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48 hours uae transit visa

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Transit visa is applied in the case when a traveller is travelling to a particular destination and has a stopover or layover in between. This means that there will be a halt at a connecting airport. Every country has a different set of rules for a transit visa. Some countries do not permit to leave the airport. And for some countries, if the layover is of just 24 hours or less than that, then the travellers might not need a transit visa, but then this varies according to the countries rule. So, if you have a stopover at UAE, you can apply for your UAE Transit Visa and try to utilize the time you have. UAE Transit Visa has two types – 48 hours UAE Transit Visa and 96 hours UAE Transit Visa. Depending upon your time and plan you can opt for your transit visa. When you have enough time with you why not visit and explore the beauty of the UAE.


  • How to apply for a transit visa?
  • 48 Hours UAE Transit Visa
  • Make the most of transit time

How to apply for a transit visa?

You can apply for a transit visa through the airlines you have booked your tickets from. You can also apply through online agencies. The best suitable option to proceed with UAE Transit Visa is UAE Visa Online portal. The transit visa validity will depend on the plan you have chosen. In case you are travelling to a third destination, you will have to submit a proof of confirmed flight tickets.

48 Hours UAE Transit Visa

Transit visa that is applicable for 48 hours is issued to the travellers at UAE airports. But remember that you will have to apply for this process in advance. UAE Transit visa for 48 hours is not renewable and cannot be extended. The visa validity if of 48 hours right from the time of entry to UAE. This means that o cannot stay for more than 48 hours on the land of UAE. Requirements for 48 hours transit visa are:

  • A passport that has a validity of a minimum of three months or a travel document
  • Passport size photograph against a white background that looks formal.
  • Flight booking details (onward to the third destination you are travelling to)

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Make the most of Transit time

Want to know how you can make most of your transit time? Here ar few hotspots of UAE that you can explore in the time you have in hand:

  1. Visit the most iconic Burj Khalifa: You must already be knowing that Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower. Knowing this you wouldn’t want to miss out the opportunity to explore this tourist hotspot. Here is your chance to witness the view from the top of this majestic building. You can go on level 122 if you want to satisfy your hunger. On level 148 is Sky lounge that is breath-taking. The elevator of Burj Khalifa is the longest and tallest in the world. So make the most of your time and explore this beauty
  2. Desert Safari: Desert safari has to be on your list to explore if you have not experienced it already. This is one of the most popular tourist attraction spots in Dubai. The Arabian Desert is not even 20 minutes away from the city. You can get indulge in adventurous activities like off-roading, sandboarding, quad biking, camel riding and dune bashing. And you can have dinner in the desert. Desert safari is not very expensive, the starting price is INR 4585 per person on an average if you book in advance.
  3. Visit Dubai’s famous aquarium and underwater zoo: The famous aquarium of Dubai is located at The Dubai Mall which is also the largest shopping mall in the world. Dubai Aquarium is amongst the largest indoor aquariums in the world. This tourist spot is a paradise for tourist who loves marine life and wants to get closer to aquatic life. The Underwater zoo is located right above the famous aquarium. You can see penguins, sea horses, jellyfish, piranhas and many more. The ticket cost is reasonable starting at INR 2180 average (this may vary).
  4. Skiing – another adventure: Another adventure you can explore is Ski Dubai. This is an indoor snow park that is situated in the Mall of Emirates. It has various winter activities for visitors like riding toboggans, rolling down on snowball and many more such fun related activities. You can book the tickets online for the same. The ticket cost will include suitable winter clothing for you to wear and the entry cost is separate. This has to be experienced else you will regret it in future.
  5. Dubai water canal: Dubai water canal is another popular tourist attraction spot that is almost 3.2 km long waterway that extends from a creek in Dubai, passes by the business bay and then merges in =to Persian Gulf. You may also book long 3-hour luxury canal buffet cruise that will glide you under the waterfall bridge and you can enjoy this scenic view alongside the canal route.

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  • Is transit visa needed by every passenger?

This has to be checked with your country embassy website, whether you are eligible for visa on arrival and visa-free access or not. If you are not eligible then you will have to apply for a transit visa.

  • Can I apply for my transit visa?

The airlines you have done booking form will apply for your transit visa. You can apply for a transit visa through agencies online. The best option is to apply through UAE Visa Online by just paying the visa fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers passing through the UAE's airports are eligible for free 48-hour transit visas. You must apply for the visa in advance through our website . This is a one-time use visa that cannot be extended or renewed. The visa is valid for 48 hours from the time of admission into the UAE, and you must depart within 48 hours after your arrival.

To obtain a transit visa, you must have the following documents: 

  • A passport or travel document with a three-month minimum validity
  • A self-portrait on a white background
  • A reservation for a flight to a third location other than the one from which you are departing.
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