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UAE Tourist Visa Extension in 2024

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UAE being one of the most popular tourist destinations has a lot of eyeballs drooling over its beauty and has led many people to plan their hangout spot here. It has the perfect amalgamation of the various beauties and architectures which attracts visitors a lot and poses them stay longer. This is all thanks to the super glamorous and charming cities, the adorable culture, jaw-dropping landmarks, and the amazing infrastructures. 

Considering the fact that GCC nationals can visit the UAE without a visa and other people from over 30 countries are eligible for a visa on arrival at the UAE airport. Other than these all these applicants have to arrange a UAE visa in advance if they are planning their tour in the UAE. UAE will basically allow you to stay in UAE for 30 days or 60 days accordingly to visa validity with you.

Just in case you are thinking that you need to stay in UAE for more than the validity visa period, guess what? You can now easily go for the extension option of your visa. excited? Now you got the time to spend more with your loved ones in UAE. So, stay tuned to know all you got to know!

What’s new according to the rule in UAE Tourist Visa Extension?

The new rule of UAE from October 2018, implies that all UAE visa holders have this new benefit for the visa extension of up to 30 days. Not even once but twice, you can apply for the visa extension after the validity twice with the added benefit of not leaving the country. 

  • It was basically contrasting with the previous rule of UAE visas that all the visitors to the UAE must leave the country premises if they seek the UAE visa extension
  • Now the new rule implies that all the categories of UAE like- short-term visas, multiple-entry visas, and the 60 days visit visa extension.
  • Added Benefits for you? If you are a job seeker, a tourist ad your friend, or a relative stay in UAE, then you can easily spend time with them. 
  • If you are a student, or a visitor who is planning to transit through UAE then it is completely beneficial for you all.
  • Even in the case if you are a widow and a divorcee then also you will get an eligible residency extension for 1 year.  

What all I need to know about the Visa Extension?

  • Make sure that you need to submit your application for the UAE Visa Extension before the expiry date of your existing UAE visa if you are really planning to extend your stay in UAE.
  • It doesn't matter which visa your holding. Be it a 30 days UAE tourist visa, single entry, or multiple entry visa, either 30 days or the 60 days visa, you can easily apply for an extension of your UAE Tourist Visa for another 30 days respectively.
  • But let’s say you aren’t able to extend your UAE Tourist Visa before its expiry due to any unfortunate reason. Don't panic! UAE Government gives you a grace period of a full 100 days to apply. But it comes with a disadvantage too, you need to pay a fine of AED 100 per day.
  • Still, worried? Apply for your UAE Tourist Visa with us hustle free. We are always there to help you with all your issues and queries.
  • The largest benefit of this new rule you can think of is that it saves your time from all the hustle-bustle of applications and adjustments. 
  • Earlier you had the stress to exit UAE and then fly back to your country and then again wait for the visa extension application approval that you applied and then finally if it gets approved then fly back again to UAE to complete your task.
  • But hey! We made this process super easy for you, and hustle-free accordingly. 

Is there any type of visa or candidate exempted from the New Visa Extension Rule?

Yes, there are a few things that you need to know:

  • The new visa extension application won’t be accepted for the special entry visas and the mission entry visas are valid for 96 hours.
  • If you are coming from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries then also you are exempted from the UAE tourist visa extension policy. 
  • And also, the major thing is that if you have any person accompanying you who is from GCC countries, then also you are not eligible for the new UAE visa extension policy.

Which documents do I require for the UAE Visa Extension?

  • Passport: A passport is the most essential document for applying for a visa in the country. You would need a passport to acquire your 60 Days UAE tour. You just need to take a scanned copy of the passports that you have.
  • It requires a high-resolution scanned copy of the first and last page of your passport.
  • The document must be clear and visible. 
  • You have to scan the first and last page of your valid passport in color mode.
  • Make sure after scanning you check clearly that your details are visible clearly and they are readable in the scan copy. 
  • Photograph: A photograph is also essential for applying for your visa as an identity. 
  • The dimensions of the photograph must be 4.3 cm * 5.5 cm.
  • The photograph must be taken against a white background and it should be of a matte finish.
  • The photograph should be of high resolution.
  • Remember that the photo in the passport and the passport submission must match.
  • Pan Card: You should make a scanned colored copy of your pan card ready for submitting the documents for the UAE tourist visa application.

Procedure for applying for the UAE Visa Extension?

  • Visit the well-recognized website UAE Visa Online.
  • When the homepage opens, do choose the Citizenship and Living country in the dialog boxes and press ‘’Apply for UAE Visa’’.
  • Now, choose the visa type.
  • Afterwards, click "proceed to apply"

Note: Do check first, if you are in requirement of a visa or not. if ‘Not required’ is appeared on the screen, then it means you do not require a visa for UAE.

  • Now, you can encounter the UAE visa application form, please fill this form carefully and tap submit an application
  • Finally, it’s time to pay for the agency, use your preferred payment method and pay the amount.  

 As soon as possible, your mail will ping you with an application ID. Keep this application ID very safe because, in the future, it will help you out in tracking your UAE visa status.

What is the fee for applying for the UAE Visa Extension?

In case you are applying for the UAE Visa extension then:

  • The validity of your UAE Visa would be 58 days only.
  • The validity of your stay in UAE would be 30 days only. It means that you can visit UAE again for more than 30 days strictly within the time period of 58 days only and then again fly back to your country.
  • If you overstay in UAE from the permitted extended time then severe rules of repercussions would be applicable to you.
  • The processing time for your visa application would be around 4-5 days, which is subject to alter at any moment of time due to an uncertain event in the future (if any).
  • The visa fees would be around 500.00 USD, which is subject to alter at any moment of time due to an uncertain event in the future (if any).
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