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Complete Guide on Reasons For UAE Visa Rejection

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Every year millions of tourists apply for UAE visas manually through online portals. But are you aware that not every visa gets approved in one go? Many people have faced the problem of rejection of UAE visa applications. They have their travel plans ready and are excited, but the dream of visiting UAE does not turn out to be fruitful as the UAE visas get denied or rejected, and without a visa, they cannot travel. There is some critical point that every applicant must take care of while applying for a visa to ensure a hassle-free process.

8 Reasons For Uae Visa Rejection

1. Check the eligibility

As you know, there is a different set of criteria for other countries. You must have a clear understanding of the criteria that have been set for your country.  The criteria have been developed according to the country's travel policies and border restrictions. Before proceeding with the application form, you must know whether your country is eligible for those criteria.

2. Not completing the form

Whether you are applying online or offline for a visa application, you must ensure that the UAE Visa application form has filled out all the details. You cannot leave any blank spaces in between. Leaving the form incomplete or leaving blank pages gives a vague message to the embassy about your travel or personal information. You have to be very patient enough while filling out your application form. If you are applying online, it will take less than 10 minutes, but if you are proceeding with the offline process, it becomes hectic. In the offline process form, you will have to end up signing multiple pages, and at times, you will feel irritated, but then it is essential. If any question is irrelevant, then you can fill it up with N/A.

3. False Information

When you Apply for UAE Visa, Every piece of information in your application form is essential. This means you cannot provide false or misleading information about yourself in the application form. If any information is mismatched, that will result in the rejection of your UAE visa. To ensure a quick and smooth process, ensure you have read the details you provided in the application form and that none of the points you gave is false.

4. You are providing an incorrect Itinerary.

Remember that the itinerary you provided must be according to your stay in the UAE. If your itinerary is incomplete or incorrect, that will take away the interest of visa officials to check your application further, and your visa will get denied. If you are staying for only 14 days, but you gave itinerary details of 20 days, then be ready for your visa to get rejected.

5. Unable to explain travel purpose

Travel purpose is submitted if you have applied offline or online for visa application. This is a principal reason for the rejection of a UAE visa. If you are travelling, you must submit your hotel stay booking, travel itinerary, flight bookings both ways and any tickets of attraction spots booked in advance. If you miss out on offering these, it will leave doubt in the visa officer’s mind about your plan. You must very clearly mention the purpose of your travel. Example – If you are visiting your family member, you will have to specify your relationship with the family member you are visiting.

6. Quality of documents submitted

Whether you are applying online or offline, the quality of the Document Required for the UAE Visa you are offering must be straightforward to understand. By clear quality, we mean that it must be readable. These documents have information about your identity and travel. If the visa official finds reading difficult, they must reject the visa application. Many countries have strict format rules for the submission of documents, and if you fail to follow the format, that results in the rejection of a visa.

7. Not able to pay the visa fee

To process your visa application, you will have to pay your visa fee according to the plan and type of visa you have applied for. With the online application, you can pay the visa fee immediately. However, if you have used it for a visa application offline, you need to have the amount with you and pay. Your application will not be submitted if you don’t pay the desired amount.

8. Having any criminal record

It is the most crucial point for the applicant’s visa rejection. You will be denied entry to UAE if you have been involved in illegal activities or have criminal records. If you have committed any travel violations in the past, you will be denied a visa.

These are some of the points that must be considered while applying for a visa. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your UAE Application form and that all your data is accurate. It is always advisable to read the application twice, and the details must be checked double before using, as even minor details can lead to visa denial.

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