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Visas Amnesty for workers in UAE

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With its oil refineries, construction projects, etc., UAE is in constant need of a workforce, so the government has recently announced the new changes for visa amnesty for workers in UAE.

Every year, thousands of people move to the Gulf for work; this move is often illegal. Under the amnesty regulations, these illegal entries might sometimes get a status as legal residents.

UAE travel agencies cannot control This status of amnesty, which is why you will have to see an official at a consulate or bureau about it.

The visa for amnesty usually applies to workers who visit the UAE in search of non-professional jobs. They are unskilled workers who do not have to file their taxes or finances. This is how they can stay under the radar even with an expired work permit and visa.

Continue reading below to find out more about the UAE visa amnesty program.

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About Amnesty

As a general word, amnesty is generally referred to as an official pardon provided to any political offender.

Regarding visas, UAE has announced policies several times for those illegal workers who would like amnesty visas after expiry.

When a country grants these illegal immigrants legal status, it is referred to as visa amnesty for workers in UAE. Over the past ten years, the authorities in the Emirates have announced three separate plans to grant amnesty to such workers.

The last policy ended on the 30th of December 2020, after which no new announcements have been made.

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Visa Amnesty for Workers

The country of the United Arab Emirates houses roughly close to three million expatriates from the Indian diaspora itself.

If a worker has failed to get the visas renewed through a UAE travel agency or the consulate, then the amnesty visa UAE will yield some of the below-mentioned benefits for them:

  • The program pardons their overstaying in the country without pressing charges against them.
  • They are provided six months to leave the nation and find a job.
  • It facilitates a smooth and hassle-free legal return of these workers to their home countries, mainly India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.

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Work Permit Renewals

It is always better to renew your work permit on time so that you do not become an illegal worker in need of a UAE amnesty visa for workers.

Here is a list of steps you can follow to get the renewal process started:

  • Open the government-authorized website for renewal.
  • Log in to the system with the help of the issued credentials.
  • Once logged in, you will find the electronic renewal option on the home page.
  • Fill out the UAE application form with the correct information.
  • The applicant will then have to attach the required documents digitally – a copy of your residence address, a coloured photograph, and qualification documents for your position.
  • Pay the fees depending on the number of extension days and then print the receipt and wait.
  • If you get the permit renewed 59 days before the expiry, you can save yourself from having to avail of the amnesty visa in UAE.

After the work permit renewal, you will also have to get the visa extended. A travel agency such as UAE visa online can help you with the application for the visa extension process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fees for work permits in the UAE depends on the level of employment. Level A, Level B and Level C are the three levels costing AED 600, 1,500 and 2,000 respectively.

If a person has obtained a work permit for a set period of time and still continues to use that permit even after it has expired, they will be considered illegal workers and can avail of the UAE visa amnesty programme.

The amnesty period ended collectively last year on the 30th December 2020.

Initially, a travel agency like UAE visa online can help an applicant obtain a visa and after applying for it. The permit for work can only be applied for, in person once you have entered the country.

The country has announced three UAE visa amnesty programmes over the course of ten years.

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