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UAE visa for Czech Republic Nationals

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Every year tourists from several European nations visit UAE for its great tourist attractions and experience life in the Middle East. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can obtain a UAE visa for Czech Republic Nationals who want to visit this country.

This is why the Ministry of tourism has announced several travel concessions to encourage more and more visitors. A total of 64 nations have been put on a list of visa exemptions, for a 30-day tourist visa. You can visit the official UAE visa online website, enter your country of citizenship and check if the Czech Republic is on the list or not.

If you are, then you will not be required to go through an entire application process for a visa, as long as you plan on staying for just 30 days or less.

The UAE can be a great place to see especially for Europeans since both regions have such different cultures. You can book all kinds of tour services for the desert safaris, amusement parks, luxury cruises, the Ferrari world, city-wide bus tours, Deep sea diving, swimming near the coral reefs, trekking through beautiful mountainous trails and so much more.

Continue reading further below to find out more on the UAE visa applications for Czech Republicans.

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Visa Requirements

Before applying for the visa, the applicant has to make sure that they fit the bill for application.

Here is a list of UAE visa requirements for Czech Republicans that you should fulfil beforehand. Any discretion can always be addressed by a travel expert from a reputed travel agency or even a consulate official.

  • An original passport from the Czech Republic proving your nationality. It should have a validity of six months.
  • There should be at least two blank pages for the authorities at the airport to stamp your arrival.
  • A digital scan of your recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Trip itinerary, listing the places you will visit and the accommodations booked.
  • Details of return flight ticket.
  • A proof of having enough funds for the visit. It can be a recent bank account statement or just cash upwards of AED 3000.
  • If you have medical or travel insurance, then you will be required to attach those documents as well.

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You can go to the official UAE visa online website for the UAE visa applications for Czech republicans.

  • Fill the application form which you will see on the website’s homepage.
  • Attach the documents mentioned above after getting them scanned in coloured. (Black and White documents will be rejected outright)
  • Pay the visa fee and you will be done with the submission.
  • Once you receive the UAE visa for Czech Republic citizens, get a hard copy printed and bring it along to the airport.

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Covid Rules for citizens of Czech

In order to keep the virus transmission at bay, the authorities have implemented several measures for international travellers.

  • You must have both the doses of a World Health Organisation approved vaccine.
  • Undergo a compulsory RT-PCR test at the time of arrival at the airport.
  • As a citizen of the Czech Republic, you will not have to undergo any sort of quarantine.
  • You can talk about the details of the Covid Regulations with the experts at any travel agency or a consulate, before finally embarking on your trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A transit UAE visa for Czech Republic citizens will allow the traveller to freely move about outside the airport and remain in the country for 2-3 days.

Yes, the Czech Republic is one of the countries, the citizens of which can freely enter the UAE with just a visa provided on arrival.

The cost of UAE visa application in Czech Republic is $144 or $170 for a period of 14 days and 30 days respectively. For certain countries, the tourist visa for 30 days is free of cost as well.

Agencies such as UAE visa online, provide online tracking services using which you can search the status for your application. The applicant will simply have to enter the visa acknowledgement number or passport number on the search bar.

If your UAE visa for Czech Republic Nationals expires and you do not leave the country before it, then there will be fines for over staying which can further escalate to an arrest and finally deportation.

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