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What is a UAE Tourist Visa? A 

A UAE Tourist visa is a single-entry or a multiple-entry tourist visa for visiting UAE in that particular valid duration of the visa. The single entry or the multiple entries of the visa completely depends upon the day's structure i.e. the duration of the UAE Tourist Visa. 

You can acquire the visas for any of the duration in the different categories available, for this rundown well goes for the 14 Days UAE Tourist Visa.


14 days UAE Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit UAE for your urgent work meetings, to pursue your educational courses, or just for leisure time and hangouts? Do you know what's mandatory? Yes, a VISA! It's important that you get UAE Visa for the same beforehand only. 

1. The 14 days UAE Tourist Visa is a single-entry visa that allows you to stay in UAE for not more than 14 days, as the name clearly mentions in the category. This visa has a validity of 58 days from the date when the visa is issued to you. 

2. The procedure to acquire the 14 Days UAE Tourist Visa is super easy. It is based on your nationality like Indian, African, Afghani, etc., and guess what the processing time of the visa would be 2-3 days and you’ll get your visa hustle free easily.  You just need to keep in handy all the documents that you need to give. 


Documents required for the 14 days UAE Tourist Visa

1. Passport: A passport is the most essential document for applying for a visa in the country. You would need a passport to acquire your 14 Days UAE tour. You just need to take a scanned copy of the passports that you have. 

2. It requires a high-resolution scanned copy of the first and the last page of your passport. 

3. The document must be clear and visible. 

4. You have to scan the first and last page of your valid passport in color mode.

5. Make sure after scanning you check clearly that your details are visible clearly and they are readable in the scan copy. 

6. Photograph: A photograph is also essential for applying for your visa as an identity. 

7. The dimensions of the photograph must be 4.3 cm * 5.5 cm.

8. The photograph must be taken against a white background and it should be of a matte finish.

9. The photograph should be of high resolution.

10. Remember that the photo in the passport and the passport submit must match.


How to apply for the 14 days UAE Tourist Visa?

1. Visit the well-recognized website UAE Visa Online.

2. When the homepage opens, do choose the Citizenship and Living country in the dialog boxes and press ‘’Apply for UAE Visa’’.

3. Now, choose the visa type, 14 days UAE Tourist Visa.

4. Afterwards, click "proceed to apply"

Note: Do check first, is you are in requirement for a visa or not. if ‘Not required’ is appeared on the screen, then it means you do not require a visa for UAE.

5. Now, you can encounter the UAE visa application form, please fill this form carefully and tap submit an application

6. Finally, it’s time to pay for the agency, use your preferred payment method and pay the amount.  

 As soon as possible, your mail will ping with an application ID. Keep this application ID very safe because, in the future, it will help you out in tracking your UAE visa status.


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