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Applying United Arab Emirates visa for Bangladeshi citizens

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When we all hear about the place United Arab Emirates the first place that comes in a mind is Dubai. We are also quite aware that Burj Khalifa the tallest building which lights up in every occasions is also located in Dubai. Even when we get to hear of United Arab Emirates we also think of Abu Dhabi. In fact the place United Arab Emirates makes us imagine about the deserts and the desert safaris. It is quite amazing when you will be thinking that you will be riding a camel. Even you will also get to enjoy the exotic dishes of arabians. You will also get to know and learn about the traditional performances And you will also get to see life performances of dance and other cultural activities. Desert is not only the thing that will amaze you in United Arab Emirates. You will also find a jungle where you will get the opportunity to go for a jungle safari and you will also get to meet very rare species of animals and learn about their food habits and their lifestyles. Even you will also get to feed some of the animals with the help of the officials present in the jungle. You will enjoy aesthetic view of the landscapes. You will also get to explore the secrets of the beauty of the place. You won’t regret if you visit United Arab Emirates at least once new life for tourism purposes. It is also known to many that Dubai is also known as the international business hub so if you are planning of expanding your business then this may be the right place as well. Now Bangladeshis can also apply for the visa to United Arab Emirates. And they can also apply for the visa for tourism purposes and also for business purposes and if needed they can also apply for the higher studies purposes.


This website will give you all the kinds of information that you actually need when you are applying for a visa to United Arab Emirates even if you’re applying from Bangladesh. This will help you to apply for the correct type of visa and we’ll take a survey from you about your travel history. Since Bangladesh has no United Arab Emirates embassy this will help you to go through the whole process of applying for the visa after the required consultations. This will help you to do all the pre application requirements and the screening.


Checklist for the documents that are required for application for a visa to UAE for the Bangladeshi Citizens for both tourism and business purposes 

  • The Bangladesh citizen must be well aware that he or she has the original passport which must be valid for at least 6 months and will have two blank pages on the passport. The applicant must bring all the kinds of documents attached to the passport and also the old copies of the passports. If for any reason your visa gets refused then the letter is needed from the official authorities of the country.
  • The Bangladeshi citizens must fill the application form to apply for the visa to United Arab Emirates and also get duly signed by themselves.
  • The Bangladesh citizens must have to passport size photographs which should have 60 to 80% face coverage with Matt finish And white background and Without Borders. The photograph that you will be applying for the visa should not be more done three months old. 
  • Bangladeshi should bring the cover letter which will tell officials about your name,  designation, profession Travel purpose passport number and all other details that are required for applying for a visa. 
  • You should also bring the complete bank statements for at least the last six months. 
  • You should also have the proof of your airline tickets which will also have the proof of your duration of the stay that is it will also show the arrival and the departure dates.


Fees required to apply for the visa to United Arab Emirates

If you are applying for a 96 hours transit visa then the cost of the visa is 146 USD. The fees of the tourist visa which the validity of 30 days is 166 USD and urgent tourist visa is 366 USD. The tourist visa has a validity of 90 days with the stay validity of 30 days. 

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