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How to Apply UAE Visa for Nigerian Citizens in 2024

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A UAE visa for Nigerian nationals is needed. Nigerian citizens living in India and planning to visit the United Arab Emirates can only apply for visas from India. Nigerian residents residing anywhere in the world can obtain their UAE tourist visa to visit the Emirates. The UAE visa for Nigerian citizens is not issued after arriving at the airport or is not eligible for visa-free entry into UAE. Nigerian nationals travelling to the United Arab Emirates for tourism, leisure, or vacations can enter the country by applying for a UAE tourist visa online from India. Nigerians are visiting UAE for work, business, employment, etc.

UAE e-Visa for Nigerian nationals

The UAE e-Visa for Nigerian nationals is the tourist entry permit issued to Nigerians for tourism purposes. This electronic visa or tourist permit card allows passport holders of Nigeria to visit UAE for a short duration. The UAE visa for Nigerian nationals is available online but only for leisure. The government or immigration policy of the UAE initiated the UAE e-Visa rules for many nations worldwide, including Nigeria. 


Nigerian citizens can apply for UAE e-Visa for the following reasons:

  • For visiting the UAE only for a short and limited time.
  • Suppose they are crossing the borders to explore tourist places in the United Arab Emirates. If the Nigerian national plans to visit UAE for a Hajj pilgrimage, they should apply for a Hajj visa.
  • They will not enter the UAE twice or more on a single entry visa.
  • Visitors should follow other rules and regulations formulated due to COVID. The restrictions regarding Covid 19 might vary. Therefore, Nigerians should keep checking new covid 19 entry requirements.

Tourist visa online validity for Nigerian nationals- UAE e-Visa may differ between 14 to 60 days. The UAE visa online site provides 60 days, 30 days, and a concise 14 days visa to Nigerians. The UAE visa validity for Nigerian nationals will be 180 days, 60 days, or 58 days respectively. Nigerians are willing to visit UAE for more than one onconcedays or 180 days, whi, which applies to multiple entry UAE tourist visas online.

Documents for the UAE eVisa for Nigerian Nationals

The document and requirements must be completed to apply for UAE e-Visa for Nigerians:

  • Nigerian passport- Even Nigerian nationals applying for UAE e-Visa from India should upload their Nigerian passport to their application form. Nigerian citizens applying for a UAE visa should use 6 monthly Nigerian national keys with two to three blank pages. Passports of the Nigerian nationals will be required to confirm their nationality and identity.
  • Nigerian nationals must also upload a recent, coloured, passport-size photograph with their UAE e-Visa application form.
  • Email ID- All Nigerian applicants' email ID is required to register and receive a copy of the electronic visa for UAE.
  • Credit or Debit card- Nigerian nationals must complete the online payment to submit the UAE visa application form.


Other Requirements

  • Proof of funds- A minimum of the last three months' bank statements for evidence is required to gain entry or apply for a UAE e-Visa is needed.
  • Accommodation details- All the details regarding hotel reservations or accommodation facilities for Nigerian nationals are required.
  • Flight details- Flight number, Arrival date in UAE, Return tickets from UAE.
  • For children- applicants holding Nigerian passports who are travelling with family need to submit birth certificates and consent letters for children under 18 years of age.

Application Process for the UAE eVisa for Nigerian Nationals

  • Nigerian nationals applying for an online tourist visa for UAE can visit the site UAE visa online.
  • Nigerian nationals must select their nationality and living country on the first page.
  • Then Nigerian nationals must select the UAE tourist visa type, which can be multiple entries or single entry permits.
  • Nigerian Nationals need to fill out online petitions or online UAE e-Visa forms carefully.
  • Nigerian citizens have to upload the documents needed for a UAE tourist visa or according to the purpose of their visit.
  • After this, Nigerian nationals need to pay the relevant UAE e-Visa
  • Nigerians should track their UAE online visa status to get details about their entry permit status.
  • Nigerians will contact their approved UAE e-Visa online at their email address.

UAE e-Visa Fee for Nigerian Citizens

14 days- 125.0USD

30 days- 135.0USD (single entry) or 335.0USD (multiple entries)

60 days- 400.0USD (single entry) or 800.0USD (various thresholds)



Every Nigerian needs to obtain a pre-approved or advanced valid UAE e-Visa to gain entry into the country regardless of purpose or stay duration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Nigerian Nationals have to wait for 3-4 days to obtain their valid UAE e-Visa.

Nigerian nationals need to apply for a UAE transit visa.

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