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Top 10 Tourist Places in UAE For A Lavish Vacation In 2024

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The dazzling city of Dubai is always an amazing ball for the world. It always makes zillion eyeballs drool over its beauty and magnificence. Being filled with an abundance of sparkling beauty and colors, this city has made it to the utmost level of flourishing tourism.

Dubai- The Sparkling City of Vibrance and Pride has always been the best land to fetch tourists from all around the globe. With a stunning skyline and every epic inch which grabs thousands and thousands of eyeballs gazing at the beauty, this Divine Dubai has its own fame.

Top 10 Tourist Places in UAE 

From the amazing beauty of Burj Khalifa to the magnificent parks, Dubai never puts you down on the thrilling factor and crafts the best personality of its amazing rides throughout your stay! If you are a tourist and curious to know more about this country then follow the rundown and get set for the ride. So, hold your breadth ad get set to gaze at the marvels.

1. Burj-al-Arab

Burj-al-Arab is one of the most iconic Tourist Places in Dubai you should never miss out! Burj-al-Arab is the 4th tallest hotel in the world to date. It is also said to be the most expensive 7-star hotel among the shining hotels of the world, which is super amazingly driving tourists in Dubai crazy for a visit. This tall hotel building is well-lit and has an extravagant display of lighting in the evening which amazes all the visitors coming through. You can easily get drowned in the immense beauty of the hotel which offers the real experience of the Dubai Tour Attractions.

  • If you got a good amount of budget and a heavy pocket then this hotel is the perfect match for you! You can get an amazing experience there. 

  • The main attraction of Burj-al-Arab states the Skyview Bar on the 27th Floor of the amazing building, which offers jaw-dropping views of Palm Jumeirah.

  • Check out the Burj-al-Arab pricing and more.

2. Burj Khalifa- “The Best Marvel of Architecture”

You could’ve guessed marvel’s glow? Exactly! Burj-Khalifa is one the most popular marvel of architecture in Dubai which every tourist in Dubai plans a dream visit! The stunning bird-eye views take your heartbeats to the speed of a furious marathon runner, as what would you expect from the 124th floor! It's just the show-stopper and amazing view which is a must-watch. It gives you a holistic view of the desert covering one end and the ocean spreading its turquoise blue waves at the other end. You must include this on your list!

  • If you haven’t been At-The-Top of the Burj Khalifa with your ticket, then you got to be! It should mark the end of your tour at the Burj!

  • Is it for you? A big yes! If you are a traveler, this has to be on your list.

  • Timings? It opens for lovely visitors daily from 8:30 am to 1 am.

  • Check the pricing at Burj Khalifa.

3. The Mall of Emirates- “The Stunning Beauty”

Next up, on the list is the Mall of Emirates, which is frankly the host to everything you can imagine under one marvelous roof! Whether it's the matter of cuisines from every corner of the globe, or the countless brands to shop from! It also hosts the best spot in the mall- Ski Dubai. The Ski Dubai has a fantastic blend of ice land creatures and a beautiful setup featuring the real-life penguin encounter and spending time with those lovely creatures closely. It is maintained at an icy cold temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. This beauty should also be ranking at the top of your tour list!

  • Opening hours? Saturday-Wednesday from 10 am-1 am and Thursday-Friday from 10 am-2 am

  • Where is it located? Sheik Zayed Road

  • Visit the Mall of Emirates website to know more.

4. Jumeirah Beach- “Abode of Pious Waves”

Jumeirah Beach is also said to be the beauty that made its position in the list of most popular places to visit in Dubai. This truly grabs the attention of every tourist coming to Dubai. It has the most extravagant series of premium hotels on the entire lane which ultimately gets you the stunning Jumeirah Beach. 

  • You can enjoy the most exotic world-class facilities on the beach and lane and then you can capture the amazing view of the sunset at the beach. It's one of the most epic scenes at the beach which will give you the most out of your trip!

