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Process to Check If There Is A Travel Ban Or Case Against Me In The UAE

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Do I Have A Travel Ban In UAE

How to get informed about whether you have a journey banned in UAE country or not. 

  • The Dubai police has issued a free service website where an applicant can check the weather, they have any travel ban or not
  • Due to any financial cases or other derivative reasons the applicant visa gets banned in the UAE country
  • This service is been only given to the existing residents of UAE country
  • Now, how to use this service, first go for the Dubai police platform, and there the aspirants only have to enter their UAE emirates ID card number
  • If the candidate has any Public Prosecution cases that can be checked but the visa id of the tourist nationalist has to be given. 
  • The candidate unified number has to be inquiry before the UAE entry approval
  • If been requested to consolidate the nearby police station and inquiry all the relevant advisable documents so that the candidate should not face any counter
  • Immigrant advisable assistant documents need to be sanctioned before traveling.


How To Check Validity Of Passport Online

  • For online checking, you can prefer the UAE visa online site.
  • As a machine, readable passports are not been acceptable
  • Passport must intend 6 months activate durations
  • Renewal and issuance of the passport can be made
  • Passport authentication is an essential factor for visa approval;

UAE Visa Requirement 

The UAE visa requirements are-

  • Passport authentication is an essential factor for visa approval
  • Photograph of the travelers is required
  • Immigration approval is an essential requirement
  • Health certifications and booster doses must be taken by the travelers
  • Police inquiry will be conducted, to check whether the traveler has any criminal records or not
  • Must submit all the liable and legal documents should be submitted
  • National id proof of the citizens is essential
  • Never subdue your visa transaction, always clear your payments
  • Applicant required details
  • Their bank statements which must consist of 6 months transaction details
  • Their full name
  • Along with their signature
  • Flight bookings tickets
  • And hotel reservation proofs.


UAE Tourist Visa

Some facts which I will details here about UAE visa-

  • As per the recent visa updates, the UAE embassy are been leniently approving visa conditions
  • UAE residence holders can travel freely to every part of the world either with a free visa policy or either they have to get a visa approval
  • Visa on arrival is been an applicant for the tourist
  • Always check the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa declaration facts, which been available on the UAE visa online site
  • Keep an eye on your destination countries Volatile socio-political news, it been applicable in the UAE visa onlinesite, check the weather that country is been safe for traveling purposes or not
  • Learn all the local laws and legal permits
  • What are the available visa options are been present? Choose your visa type correctly
  • Go through maximized stayed condition a person can acquire e.g.- 30 days or 90 days
  • Self-declared letterhead from the candidate side is an effective requirement
  • Go to the nearby police station if your visa is not been sanctioned an approval and verified whetherthere is a travel ban or case against you in the UAE country

UAE Visa Online

For booking your visa stay connected with the UAE visa online site

  • As it has been an authorized platform
  • Has many trusted customers who have taken a customized service from this platform
  • Inform on all the countries Volatile socio-political news, UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa declaration facts, 
  • Updates on available visa types options
  • Guarantee visa sanctioned and never in visa delivery.


UAE Travel Advisory

  • Passport validity must be checked by the travelers before traveling for UAE.
  • Must submit the unused or expired passport to the airline’s authorities.
  • If you are carrying children then you must sanction their immigrant desk and must have their family’s permission permit.
  • Must check every country visa requirement, before traveling as every country has different criteria of approving response.
  • Though UAE country is safe for travel but it has been requested to check the desired country covid guidelines and travel restriction policies before traveling.
  • Obey the countries laws, traditions, so that they must not affects the applicant visa policies.
  • Applicant must dress modestly in public areas.
  • When you are travel must avoid alcohol consumption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if the candidate has a short-term band permit or blacklist permit then they can easily travel to UAE destination after their period's ends.

The labor visa is been valid for 1 year; the laborers are been advised to follow the terms and policies of MOHRE as its been a conditional term for the labor visa permits.

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