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If you wish to experience the glamour and glitz of modern architecture in a mixture of Arabic, you have to visit the UAE. This Arabian country with 7 Emirates is located on the northeast end of the Arabian Peninsula. The seven Emirates even consist of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which are the main tourist enticements of the world. The luxurious supercars and the Mega Yachts will leave you startled. But as a Traveller, you must take care of a few things to avoid complications. Let's dig into a few of them. 

What is a Visa On Arrival?

A visa on arrival is a facility provided by a few countries to their Travellers where you can apply and get a visa when you show up. You can do that once you enter the respective country. You can only be issued if you travel for a holiday or tour. And it has to be kept in mind that Visa for travel is different for different countries. In some countries, you get that once you reach the country, but in others, you must apply online, and the VISA will be waiting for you at the airport. Visa on arrival is very advantageous for immediate plans where you do not get time to apply for a Visa beforehand.

Who is Eligible For Visa On Arrival?

There are 20 countries and territories capable of procuring a complimentary UAE visa on arrival, valid for 30 days. The addition is possible for a fee only applicable to British citizens, British Overseas Territories citizens and British subjects with a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode. Those 20 countries are Andorra, Australia, Bahamas (90 days), Brunei, Canada, Costa Rica ( 90 days), El Salvador ( 90 days), Hong Kong, Ireland,  Kazakhstan,  Malaysia, Maldives ( 90 Days), Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea ( 90 days), United Kingdom, United States, and Vatican City. 

Indian citizens carrying a regular passport or, 

  • A visit visa issued by the USA.
  • A green card issued by the USA.
  • A residence visa issued by the UK.
  • A residence visa issued by the EU.

These Indian citizens can obtain a visa for a maximum stay of 14 days provided that the Visa or the green card is valid for 6 months from arriving in the Emirates. 

How To Apply Online And What Are The Requirements?

The nationalities eligible for visas on arrival can apply in advance using the electronic visa system the UAE implemented in 2015. You can apply for a Visa on arrival online through They use Etihad services, and they will deliver your Visa through email.

The requirements are as follows:

  • You need a regular passport with a 6-month validity from the date of arrival in UAE.
  • A scanned passport in JPEG format 
  • A photograph that is taken against a white background. 
  • A valid email id.
  • A source of online payment, like credit/debit cards, PayPal, WeChat, and Alipay.

For children, the requirements are as follows:

  • A Valid Photograph
  • A copy of the passport
  • A birth certificate in English or Arabic. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Visa On Arrival?


  • It's very manageable and time-saving 
  • It saves you from the neverending paperwork and standing in extended queues
  • It's a significant saving of money. 


  • In most cases, it does not allow multiple entries into a country.
  • Most countries have prerequisites before benefiting from the option that needs to be checked carefully
  • It's not a good option when you have different flights to board from different Airlines.

What is Visa-Free Entry?

Visa-free entry for a layman means to enter the country without a visa for a specified period. The two countries allowing this Visa-free entry have a settlement, which lies in the mutual interest of promoting business and tourism. So, in this case, you are not required to pay anything, and you can directly proceed to immigration at the airport.  You can enter the country from any legal border and by any means. In the case of the UAE, citizens of GCC nations ( Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia) do not require a visa to enter. 

How To Get The Benefits Of Visa-Free Entry?

The citizens of GCC countries do not require a visa to visit the UAE. After arriving at the airport, you need to proceed to immigration. No prior arrangements must be made, and the Visa stamp is free when you visit the airport, land, or sea border. But if someone is accompanying the GCC citizens, they must have an online visa before arriving in UAE. The ministry has provided an online visa system for ex-pat residents in GCC countries who wish to visit the UAE.

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