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All You Need to Know About the Emirates NOL Card

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Nol Card is a smart card or chip which holds money to pay for using services in the United Arab Emirates. The benefits one can use through Nol Card in UAE are all kinds of public transport-related facilities. In other words, for contactless and smart payment Nol Card is needed. Foreign nationals visiting UAE for tourism, business purposes, or living will use public transport to visit various UAE tourist places. You will see brilliant, fast, and smooth public transport services in the UAE. People or residents in UAE make payments for more than one public transport, like bus, metro, etc., with Nol Card


Nol Card UAE

The Nol Card in UAE is a chip or debit card that can hold advance-due credit. The Nol word is derived from the Arabic language. The actual meaning of nol is fare. It is a rechargeable smart card. You will need to recharge it to travel on UAE RTA's. The transport facilities one can use and use Nol Card to pay for are:

  • Metro
  • Trams
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Ferries

You can also use your Nol Card to pay fares for:

  • Petrol fares on Enoc petrol service stations.
  • Pay for your RTA taxi via just one swipe of a nol Card. Buy groceries from Carrefour retail shops from anywhere inside Dubai.
  • Many restaurants inside Dubai do accept Nol cards for payment.
  • Around 21 branches of Autopro also take Nol Cards in Dubai.
  • You can pay via nol Card at some medical pharmacies and hospitals in Dubai.
  • Pay for your RTA taxi via just one swipe of a nol Card.
  • You can pay for vehicle testing or inspection services at Tasjeel, one of Dubai's most trusted vehicle testing centres.
  • You can gain entry to the public park in Dubai using your nol Card. Zabeel Park and Dubai Mushrif Park also accept Nol cards.

Types Of Nol Card In UAE

The different types of nol cards in UAE are divided based on the benefits and services one can get. There are four different types of nol cards in the UAE.

1. Silver Nol Card UAE

If you are a tourist or a visitor and will not stay in UAE long, you can buy the silver, Nol Card. It is a regular type of card. And silver Nol Card can be used for any public transport service in UAE. This can also be used for non-transportation RTA services. The unit cost of a silver nol Card in UAE is AED 25. That minimum pre-credit on your card has to be at least AED 14.

The registered person can credit AED 5000 only. It stays valid for five years. Additionally, you have to pay more for the extra credit.


2. Gold Nol Card UAE

The best advantage of having a Golden Nol Card in the UAE is that the person will have access to gold-class seats. Travellers can use their golden Nol Card to sit on gold-class seats on all public transport. Moreover, they also have the privilege to access all RTA transport services. There is no difference between the cost of silver and gold Nol cards. The unit price of the gold card is AED 25 with a credit charge of AED 19. The validity of the Nol Card golden type is the same as the silver, which is five years. 

3. Personal Nol Card UAE

Personal Nol Card is the best of all types of cards as it gives various benefits and advantages like a concession on fares. Suppose your Nol Card is stolen, damaged, or lost. Then you can recover all the nol Card balance. And it also secures online facilities for fast credit top-ups. The unit price of a personal Nol Card is AED 70, which credits to around AED 20.

4. Red Nol Card

The red Nol Card is temporary; tourists or visitors can obtain that. The red ticket can be used for only one public transport at once. The red Nol Card can only be used for the metro, trams, and buses. The unit price of the red Nol Card is AED 2. Furthermore, it is valid for only 60 days.

Nol Card Benefits

  • You can travel anywhere.
  • Pay for parking.
  • Flexible transportation services at a low price.
  • Enjoy special fares and concessions.



Nol cards can be bought or purchased online through RTA intelligent apps. You can get it via the now pay app. Nol cards in UAE can also be purchased from ticket vending machines at metro stations around UAE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Only those residents or citizens who want to use public transportation services need Nol Card for payment. Children below 5 years do not need Nol Card to travel via public transport.

You can check Nol Card balance in a few simple steps via RTA official website. Choose the "public transport" option. Then click on "nol" and then "nol Card balance". Enter your nol Card number and security code or captcha. Then click on the "check" tab. The total balance or remaining balance of your Nol Card will be shown. 

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