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Applying UAE visa from Tunisia

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Getting a visa to visit the UAE was not easy. Different countries have different visa rules and regulations. Unless you are visiting the UAE for business trips, you will need to apply for a UAE visa.

But how do you get a UAE visa from Tunisia? Here, this blog will explain different ways to get a UAE visa from Tunisia and how we can help.

What is a UAE e-visa?

The UAE e-Visa is a special permit that allows you to travel to the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, without having to get any physical visa. instead, the e-Visa is acceptable for 90 days and entitles you to stay in the UAE for 30 days.

To get the e-Visa, you need to register for it online, but you must have a valid passport. The UAE e-Visa is still not available to all citizens. You need to qualify for the e-Visa according to the categories listed.


What is the purpose of requiring a visa to enter the UAE?

The UAE is a popular destination for ex-pats, with one of the world's fastest-growing economies. The United Arab Emirates has a range of cultures and is an excellent area to live.

Also. there are many reasons why you will need a visa to visit the UAE. Especially, the UAE is an extremely exclusive country, and it is more of a business hub rather than a tourist destination. This has played a significant role in the country's success.

The government of the country believes that it is more important than a person who is visiting the country on a business trip. Moreover, here they can conduct their business rather than spend time sightseeing. This is why the UAE, as a country, allows a minimal number of tourist visas. 

Another reason UAE nationals need a visa to travel to the country is that it is a Muslim country. The UAE allows a minimal number of tourist visas to be issued because it does not want to be exposed to western culture. 

And if you are an employee of an organization in the UAE, you can get a UAE tourist visa. There are many other types of visas that you may need to get before visiting the UAE. 


How many documents are required for a UAE visa?

Arrival in the United Arab Emirates requires a visa. But before traveling to the UAE, you are advised to check the visa requirements of the country, as there are countries that are exempt from visa requirements. 

However, it is important to note that if you are not a citizen of a country that requires a visa to enter the UAE; then you might still be required to obtain a visa.

  • A UAE visa for Tunisian citizens is required if they are not traveling from one of the visa-exempt countries
  • Tunisia passport holders can apply for a UAE online visa application
  • Tunisia passport holders must have valid passports
  • A completed UAE visa application form
  • A visa application form with a duly-completed application fee payment slip
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • A completed medical report - this is mandatory for those who have been in a hospital for more than 30 days in the last five years
  • An invitation letter from a UAE citizen or a resident of the UAE
  • A police authorization from the applicant's hometown
  • A valid Emirates identification card
  • A photocopy of the applicant's UAE resident card
  • A copy of the UAE visa or a copy of the page with an Emirati entry stamp
  • A certificate from the applicant’s employer stating the applicant’s position and salary

When do I get an e-visa to the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world's most important tourist and business destinations. The UAE is the only country that has fully implemented 100% electronic visas for all travelers. An Electronic Visa (eVisa) is an online visa that allows citizens of other countries to get it for free without applying for it or paying any visa fees.

Meanwhile, to travel to the UAE, it is necessary to get an online visa. And nowadays, it is easy to get a UAE visa from Tunisia because the UAE e-visa is valid for up to 3 months and you can enter and leave as many times as you like during that period. The UAE e-visa is also a good choice for people who just want to travel around the UAE.

Also, you can get your visa within a week; it generally takes 3-4 days to process your visa.



If you are traveling to the United Arab Emirates, you will be required to get a visa before you travel. You can travel to the UAE either on a business visa or you can get an individual tourist visa.

Getting an individual tourist visa is the easiest way to get into the country, but you must get it before you leave, and there are many Tunisians who choose to get their UAE visa online

With the vast number of services available online, it is no wonder that people are moving to online visas for the UAE. Not only does it save time, but it is also more efficient.

We try to describe the specifications for the UAE visa from Tunisia in this section. If you have any doubts yet, you can take this guide from here. 

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