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The UAE pass is the online app launched by the government in the year 2018. The "UAE pass app" is the first digital identification online website. In other words, the UAE pass app is an electronic system that stores the information and identity of the individual living inside the country. It is the first identification digital app that is approved for all Emirates in UAE. The UAE pass also allows the individual to authenticate oneself to the UAE governmental services across the country. The best thing is that it can all be done online through UAE pass via your smartphone. 


Uae Pass

When it was launched in 2018, it is a prominent part of development. It is a useful app for online authentication. So, it can be easier for the residents or citizens of the UAE to access government services, private services, or semi-government services. Through the UAE pass can have access to more than 5,000 UAE government online services. The UAE pass app has also almost replaced the Dubai smart pass. 

The Dubai ID or smart pass was launched by the Dubai Smart Government, which provided access to government services. The UAE launched with the support of two authorities in the UAE. The first one is Dubai Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. And the second one is Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. The UAE pass app also offers the service of electronic signature. This service was also provided by the Dubai ID and Dubai smart pass. The UAE pass app also gives access to other services like utility bill payments,  electronic government transactions, etc. The new UAE pass has eliminated the need to go to a service center for every government. It has also removed the paper transaction process in UAE to an extent. 

UAE Pass Application Benefits

After you have downloaded and successfully registered yourself with a UAE pass. You can have access to online services and receive many benefits. Like:

  • You will have a national digital identity that is completely secure and assured.
  • It guarantees that the user must get easy access to UAE federal services.
  • You can get access to above 60 private services.
  • You will get services on the UAE pass app via a single login. 
  • You can sign in to e-services or the government portal via UAE pass.
  • Documents can be signed digitally on UAE pass smart app.
  • You will also have the access to share files and save documents.
  • You can update personal or profile information.
  • You will have access to customized services in UAE.
  • You can update the address details or record.


UAE Face Recognition

This is one of the advantages for users of the UAE pass. The individuals registering for the UAE Pass app have to upload their facial ID (biometric details). In this way, the app verifies the identity of the user. And in turn able to create a verified account on the UAE pass app. To upload facial ID details for UAE pass registration. You don't have to visit the service center. As it can be done via UAE pass within 4 to 5 minutes. The UAE face recognition makes the UAE pass app more secure and safe. 

UAE Pass Registration Process

  • First, you have to download the "UAE pass" application for starting the registration process. Individuals can download the UAE pass app from Google Play Store or the app store.
  • After downloading the app, select the ‘create account' option for UAE pass registration.
  • Upload your Emirates ID, and tap on the "Yes, scan now" option. Ensure that the application has access to your camera. So it can scan the Emirates ID.
  • Check and confirm the name, date of birth, Emirates ID number, and other personal information.
  • Verify your contact number and Email ID.
  • Create the 4- digit pin which must have to be given while using the UAE pass app every time.
  • Give access to face recognition for ID verification.
  • Set the passport to log in to the UAE pass app
  • After setting up a passport and final UAE pass registration. You can use it to digitally sign the documents, fill up the Residency visa form, fill up the sponsor application, etc.



UAE pass is the single and important requirement to have access to government-provided services. UAE pass also has access to RTA government services and DEWA government services. Individuals who have verified accounts on UAE pass can receive many benefits online. The application is completely compatible with mobile. To get UAE Visa you can contact UAE Visa Online. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Residents, visitors, or citizens who have verified UAE pass. Then it can benefit them from many aspects. Like, having secured digital identification. Certifying the documents for government services online. Filling up the residency visa application through this app. Can change or update personal information including address details. Save and share documents, files, etc. No need to visit anywhere for UAE government services.

No, you will have to upgrade your Dubai smart pass to a UAE pass. According to the government, the smart pass is not accessible after December 2020.

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