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Process to remove 6 months UAE Labour Ban

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The UAE labour ban means that the individual will not be allowed to work in any company inside UAE for a limited time (one, two years, or 6 months) when the employee is working in the United Arab Emirates and does not complete the two years employment contract period. Or the fixed-time contract duration outlined in the employment contract. And before terminating the contract, terminate the agreement or leave the job without informing the Employer. Then a 6-month labour ban is imposed. Suppose the employee resigns from work before the fixed employment period. Then your Employer can request a one-year labour ban from the Ministry of Labor. If the Ministry of Labor accepts it, the expatriate cannot work in UAE for six months or one year.


Removal of UAE 6-month Labour Ban

Many expatriates, after getting employed, do not want to continue the work for specific reasons. And they violated contract terms and conditions, leading to a labour ban in UAE. Earlier resignation before two years of contract time automatically leads to an immediate 6-month ban. The new provision allows the individual to remove 6 monthly labour bans in UAE if both parties agree. The UAE government takes this step up to give more flexibility and choices to expatriates working there. Workers who do not complete two years of service in the limited employment contract must serve a 6-month labour ban in UAE. But, it can be removed after fulfilling certain conditions. One can enter UAE during a 6-month labour ban using a visit visa or UAE tourist visa

The UAE 6-month labour ban can be removed in three significant cases:

Case 1: If the employee is qualified, they should get the job in the new company to remove 6 monthly labour ban in UAE

  • High school- Expatriates who have submitted high school degrees. Then the minimum earning of AED 5,000 every month.
  • Diploma- Expatriates with attached diploma degrees should have 7000 AED monthly income.
  • Bachelor, master, or others- should earn AED 12,000 every month.

Case 2: The employee can remove the 6-month labour ban. Suppose the employee joins the same job or continues finishing the contract time. In this case, the UAE 6-month labour ban will be uplifted automatically.

Case 3: The 6-month ban can also be uplifted if the employee has filed a labour Contract complaint to the Ministry of Labor. The reason for filing a complaint can be termination without unjustified reasons or forceful resignation without notice. Wages have not been paid for more than two months. Company or workplace closed or not providing basic requirements like accommodation.

Free Zone Area

Employees can uplift or remove one year and 6-month labour ban if they get work in a free zone area in UAE. It is said to be the most effective and easy method. After the 6-month ban is imposed against you, you can search for the perfect job in the UAE free zone companies. The best time to send an application for a new job is before resigning from the current company.


Mutual Agreement

In case both the Employer and employee agree to end the employment contract, then no labour ban is not imposed. You can share or communicate with your Employer that you want to end the employment contract. There is no need to visit MOI or cancel the labour ban if you have signed an agreement with your Employer. You should obtain your first employer's NOC letter to remove UAE 6-month labour ban if you get a new job and enough salary according to the profession. Then Employer can help you to switch from one position to another in UAE. 

NOC for Removal of UAE 6-month Labour Ban

  • The NOC letter should be in Arabic, with a company stamp and the original signature of the relevant authority. The employee must attest employment termination letter and a UAE labour establishment card.
  • You should get a job offer letter and contract letter from the new company in Arabic.
  • Write request letter for uplifting labour ban in UAE after obtaining NOC letter and offer letter.
  • Submit all the documents, including NOC, at the Ministry of Labor office. After the approval for the labour ban removal, you can work freely in UAE.



UAE 6-month labour ban is only imposed when the employee does not complete the two years of limited service. The one-year ban is set only if the employee company applies for a 1-year prohibition via MOI.

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