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Apply UAE Visa for Uzbekistan Citizens

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UAE Visa for Uzbekistan Citizens is the topic we are going to discuss here. The people coming from Uzbekistan can enjoy the trip with a lot of exposure. For having this great experience the Uzbekistan citizens need to get a visa for entering UAE. Every Emirate in UAE has different features of attraction for tourists. There are different types of visas available and the cost depends on where the visa application is done. Dubai has big structured buildings and architecture like Atlantis, Burj Khalifa, etc. Abu Dhabi has places like malls, mosques, Corniche, and many more. There are many more places for tourists to visit in UAE.

Document Process for UAE Visa for Uzbekistan Citizens:

Before applying for the UAE visa online know the documents required in advance and keep them ready. The Uzbekistan citizens must have an Uzbekistan passport copy of the bio page. The valid period for expiry must be within six (6) months even after arriving in UAE airports. There must be three to four pages minimum in the passport for entering the visa details. The next is the photographs. They need to have 2 photographs with a plain background of white. The photographs must be neat and clear. Only the colour photographs are the accepted photos for the visa. In the photograph, the face must be clear and visible and should be recently taken. The photo must not have any filters in them. Only the natural face of the applicant must be there in the photograph. The next is the accommodation details of the applicant in UAE. The hotel name and contact details if you stay in hotels. If you stay in any citizen's home in UAE. You need to submit the citizen’s details along with the ID of Emirates. The tickets for the arrival and departure booking are the next important thing. It’s mostly recommended to book tickets after knowing the visa's valid period and expiry.

Apply UAE Visa for Uzbekistan Citizens:

The Embassy of UAE does not provide the visa for tourist. For the tourist visa, you need to approach any travel agencies or apply for a visa directly online. If you book a tourist visa in agencies they provide you with packages. Before applying for the visa with agencies check for the rating, service provided, and work efficiency. The process here includes a lot of advantages but there may be extra service charges. Book the hotels and packages for the trip as per your requirements. They include the stay, travelling, visa, and the tickets for travelling to UAE. The travel agencies will apply for the visa directly you will just need to submit the documents. They will complete the process of visa. In case you are applying for the visa directly online. You need to select the visa and enter the details and upload documents. Then do the payments for the visa selected and submit. This process may cost you less but the work will be more. The normal tourist visa has a period to stay for 1 month (30 days). The expiry for the visa including the issue date is for 3 months (90 days). The one entry and exit permission is only allowed for this UAE visa.

Terms and conditions for UAE Visa:

The rules are mandatory to follow in every process to maintain decorum. During the time of application itself, the payment for the visa must be done. There are additional charges for service available for the visa you purchase. The entry and return tickets should be booked within the expiry date of the visa. The amount once paid for the visa is not refundable. Even the tickets booked for entry and exit are also not refunded once the tickets are already used. Generally, every type of visa processing takes standard timing of about three to five (3-5) business days. The entry to UAE airports starts with the immigration process. The expiry for most of the visas is about 2 months (60 days) including the date of visa issue. The transit visa alone has a different period for expiry. The 48 and 96 hours transit visa has an expiry for only 1 month (30days) including the issue date. There is an option for citizens of Emirates to book tickets for families or close relatives. They can apply for tickets and visas in the UAE embassy directly.


There are many kinds of tourist visas present for visitors. They can choose any visa according to the requirements. The visas for one entry permission for 7, 14, 30, 90 days visas are available. The extensions of the visa are there for 30 and 90 days visas. These are also one-entry visas. The next is the visas allowed for multiple times. They are the 30 and 90 days visas. For all these visas the process may take from two to four days to complete. As said earlier the rates of the visas changes from site to site.


Q. Is there a need for citizens of Uzbekistan to get a visa to visit the UAE?

Answer-,The answer to the question is yes. The citizens of Uzbekistan need to get a visa to enter UAE. 

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