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Dubai, as we all know, is one of the largest cities in how to apply for UAE Visa, and all people seek destinations to travel to Dubai and enjoy the thrilling views. Dubai is also known for its exotic environment and its worldly scenic nature. Many people have visited Dubai before or even have seen Dubai in the big pictures, mainly just as the Oasis in the middle of the desert. The tallest building lies here in Dubai, and its name is Burj Khalifa. The luxurious houses, tallest infrastructures, and skyscrapers design the skyline and give Dubai a splendour look. Dubai also houses many businesses and companies. It is also known as the international hub of industry. Except for these, it is also known for its varied culture, exotic food, and Arabian dishes. We also know that Abu Dhabi is adorned with Marble and gold. UAE is also home to the world's most extensive flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden. The palm islands in UAE are also a must for every visitor who plans to visit UAE during the holidays.

UAE Visa Online helps you throughout the process of applying for a visa online and will also tell you and give you the required documents and the other ways of applying for a visa to UAE. Also, you will learn about other things you need to know before you visit UAE


Documents required for applying for UAE Visa

  • You need to carry a clear scan copy of the passport's first and last page of the passport. 
  • You need to carry a scan coloured copy of your photograph, provided that it should is a recent one. 
  • You can carry your booking of the airline tickets though it is not mandatory. 
  • And also, show your proof of the hotel documents you will be residing in. 
  • You can show proof of your employment details if you are an employer visiting UAE for employment. 
  • You can also show the details of your visa Guarantor. 
  • You also need a sponsor for your entry permit, but if you are applying for a UAE tourist visa online,  you don't need that. 


Ways to Apply for a UAE Visa

Applying for a visa to UAE is unlike in other countries, where you can go to the embassy or the consulate and apply for the visa. The embassy or the consulate does not issue tourist visas. Therefore, you must apply for a sponsor UAE visa who will be responsible during your stay in UAE.

1. Applying through a hotel or any other agency

If you want to apply through a hotel or any agency, your business visa Should be licensed, and you must purchase a ticket or keep your hotel booking With the Particular hotel. Now if you are applying for a tourist visa through an agency, you should ensure it is genuine. You can contact the local embassy for detailed information to find out whether the visa is open.

2. Applying for a UAE visa through an airline

You can apply for a visa to UAE through several airlines but make sure that you meet all the conditions or the requirements as per the airlines' rules. There are some other websites, such as Air Arabia and Fly Dubai. 

3. Applying for the UAE visa sponsorship from friends or the family

Now if you want to apply for a tourist visa by taking sponsorship from friends of the family, then you must have two critical documents. They are a Copy of your passport and a copy of your immigration status. Your sponsor will have to go to the local immigration office To process the application for the visa and will send you a copy of the visa and its application. Once you reach UAE, you will be handed over the original visa. Until then, you must keep a copy of the visa with you. 


4. Apply for the visa through a visa service center

You can also apply for a UAE visa online from us. If you live in a country, you can go to the nearest UAE visa centres and apply for a visa there. These visa centres are generally for work-related permissions. 

5. Apply for the UAE visa through the official website Or the Channel portal

You can also apply for a visa through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs. You can also apply through the online channel portal of UAE and accordingly fill in all the information and the details and the asked documents. 

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