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how to change visit visa status in uae

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Visiting the emirates is a treat for travelers all around the world. The country mesmerizes people around the world with its tall buildings, fancy malls, posh hotels, and some stunning beaches. This country should be a must-visit for every single travel freak around the world. The country houses some of the world’s best resorts and whatnot!

Sometimes, people who visit the country on a tourist visa, or a visit visa, want to change the status of the same. To change visit visa status in UAE, you just need to follow some simple rules and regulations. Read this article to learn about the inside-country visa changes in Dubai. 


If you are in the country with tourist visas that are on the verge to expire, you can easily apply for a change while staying inside the country. You just have to reach out to the nearest travel agency near the place where you are staying and apply for the same. You will have to provide the documents that are needed for changing visas without exit along with the visa change price in UAE. These documents can also be sent online which makes the entire process a lot more easier and convenient.

The UAE inside-country visa change price that you need to pay depends upon the number of days you are extending it for, the type of visa, and also the emirate you are currently staying.

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The documents that are required to be submitted for the visa change without the exit process are listed below:

  •         The copy of the passport along with the original one. The passport must not expire within six months from your date of traveling.
  •         The passport-size photograph. It must be clicked against a white background with enough lighting. Also, the photo should be covered with 80% of the applicant’s face.
  •         If the applicant has entered the country with the on-arrival facility, he/she will have to provide only the passport copy and photographs.
  •         Old canceled or tourist visas copy
  •         If the visa was applied for by any relative, they will have to provide relevant documents regarding the residence proof of them.

After you have submitted all these documents, you just have to wait for 5-6 days and you will get the new one. The process is very simple and has nothing to worry about. 



The changing of residency visas can be done in the following scenarios:

  •         The transfer of employment visas from one company to another.
  •         The transfer from employment to family visas.
  •         changing into property or investor visas.

During the first scenario, the employees do not have to do everything by themselves. It is generally done by the HR or PRO of the company. The only thing that the employee has to take care of is the documentation and if there are any obligations from the company’s side. The process generally comprises transferring visas from one company to another.

For the second scenario, the transfer is only possible if you have a direct family member inside the country. The person should also possess a valid one and can sponsor you.

For the third scenario, the existing visas need to be canceled for the changing of employment visas in the UAE. You have to apply for an investor visa after getting the previous one canceled.

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The investor visas can be required to be changed due to the following scenarios:

  •         Changing it from one country to another.
  •         changing into property visas.
  •         changing into employment visas.


This can only be done by the property owners inside the country. The following scenarios can be possible regarding the same:

  •         changing into investor visas.
  •         changing it to a property visa that is linked to another property inside the country.
  •         changing into family visas 


There are several benefits when you do so without leaving the country. They are:

  •         You will not have to wait at the airport. Everything can be done without you leaving the country which will avoid you from waiting at the airport for large hours.
  •         You will not have to exit the country this way. This will make the process even simpler and less hectic.
  •         The process is very easy. Also, the visa processing time is much less.

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Well, there are several reasons and places for which you would consider this country as your next ideal vacation spot. Read the list below:

  •         Abu Dhabi: this emirate occupies approximately 87% of the territory of the country. It is the home of one of the most picturesque mosques in the world. Everyone is welcome inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to visit and look at the amazing architecture.

This emirate is also famous for the yas viceroy hotel where you can enjoy formula one racing cars. 

  •         Dubai: This is the most visited city in the country. The country houses Burj Khalifa, the iconic souks, Dubai creek, and so much more. This is a must-visit destination for all. The city is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. 
  •         Sharjah: although the city does not hold that much prominence as compared to the above two, it is worth a visit. The most popular place that visitors like to visit is the natural history museum. You can learn a lot about the country’s history here. You can also see the blue souk here. 
  •         FUJAIRAH: This city has breathtaking scenery. It is located on the east coast of the country and is a perfect place to enjoy your vacations. It is ideal for visitors who would love to enjoy the sea and snorkeling activities. You can enjoy some of the luxurious beach resorts with your family and friends. 
  •         Ras AL Khaimah: This is a perfect escape from the glitzy cities of the country. With hotels like a Banyan tree, where the guests can book rooms along with a private beach, this is the ideal destination for privacy lovers. 
  •         Ajman and Umm Al-Quwain: These two are much less popular than the ones mentioned above. They still qualify as one of the reasons to visit this beautiful country. Ajman consists of some beautiful beaches and also its rich history. You can visit the museum there and also chill at some beaches. Umm al-Quwain on the other hand houses the world’s largest waterpark, known as Dreamland aqua park. 

With so many reasons and places to visit this marvelous country, you cannot stop yourself.

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Now that you know all about the process for how to change your visit visa status in UAE, you can easily do so whenever you need.

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