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UAE Visa for Laos Citizens to Travel in 2024

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UAE Visa for Laos Citizens is easy to get. Our reader, who has a Laos passport, must obtain a UAE visa. We offer an alternative way of getting a United Arab Emirates visa on arrival by using our service. You must contact the approval letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Laos. This step will help you prepare your Laos visa application at the Embassy of Laos in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Qatar.

Any Lao passport holder can get a visa on arrival in the UAE for up to 30 days. However, the whole process takes around two weeks and is not cheap. However, several steps should be followed to get a visa. E.g.;

  1. Apply for an invitation letter from a company in UAE that has a business license and can sponsor you.
  2. Find out whether there is any Lao Embassy/Consulate in the neighbouring country which issues visas to citizens of your country.
  3. Apply for a tourist or business visa at tourist visa online. However, In the past, Laos nationals who wished to enter the UAE had to apply for a visa from their nearest embassy. Due to the new policy change, they can now enter without a visa and stay up to 30 days. This is part of an agreement between Laos and the United Arab Emirates. It was made to facilitate trade and investment, according to Emirati officials.


UAE Visa Policy

  • The UAE visa policy specifies the visa criteria for various nations to travel to the UAE, which might vary based on the traveller's citizenship, the visit's purpose, and the amount of time spent inside the UAE.
  • Except for Qatari passport holders, the UAE visa rule now allows practically all nationals of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations unfettered movement beyond their borders.
  • Several more international people are also classified as visa-free travellers to the UAE, with the length of stay authorised varying depending on their nationality.

Requirement of UAE Visa for Laos Citizens 

  • Citizens of non-visa-exempt countries must get an authorised visa before entering the UAE. Based on citizenship and purpose of stay, this may be an electronic visa (eVisa), a UAE visa on arrival, or an embassy visa.
  • The e-Visa processing fee.
  • One should have an active email account registered with the embassy or consultant.
  • Flight tickets, including round-trip tickets, have been reserved.
  • Information about making a hotel reservation
  • According to reports, the UAE allows Laos for 30 to 360 days (about a year), depending on the destination or purpose for travel.
  • To travel to any of these countries for an extended period or purposes other than tourism, such as a job or study, Laos residents must apply for a consular or embassy visa through the destination's consulate or embassy.



There are 9.9 million individuals in total. Abu Dhabi is the country's capital. The most populated city, however, is Dubai, which has a population of nearly 3 million people. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the busiest, with an estimated 86 million passengers annually. DXB Airport is ranked as the world's third busiest airport.

The United Arab Emirates is the region's tourist centre. It is well-known for its numerous tourist attractions, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Tourists come to the nation to enjoy the pleasant weather, beaches, hotels, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are among the key attractions. The majority of the 16 million overnight travellers arrive from Europe. Travellers from neighbouring GCC countries closely follow it. In which the Lao citizens can enjoy and relax.



A UAE visa for Laos passport holders is one of the apt visas to be applied for by the residents of Laos. But before applying for any visa, it is mandatory to know its status and availability regarding your nationality, i.e. "Laos". So if you are also planning to visit the United Arab Emirates, you can apply online at the UAE Visa Online website easily without any hassle. If you have any questions, please visit our website on UAE Visa Online or contact us.

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