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Apply UAE Visa Online in 2024

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There is no country as beautiful as the UAE. The government has been one of the best places to travel worldwide for many years. The building architecture, those big shopping malls, watching a live performance is desert, and a variety of food offerings are something you wouldn’t want to miss under any circumstances. Plan your travel to the UAE now. Apply for UAE Visa online through UAE Visa Online.


  • About UAE Visa Online
  • Types of Visa in UAE
  • Steps to apply for a UAE visa online
  • Details for an application form
  • Process for renewal of visa

About UAE Visa Online 

UAE Visa Online work toward fulfilling the dreams of many travellers to visit the UAE. They have services like applying for an online visa, Hotel bookings and checking UAE Visa Status online. So if you want to travel to the UAE and are looking forward to applying for your UAE visa online, you must do it through the UAE Visa Online service.UAE visa online is you go to go site for visa-related options and queries. Your experience with UAE visas online will be very convenient and super quick.

Types of Visa in UAE

  • 14 Days / Tourist Visa: Plan a short trip to the UAE by applying for 14 days tourist visa. Visa validity is for 58 days; however, your stay validity is for 14 days only. If you wish to visit your family or friend, then 14 days UAE visa is a suitable option for you.
  • Depending upon your preference, you can select your visa type. 30-Day / Tourist Visa (Single entry / Multiple entries): 30 Days a tourist visa is a suitable option for you if you are looking forward to exploring tourist spots in UAE and at the same time paying visits to friends or family members staying in UAE. 30 Days visa is available for both single entry and multiple entries. The difference between single entry and multiple entry is that with single entry if you exit UAE, you will not be allowed to re-entry on the same visa. Whereas with various entries, you are not restricted from entering UAE. You will again have to apply for your visa.
  • 60 Day / Tourist Visa (Single entry / multiple entries): If you are considering covering the beauty of UAE in just a month, you can opt for 60 days tourist visa. This visa is necessary for someone who loves adventure and is always excited about exploring. With 9- days visa, you get three months to explore UAE. During three months visit, you can give enough time to everything you plan for your trip. You are spending quality time with friends and family. Travelling to a different tourist destination and enjoying the luxury of UAE are benefits of this tourist visa plan.

Below are the plans available at UAE Visa Online:

14 Days Tourist visa Single entry 3-4 days 58 days 14 days $125
30 days Tourist visa Single entry 3-4 days 60 days 30 days $135
30 days Tourist visa Multiple entries 3-4 days 60 days 30 days $305
60 days Tourist visa Single entry 3-4 days 120 days 60 days $445
60 days Tourist visa Multiple entries 3-4 days 120 days 60 days $700
48 Hours Transit visa Single entry 3-4 days 14 days 48 hours $50
96 Hours Transit visa Single entry 3-4 days 14 days 96 hours $ 105

Steps to Apply for a UAE Visa Online

  • Go on UAE Visa Online
  • Select your option for the residing country and citizenship country
  • Select your UAE Visa Type
  • Fill application form
  • Upload the Documents Required for UAE Visa
  • Pay your Visa fee
  1. Select your mode of payment
  2. Pay visa fees
  3. After the payment is confirmed, you will get a confirmation mail with your application ID.
  4. With the help of an Application ID, track your visa status online.
  • Upon approval, download the visa

Details for the Application Form for applying for UAE Visa Online

Filling long UAE Visa Application Form online can often get boring, and UAE visa online wholly understands that. The online application form for a UAE visa is straightforward to understand and won’t require much time to fill out. The state is divided into 3 simple steps.

Personal Detail: Fill in all your personal information.

  • Applicant’s surname
  • Applicant’s father’s name
  • Applicant’s mother’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • National ID no
  • Marital status
  • Email ID (This is necessary as you will receive your visa via email as well).
  • Alternate Email ID
  • Mobile No
  • Profession
  • Education

Passport and Travel Information: Feed the details of your passport form; you will need your passport handy with you. Details asked in the state are

  • Applicants passport number
  • Passport type
  • Date of issue for passport
  • Passport expiry date
  • Date of arrival ( when are you travelling and reaching )
  • Date of departure (When are you returning)

Permanent Address details: Mention details of your citizenship place. The essential information asked in the documents are –

  • Address 1 (permanent address of in your citizenship country)
  • City ( The city where you reside)
  • Country (Country where you are from)

Upload Documents: The document required are

  • Scanned copy of passport bio page
  • Passport-size photograph (which is decent, preferably against a white or light background)
  • Hotel booking details. If you plan to stay with your relative, you must submit their contact and residential proof.
  • Round-trip flight booking details
  • The passport must have a minimum of 6 months of validity.

Please be very alert while filling out the application form, as there shouldn’t be any error in the state while submitting. Your application will get rejected if there are mistakes.

Process for Renewal of UAE Visa

Any tourist visas can be renewed or extended twice for 30 days without leaving the country. You can get your visa renewed by contacting the agency you have applied visa form or by reaching out to the embassy. But one thing to remember is that you must apply for visa renewal before the expiry of your first visa.

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