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Dubai and UAE Visa Fees 2024

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If you are looking for UAE Visa Fees related services like applying for a UAE visa, UAE visa types, and UAE Visa Status, then you must visit UAE Visa Online. It is an online travel portal for visa-related services in UAE. UAE visa online has helped many travellers travel to UAE by applying for their visas. UAE visa online aims to provide convenient and hassle-free services to customers.

What are the services available at UAE Visa online?

UAE visa online believes in providing the best service to its customers. Services offered on their portal are:

  • Online visa application processing
  • UAE hotel booking - All you have to do is select the criteria according to your preference and filter the data. You can choose the option that suits you best for you.
  • Track visa status

UAE visa types and UAE visa fees at UAE visa online

14 Days Tourist visa Single entry 3-4 days 58 days 14 days $125
30 days Tourist visa Single entry 3-4 days 60 days 30 days $135
30 days Tourist visa Multiple entries 3-4 days 60 days 30 days $305
90 days Tourist visa Single entry 3-4 days 180 days 90 days $445
90 days Tourist visa Multiple entries 3-4 days 180 days 90 days $700
48 Hours Transit visa Single entry 3-4 days 14 days 48 hours $50
96 Hours Transit visa Single entry 3-4 days 14 days 96 hours $ 105

Why is a UAE visa needed?

A UAE visa is required to travel to the UAE. A visa is an official document that will permit you to enter the UAE. Whether you need a visa or not depends on your nationality. UAE has given a permit to GCC countries for visa-free entries. Some countries have a license for UAE Visa on Arrival, and some countries are restricted to travel, meaning they will have to apply for a UAE Visa to travel to the UAE.

What is the difference between visa types available at UAE Visa Online?

  1. 14 Days / Tourist Visa: Plan a short trip to the UAE by applying for 14 days tourist visa. If you wish to visit your family or friend, then 14 days visa is a suitable option for you. Visa validity is for 58 days; however, your stay validity is for 14 days only.
  2. Depending upon your preference, you can select your visa type. 30-Day / Tourist Visa (Single entry / Multiple entries):30 Days a tourist visa is a suitable option for you if you are looking forward to exploring tourist spots in UAE and at the same time paying visits to friends or family members staying in UAE. 30 Days visa is available for both single entry and multiple entries. The difference between single entry and multiple entry is that with single entry if you exit UAE, you will not be allowed to re-enter on the same visa. Whereas with various entries, you are not restricted from entering UAE. You will again have to apply for your visa.
  3. 90-Day / Tourist Visa (Single entry / multiple entries): If you are thinking about how you will cover the beauty of UAE in just a month, then you can opt for 90 days UAE visa. This visa is necessary for someone who loves adventure and is always excited about exploring. With 90- a days visa, you get three months to explore UAE. During three months visit, you can give enough time to everything you plan for your trip. You are spending quality time with friends and family. Travelling to a different tourist destination and enjoying the luxury of UAE are benefits of this tourist visa plan.

What documents are needed to submit online for the UAE visa application process?

While applying for a visa online through UAE visa, you will have to submit the below Document Required for a UAE Visa to ensure fast processing of your visa:

  1. Passport – Passport with validity of 6 months
  2. Photograph – You will have to submit a passport-size photo that is decent and looks formal.
  3. Hotel bookings detail
  4. Round trip flight bookings.

Remember that you can only upload up to seven files while applying online. So in case you have more documents, then you can compile than on one page, scan them and upload them.

How much time does it take to apply for a UAE visa online?

Online application for a visa won't take much time. It is quick. You must follow the instructions on the portal, fill in your details in the application, upload the Document, and then submit your application. This process will not take more than 10 minutes. You need to concentrate and be careful while filling in the details in your application.

Is there any risk of applying online?

You need not worry about applying for a visa online. There is no risk. UAE visa online ensures its customer's safety of data

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