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Looking forward to joining work in UAE? Tensed how to look for jobs in UAE? Guess what? We got you the ultimate tutorial to make your search easy and fruitful. so, let’s dive right in to know all about the job search in UAE. You can surf the jobs on various platforms like online job portals, job fairs, classifieds ads, and tieing up with the recruitment agencies. So let's see these options in detail and understand their working.

Job Portals of UAE

The job portals are basically the online portals of the companies which are hiring employees for the work accordingly. You just need to register on the portal and start your application working and research by creating your free account or signing in. but some job portals are paid for the login, so you can manage accordingly.

You just need to make sure that when you have applied for the jobs on the portals, it demands you to stay tuned and get updated for the notifications accordingly in the profile or the status of your application in the company.

These are some of the government job portals:

  • Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

  • Emirates Job Bank(EJB)

  • Tawteen Gate(Only for the UAE nationals)

  • Electronic Platform- ”Virtual Job Market”

  • iRecruitment (Abu Dhabi)

  • Dubai Careers: Dubai Government Job Portal

  • Ras Al Khaimah Government Job Portal

  • Fujairah Government Jobs

  • Recruitment platform for people of determination: Ministry of Community Development.

  • Request for the employment of the people of determination in Au Dhabi: ZHO

Searching for your jobs in the private sector? Know about these private portals:

  • Bayt

  • NaukriGulf

  • MonsterGulf

  • Gulf News Careers

  • Laimoon

Emirates Job Bank (EJB)

EJB online government job portal gives access to all the nationals of the UAE to apply directly to the jobs that they have decided to go for accordingly on the platform among the various options of government jobs on the platform. 

It was started in November 2019. From then it directed 160 entries like that of government entities, semi-government entities, federal and the local public shareholding companies. It was also directing the entries for the national bank and made them post their job vacancies through this online platform. 

Further EJB will also include the government, semi-government, and the private sector entries as well on the online platform. EJB saw its launch by H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who was the Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE and the Minister of the Presidential Affairs as a part of the implementation of Cabinet Resolution 10/1 of the year 2019.  

This Cabinet Resolution compels all the entities of the government and the private sector to prioritize and take into consideration the employment of the national of the UAE in the 160 professions targeted and eventually support the Emiratisation.

Virtual Labour Market

This new online version is launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to help all the job seekers all across the globe to apply for their job in UAE. 

  • It has the amazing feature of online registrations of CVs.

  • Also, the option by which the company announces the vacancies.

The online platform performs a brilliant task that automatically matches the job requirements announced by the UAE with your resume submitted online with its amazing AI feature. It is really helpful for the employer and the employee as well.

Job Search in UAE through Online Fairs

Online Job firs are the best opportunity for all the job seekers all across the globe to apply for jobs in the UAE. these fairs display the information which alerts all the job seekers to know about the vacancies launched by the organizations in the UAE. UAE has many job fairs online which grabs the attention of people all across the globe. 

  • These online fairs are basically helpful for all the students who have recently graduated, as they have a fresh talent and they are seeking jobs all across the platform. 

  • It is the greatest opportunity for all the recruiters and the seekers to build a good wide network online and then start researching the dimensions for their job profiles in which they want to build their careers.

  • It helps the new seekers to build their way through the competition and know more about the stuff relating to different work profiles.

  • You can surf on these job fairs in UAE:

  • eFair (Fair in Abu Dhabi)

  • Careers UAE

  • National Career Exhibition

Job Search in UAE through Classified

Classifieds are also one of the best ways to search for the jobs placed by various recruiters. It shows all the job vacancies. You can find them in every newspaper, nowadays every newspaper has this classified section which is fro all the job seekers all across the globe.

In the UAE, the languages in which the newspapers are printed and published varies accordingly. It is basically in English or Arabic as the main print language. Searching for the English Classified? Search Khaleej Times. Other classifieds are also there like Dubizzle and Waseet. 

But what if you are looking for some of the jobs outside UAE? Don’t worry you can still refer to the Classifieds or the Overseas Jobs sections in the newspaper.

Recruitment Agencies in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is the one who grants the license to all the recruiting agencies in the UAE to the nationals of UAE only. You just need to send you CVs to these agencies and they will get in touch with you if they have any suitable vacancies matching your preferences.

  • But remember one thing that you don’t have to pay any amount to any of the recruiter agency who is getting in touch with you.

  • You can search the Ministry Portal to check the validity of the agency in UAE, and you can also file a complaint against the agency if you find something fishy after they get in touch with you.

Job Search in UAE through Websites

If you want to search for your jobs in UAE, you can easily surf the websites for detailed information about the jobs. You can surf the career pages and the section on the platform of different websites and then work accordingly to your research in the profile. The main organization which announces the job vacancies to you is the Federal and Local Government Entities. You can easily surf the websites and apply for your jobs. You can also surf:

Business Directories of the UAE Government

Companies and Businesses in the UAE

Some hacks for the job search in the UAE

  • Build a super-strong CV.

  • Make that CV fully updated with all the recent achievements.

  • Be honest while filling in the details in your CV.

  • Apply on the online platform as suggested by us in the above rundown.

  • Register on the free portals.

  • Stay tuned on the mail-ids that you gave on the portals.

  • Match the domains and the organization from the applications on the online portals if they notify you.

  • You don’t have to pay for registering or applying for any of the jo that you desire.

  • As UAE is an Arabic Country, so you also should have the knowledge of the Arabic language if you opt to work in the UAE.

  • You should start learning online Arabic lectures from the online platforms so that you get on track till your job. 

  • You should know well about the work and duties of the workers there in the organization.

  • Know more about the culture and the working of the UAE to gel up with the country well.

  • Build your network and market the same for your benefit largely.

  • Linkedin is the best platform to grow your network and then easily contact the employers.

 So, this is all you go to know about how to search for the job that you desire in the UAE. We have shared all the links to the platforms and all the alternatives for you to grab the opportunities and build your career in UAE. 



Q1. Are there any jobs in Dubai for freshers?

A1. Yes, many companies also recruit freshers in various profiles according to the nature of the work. But it is also tough for a fresher to get a job directly in the UAE. so you need to hustle smarter.

Q2. What are the best ways to find a job in UAE?

A2. Yeah, there are many easy tips you need to know:

  • Search for all the companies and then make a proper list of the same.

  • You need to get out of your comfort zone and plan accordingly.

  • You can first look for the internship programs and then apply for the same.

  • And also follow all the guidelines states accordingly.

Q3. Are there any jobs in Dubai for Indian Females?

A3. Yes, they are a lot of jobs available for Indian Females in Dubai. You can get a lot of options provided by the recruiters accordingly. You can check on the portals provided by us above in the rundown.

Q4. Can Indian teachers teach in Dubai?

A4. Yes, there are a lot of schools and institutions that are offering a lot of jobs and profiles in the teaching sector. Moreover, it’s a win-win situation if you have a B.Ed. degree and a few years of experience in your teaching field it also requires English speaking fluent skills.

Q5. What is the minimum salary of working employees in the UAE?

A5. The minimum salary of the employee in the UAE completely depends upon the contract and terms and conditions and the profile of your work. So the salary factor and different in every dimension.

Q6. How can I get my UAE Visa?

A6. You can get your UAE visa at

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