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Apply UAE Visa for Nepalese Citizens in 2024

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Travellers from different countries have different requirements to fulfil their needs for visiting the UAE. The conditions differ from country to country. The visa is the valid key point using which you can enter the UAE. US citizens do not require the need of a visa. All the other non-US citizens can use the details to avail of their visa. The visa on arrival at airports is issued only to US citizens. The Nepalese people can read this for more information, which is explained in fact. If you travel during the Covid period, the tests taken are critical to enter the UAE. Getting a UAE visa for Nepalese citizens is very simple and easy.

Documents needed for visa

The scanned copy of the Nepalese passport, the bio and the end pages is a must. There must be at least four to five empty pages in the passport. The scanned copy must be clear and visible properly. The validation of the passport must take at least five months. Every passenger must submit one photograph with great pixel value and a coloured photo. A picture taken other than the coloured photo is not accepted. Every detail about the stay, like the hotel details or if you stay in the relative house, their details are a must. The trip details, including copies of the entry and exit booking of tickets, are also a must.


The visa types and rules available for Nepalese citizens

The rules are immigration approval done when passengers enter the UAE. The amount paid for booking tickets is not refundable after the visa issue and using that for travel. The visa is not issued immediately until applied for valid reasons. The visa for others takes about four to five business working days. The amount paid as the visa processing fee is not refundable. During the pandemic season, there are few relaxations given to passengers for cancelling or rescheduling tickets. So they can easily change according to their needs. But the process may include or may not have the extra amount for withdrawing the tokens.

The visit visa is for people visiting UAE with friends and family. This can also be availed for people who travel for business purposes. The available visas are valid for passengers for 30 days, 14 days, and 60 days. The count of the days is calculated from the entry date. The 30 days visa is a short-term visa and not extendable. The 60 days visa is a long-term visa that is also not extendable. The sponsors or the residents of UAE must pay the number of depositing fees and be refunded after the passenger leaves UAE.


Tourist Visa For Nepalese Citizens

The next is the tourist visa. It comes under the visit visa category. This is also not extendable; the stay period is one month. If the validity is over and you stay in the UAE, severe fines are imposed on the passengers. Multiple visa entries are given for passengers who must travel back to back from their country and UAE. These visas are generally given to passengers who travel for business purposes. It has validity for a minimum of six to seven months. This period starts from the issue date. This is also not extendable. The passengers must enter the county with a visit visa and then get multiple visas. A Transit visa is also available for people who stay at airports for more than 9 hours. Then they are eligible to get the transit visa for 96 hours. The onward ticket for the next destination is required. Before getting any visa, check the details thoroughly. A minimum of three to five months is reasonable for a passport and other related documents.

The documents needed for transit visa:

The required documents are a passport scanned copy of the passenger and the sponsor. The attachment of a certificate of salary and the contract of the job is a must. The details of the contract and the sponsors are a must. The family relationship details proof is a must. The confirmed booking of the copy of the ticket is a must. The two photographs with white backgrounds with passport size are required for submission. A document like a letter of approval from the bank is also needed. Finally, the application for a visa is filled, and the payment proof of the visa fee is also required.


These are the conditions and requirements for Nepalese citizens to get a UAE visa. An explanation of the types of visas is given. The required documents for a transit visa are also mentioned. The frequently asked questions are also said at the end of the paragraph. Check the validity and rule for Covid before starting the visa process. Select the dates according to the needs. Enter the details correctly and check before you submit the details.


So this was all about UAE visas for Nepalese citizens that you need to know about. So get your UAE Visa from UAE Visa Online and explore the beautiful UAE.

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