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All You Need to Know About United Arab Emirates Traffic Fines

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Any person driving in UAE must know about the basic traffic rules. Driving carefully and attentively is the best way to avoid UAE RTA fines. The UAE government has strict traffic rules that everyone must follow. To ensure safety, fewer road accidents, and smooth traffic. You should pay all the RTA fines in UAE before leaving the country. The main reasons why the person has to pay RTA fines in UAE can be:

  • Suppose you haven't renewed your driving license. Or you are driving a vehicle without a proper number plate or driving license.
  • Not wearing seat belts while driving then a fine of AED 400 has to be paid.
  • Crossing signals, reckless driving, and blocking busy streets.
  • Drive and drink.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving in UAE is also not permitted.
  • Violating the other traffic rules like driving without valid insurance, jaywalking, etc.


Checking UAE RTA Fines

Now, you may want to know where to check RTA fines UAE  in 2024. if you will check the traffic fine against you from the comfort of your home. Or without going somewhere. Then, it can be done online via government websites. You can visit RTA official website to check the RTA fines in UAE online. The Roads and transport authority in the United Arab Emirates is the primary department responsible for transportation and traffic rules inside the country. You can quickly get the details regarding UAE RTA fines via the website.

The steps are not too complicated; you have to:

  • Visit Website
  • Fill in your details and vehicle details 
  • Provide details of your vehicle plate number and your driving license number.
  • You will also have to fill in the traffic file number; you're a fine number.
  • After giving the details, tap on the "search" tab. 
  • Then if there are RTA fines against your vehicle number, all the details regarding the fine details, amount, and reason will be shown. 


RTA acceptable payment in UAE

You can make RTA fine payments in UAE online through the roads and transport authority public website. 

  • Visit the website,
  • On the main page, search for the option
  • "Drivers and owner."
  • Then just tap the "fines payment" option to pay RTA fines. 
  • Give details:
    • Date of birth (DOB)
    • Traffic file number
  1. Credit card/ Debit card
  • Review your RTA fines and then confirm the payment.



UAE RTA fines can be imposed on foreign nationals, residents in UAE, or even tourists with UAE visas visiting the country. You should take care of traffic laws in UAE on roads or driving vehicles. RTA fines payments in UAE can also be made through websites other than the RTA website. You can also make the online payment on the RTA official app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the UAE government allows people in Abu Dhabi or other Emirates to renew their vehicle registration. Even if they haven't paid traffic fine or RTA fine yet. This major step was taken to make it simple for people to pay fines. Vehicle owners who have huge RTA fines usually need some time to do the complete payment. The government allowed this, so people do not have too late Charges for vehicle registration. 

No, there is no fee charged for checking RTA fines in UAE. If you are using the online website or checking it via the Dubai police app, or RTA app. If you are visiting any service center in UAE to check RTA fines. Then you may have to pay AED 5 if asked by the service provider.

Yes, you can pay the RTA fines in UAE from a kiosk station or payment machine. Visit the nearest payment machine in your locality. Choose the e-service option. Then after this click on the fine inquiry option. Which will give you the UAE RTA fines details on your vehicle. Select vehicle details, license details, and plate numbers. Do the payment.

You can get a radar snapshot in UAE by sending a request to the general department of traffic in UAE. You have to pay a service fee that is AED 30.

You can pay traffic fines or RTA fines in UAE through five different apps or online websites:

  • RTA online portal- pay traffic fines using your smartphones
  • Dubai police app
  • RTA app
  • Dubai now app
  • Emirates NBD
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