  • The best picture-perfect destination you can ever plan for, which you can cherish life-long.

5. The Dubai Mall- “Abode of Luxury”

The Mall of Dubai is known as the best land for the Dubai Shopping Festival. It’s the best Dubai Summer Surprise for every traveler in this glorious land. Are you a shopaholic? This place is the best stop for you then. It has made its place in one of the best Dubai visiting places as it gives you amazing entry to the stunning Burj Khalifa which hosts an adorable view of the Dubai Aquarium. It also has a lot of dimensions to explore like: gaming zones, ice skating arcades, and a shopping multiplex. 

  • You can buy stuff for your loved ones from the wonderful options there like- jewelry, brands, products, and whatnot! 

  • It is no doubt a grand avenue to visit and a must-visit in Dubai. 

6. The Dubai Creek- “Beauty Locked at peak”

Are you on a tour with your couple? This place is best for you! Dubai Creek is the best tourist place to visit in Dubai, featuring natural seawater. This epic seawater has its beauty in that it cuts through the center of the city.

  • How you will reach there? You can take a boat or Abra to view the stunning port on the other side of the mighty land.

  • It is said to be one of the most romantic tourist places in Dubai which has an amazing historical existence. 

7. The Deira Souks- “Abode of Gold”

Women’s out there! This got to be your favorite part as it is all about Gold, Gold, and more Gold! This is your stop for the ultimate shopping and memories of Dubai. Deira Souks is one of the most popular shopping stops for all tourists to Dubai. 

  • It typically shows you the Dubai Business Culture.

  • It hosts all types of spices souks for gold or souks for textiles and more. 

  • In a nutshell, it is a stunning place to be in and explore the wide variety of shopping stuff!

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 7 am-12 pm and 5 pm-7 pm (Friday)

8. The Dubai Aquarium- “The Amazing Suspended Aquarium”

Have you ever dreamt of what the underwater zoo would look like? Is it for real in the world? Well, yes! It is life in Dubai. The Dubai Aquarium is also the best tourist place to visit in Dubai having a lot of thrilling activities. 

  • Featuring the underwater zoo, the glass bottom boat tour in the area, cage snorkeling, and adventurous shark diving. 

  • You have to visit this best Dubai Tourist Place for sure to get the best experience.

  • Opening Hours? Monday-Friday 10 am-10 pm and Saturday-Sunday 10 am- Midnight.

  • Costing? 70AED for all adults, 55AED for all Children.

  • Location? Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • Visit the official website for more.

9. The Global Village- “The Amazing Beauty by Artists World Wide”

The Global Village is the best destination to visit in Dubai which hosts the talent and the mesmerizing hard work of thousands and thousands of artists all across the globe. It is a land where all the artists showcase the best performances from across the world. It is a host to delicious food joints featuring scrumptious cuisines from all over the world. It truly stands on the list of popular attractions in Dubai.

  • It runs from November to March every year.

10. The Dessert Safari- “Sands of Fame”

Well till now we have seen the amazing options that we should never miss in our Dubai Tour, for sure. But still, Dubai has every corner to show and propagate its beauty and it never fails to impress visitors in any way. The Dubai Desert Safari has probably the best experience you will cherish and remember when you'll come back to your country after the amazing tour. 

  • You cannot miss out on the amazing sand dunes rides which are super thrilling and just feel like you are about to jump from any Mountain Peak! 

  • You can even get a memorable shot clicked with a Dubai Eagle. The rides of Camels are the epic shot among them as well.

  • Also, the amazing performances by the belly dancers, fire shows, and other breathtaking stunts will also grab your attention there!

  • You can enjoy with your friends, and families and even on your solo trips.

  • Opening hours? Every Day from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

So, this was majorly about the Best Tourist Places in Dubai. What are you waiting for then? Plan a trip to Majestic Dubai and take this life-time experience yourself.

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