aspiring student who is looking for the opportunity to study in the colleges and universities in UAE. So, basically, this visa is applicable for 1 year and this visa renewal is required upon developing the proof that the individual will be continuing education in UAE. 

This is all the run-through majorly you got to know. You can also scroll through the FAQ for more knowledge.



Q. How does an entry permit differ from the residence visa?

A. The Entry permit basically refers to permission by the Government of UAE for a specific purpose and time period. Moreover, resident visa, on the other hand, is issued to those people who have foreign nationality and are already living in UAE on the basis of the entry permit for continuing their living continuity.

Q. What is the time duration of procuring a visa?

A. It basically takes time accordingly to the situation if all your documents and information are duly submitted. The estimated is within 4 working days.

Q. How will the visa authority send me my visa?

A. The Visa Authority will send you the visa via email id that you registered in the application form of visa. 

Q. Is it necessary to get a visa for my children or infant?

A. Yes, according to the UAE law all the individuals whether adults, children, or infants must have a visa.

Q. Can I cancel my UAE visa?

A. No, the UAE embassy doesn’t cancel your visa. The only person who can do so is the sponsor of your visa. And moreover, in case you won’t be issued a new UAE visa until your previous UAE visa is not cancelled and then moreover, you cant visit UAE

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