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How to Check RTA Fines in United Arab Emirates

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UAE is a peaceful nation or safe place due to the strict rules and regulations imposed on the citizens and residents by the government. The government has made most government services like Emirates ID renewal and "UAE visa renewal"procedures very easy, convenient, and fast. The UAE government has also tried to make the "Checking UAE RTA fines in UAE" process convenient. So no one has to suffer or make extra efforts to know about the RTA fines against them. 


Checking UAE RTA Fines in UAE

The RTA fines are imposed on the person soon after violating any traffic rules in the UAE. The RTA fines are updated on the individual vehicle plate number or the driving license number. People do not have to visit the RTA office or police station to violate less strict traffic rules. But if the person has met with a terrible accident. Or have violated any traffic rules in UAE. Then they may have to visit a nearby RTA office. 

There are traffic cameras on the highway and roads in UAE. The traffic camera keeps the record, which also holds the record. So the vehicle plate number can be easily found. The SMS is also sent to the violator about their RTA fines in UAE. The violator or anyone can check RTA fines in a few minutes. The different apps through which one can check RTA fines in UAE are:

  • RTA official website or RTA mobile app
  • Call Dubai police
  • Police station
  • Through smart kiosks (roads and transport authority)
  • Dubai police website
  • Through the RTA service centre
  • Or through the Dubai police mobile app

1. Checking UAE RTA Fines Through Dubai Police Website

Vehicle owners in the United Arab Emirates can check RTA fines imposed against them on the Dubai police website. They can also find details about the black points. The RTA fines can be paid via e-payment. There is no fee for checking UAE RTA fines online through the UAE Visa website. The steps are:

  • Go to the website, then check RTA fines through Dubai police online.
  • Find and click on "service".
  • Then choose traffic fine.
  • Select access fine.

2. Checking UAE RTA Fines Via Dubai Police App

  • Download the "Dubai police app" to register and "check RTA fines". Suppose you do not want to download the Dubai police app. Then you can check traffic fines directly through the website.
  • Open the website, and click on the "fine payment" option on the main profile.
  • You can choose from different options to complete your RTA fines inquiry. Give the details like plate number or driving license number. You can also check RTA fines using the TC number or ticket number.
  • On the next page, you will get fine details on your vehicle and the details of the black point.


3. Checking Traffic Fines through the RTA Website and RTA App

  • Download the RTA app or visit the RTA website to check RTA fines.
  • RTA app: Download and open the app. Search for my vehicle and services. Beneath that, you will find "my fines" service. Then click on my fines option. Enter details like:
  1. Plate number, plate type, and plate code
  2. Vehicle traffic code details
  3. License number
  4. Fine number
  • Click on "view fine". Then you can also select the  "pay selected fines" tab to make the payment.
  • RTA website: You can check traffic fines on the RTA website in minutes with a proper internet connection. Go to the website, and click on the services option. Then under that, search for the service:

"Driver and car owner"

Then the third step is to give details to check RTA fines. You can check RTA fines on the website using your registered vehicle, driving license, or traffic file numbers. If you already know you have RTA, fine, and want to make the payment. Then fine can be done directly by entering the fair number.

4. Checking RTA Fines in UAE Through Smart Kiosk

This is the offline process; you must visit an intelligent kiosk to check RTA fines. After reaching the bright booth:

  •  Choose online service
  • Tao on the fine inquiry tab
  • Give vehicle details (plate number or you can give license number)
  • Pay the fine using a debit or credit card if you want to. You can also pay an RTA fine in cash at an intelligent kiosk.



Checking UAE RTA fines is accessible through an online website. It can be done directly from the RTA website or app, Dubai police website, or Dubai police app. You do not have to go to a different website or RTA office to pay a fine. To apply for UAE Visa and get information about it, you can visit UAE Visa Online. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can check RTA fines in person through RTA service centers. You will have to apply for "fine check" services from the main counter. They will inform you if there is any traffic fine registered against you. 

Yes, open the Dubai police app after installing it. Then search for the service tab. On the fine inquiry, page click on the license option. Then you can check traffic fines by entering your driving license number.

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